Kannagi 06

かんなぎ Episode 06
Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Tsugumi gets a call from Jin to go to the shopping center for some shopping. She gets dressed up thinking she’s meeting Jin but instead, she’s meeting Nagi. Tsugumi is very disappointed by this but since it isn’t Nagi’s fault for the misunderstanding, she returns to normal. Nagi is very proud of her shopping budget — ¥10,000 — roughly $100. As such, a single purse will blow most of Nagi’s budget and learning that Jin is being a cheapskate, Nagi is not happy. However, Tsugumi is there to help Nagi get whatever she can for the money she has, so they start with underwear.

Nagi is amazed at all the underwear available but being of a small size, Nagi is depressed by this. Tsugumi can’t help but say things that make Nagi feel worse but she too gets shut up when a 1st year junior high school girl is there to buy a bra and already has a D-cup. After Nagi makes a purchase, she and Tsugumi take a break at a cafe and grab something to drink, where Nagi vows to get back at Jin. Tsugumi agrees that Nagi needs more than just three jerseys and says she’ll talk to Jin about this. Nagi notices a flier advertising a part-time job and wonders if she should get one. Later at hope, Nagi wears a D-cup bra under he normal clothing to look bigger.

At school, Takako announces to the art club that she wants to attend a maid cafe and since one has opened in town, she’d like to go. She goads Akiba into a rant about otaku and the “moe” fetish. However, she gets everyone to agree to meet on Sunday to go to this new maid cafe, which Jin decides he will not tell Nagi about lest she imitate it. Sunday, she, Shino, Jin, Akiba, and Daitetsu meet and head into the maid cafe. Takako admits at first to being a little disappointed the girls aren’t dressed as regular maids, but thinks the outfits are cute nevertheless, which Akiba recognizes as a tie-in with a bishoujo game.

They take a seat and have their order taken. As the waitress leaves, Jin suddenly realizes that this had to be Nagi, but no one else noticed. It is Nagi and she is horrified that Jin and the others are there. Tsugumi is also working that day, covering for a friend, and she too is horrified that the members of the art club are there. Nagi and Tsugumi are forced back out to work the floor and Jin gets his confirmation. However, since Nagi looks so much like one of the characters from the game, she is immediately popular as is Tsugumi. Tsugumi serves the art club table and she’s not happy about how things turned out.

Meanwhile, Zange discovers from the official Nagi-sama site that Nagi is working the maid cafe. Not to be outdone, Zange decides she’ll get a job there too to gain more followers and cut into Nagi’s popularity.

Back at the cafe, Nagi sees how Jin is reacting and thinks he must be angry with her for getting a job without telling him. She comes to the table to explain but as she gets closer, the redder and more flustered he gets, not being able to look her in the eye. He loses it and tells her to stay away, that he can’t even look at her any more. His outburst causes quite a bit of laughter and both Jin and Nagi flush hard, which is noticed by Tsugumi. Once they leave the cafe, Jin takes out his frustration at his outburst on a mascot thing while Takako is enjoying “Too Pure Pure Boy’s” reaction.

Jin is walking home along the river walk as Nagi runs up to walk with him, having completed her shift. She explains why she got a job and says she’ll quit if he wants. He doesn’t ask her to quit, but does say he didn’t like it when others took pictures of her. That’s enough for Nagi, who says she’ll quit. Jin wonders why since she looked happy, but for Nagi, it is a simple thing — Jin didn’t like it and so she’ll happily quit.

Zange gets a job at the maid cafe but learns that Nagi has quit. She’s ticked by this and decides she’ll quit too since there’s no point. The manager suddenly transforms from feminine to muscle-bound and refuses to let Zange quit, especially since having such a local celebrity will do his business good.


Another really good episode. There were more good laughs about the otaku culture, Takako wanting to see the maid cafe and then her reactions to it, Nagi’s reactions to the price of things, and of course, the manager’s transformation at the end. There were other good laughs too such as Daitetsu’s reaction to the maid cafe. Just good, good humor.

I kinda felt bad for Tsugumi this episode. Up until now, I’ve never sensed any real attraction on the part of Jin to Nagi and Nagi has acknowledged to Tsugumi that she has no interest in Jin. However, this episode kinda changes that, which I suppose is required in order for there to be a harem and a “who will Jin choose” aspect. Meh. That won’t thrill me so much because I’m not into that, but that’s OK. I’ll deal. Hopefully, there won’t be too much angst from Tsugumi about Nagi and Jin (because surely, she’ll figure out that Jin and Nagi aren’t related).

Shino certainly comes off as the wise, mature one much of the time, doesn’t she? Part of that is her speech manner and some is how her character design always has her eyes closed in a contemplative way. I can’t help but like her even though we know so little about her. She and Takako are a good friendship pairing though.

On a side note, I’m not sure what this mall was based on, but it sure looks like the one from Shakugan no Shana Second (episode 19).

I’m looking forward to more Nagi madness. ^_^

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3 Responses to “Kannagi 06”

  1. Hugh Roe says:

    I can’t put my finger on it, but for some reason this one gives me the “bittersweet ending” feeling.

    There isn’t a scene or any dialog that really hints at this, just an impression.

    But I do like this series.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Hey! The man who turned me onto “Hayate the Combat Butler.” ^_^ I wondered if you were watching this series or not. Have you read the manga?

  3. Hugh Roe says:

    Yeah, been reading what’s been posted up.

    One of these days guess I’m going to have to go back to language school so I can start subscribing to the magazines in the original.

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