Clannad After Story 13

クラナド アフターストーリー Episode 13
Clannad After Story 13

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Clannad After Story 13Tomoya is over at Nagisa’s home to see Akio-san, who’s out. Sanae-san and Nagisa know the reason for the visit though. When Akio-san comes home, he tells Tomoya that if he wants to buy bread, he won’t get a discount just because he’s dating Nagisa. Instead, Tomoya can pay double, except for Sanae-san’s bread. This has Sanae-san leaving in tears with Nagisa chasing her. Akio-san is going to do the same but a forceful call from Tomoya stops him. Tomoya wants to talk with him. So Akio-san gives him a deal — if Tomoya can get a legitimate hit of a pitch from Akio-san, he will listen to Tomoya and accept what he has to say.

Clannad After Story 13It is off to the park where Akio-san gets ready to make his pitch. Nagisa and Sanae-san come up and Sanae-san stops Nagisa from interfering in a man’s battle. Tomoya strikes out but Akio-san tells him to practice and try again any time. So Tomoya practices hard and calls out Akio-san several times, including one time in the rain. Unfortunately, it is not enough and as Akio-san says, the difference in their strength is too great. Tomoya feels he understands Akio-san’s message — Tomoya isn’t strong enough to protect Nagisa. Sanae-san disagrees, saying this is how Akio-san is. So one rainy day, Akio-san comes out of his own accord and gives Tomoya one final pitch. Tomoya gets the hit, then runs to Akio-san, performs a Japanese bow on the ground, and asks to marry Nagisa. Akio-san gives his permission.

Clannad After Story 13It is the New Year break and the bread store is closed. Nagisa has her first sake, which is a moment that Akio-san has been looking forward to. One small cup has Nagisa drunk and suddenly very flirty with Tomoya, who’s a bit embarrassed to have her acting this way in front of her parents. Akio-san stokes things and soon Nagisa is frustrated that Tomoya might prefer her mother to her. Sanae-san doesn’t help things at all and Tomoya is wondering what he did to deserve this punishment. However, when Sanae-san tells Akio-san that she wasn’t kidding about her flirting with Tomoya, he stops stirring the pot.

Clannad After Story 13Time passes and sadly, Nagisa gets ill again, forcing her to miss the rest of the school year again. However, she has enough attendance to graduate anyway, though with the spring, she is still not well enough to attend graduation with her class. Tomoya arranges for all of their friends to gather for a private graduation ceremony, even getting everyone back into their old school uniforms. So when Tomoya takes a recovered Nagisa to school during the break, she’s surprised to see everyone, including Youhei with his non-died hair, her parents, Clannad After Story 13Yoshino-san and his wife (Ibuki-sensei), and . She’s given her diploma by the retired Koumura-sensei. Nagisa is touched by this and has words recounting her time at school and her love of the place.

With Nagisa’s graduation, Nagisa and Tomoya pay a visit to Tomoya’s father in prison where he tells her he will marry Nagisa. Afterward, they dropped off their marriage registration and walk home hand in hand, Nagisa wearing a wedding band and having the name OKAZAKI Nagisa.


Clannad After Story 13Wow. I really didn’t expect another massive fast-forward of time like we had here. I thought we’d actually get to see Nagisa and Tomoya get married, but I’m going to guess that wasn’t in the original visual novel. I’m rather disappointed by that because I think I would have liked to have seen the group gather for that event. Oh well. The consolation prize is Nagisa graduating. That was also touching and it was nice seeing all of the various supporting characters gathered together again. I can’t help but think that we won’t see them again for a while, which is sad, but does emulate real life quite well.

Clannad After Story 13Nagisa — *sigh* Her getting sick again just made me feel terrible. Why? Because I now figure that Nagisa will now get ill again and whether it is her next illness or one down the road a bit, she won’t recover and will die. That will depress me to no end I can tell you. However, since I’ve seen some promotional images of a young girl (one Christmas-themed one with Nagisa and one at a ramen place with Tomoya, Tomoya’s father, and Nagisa’s father), then that suggests to me that Nagisa and Tomoya will have a little girl before Nagisa dies. I think that might depress me even more if what I fear comes to pass.

While I’m thinking about it, the Illusionary World was missing. For a moment, I thought we were going to have a scene there, but it ended up just being a construction site. I wonder if that was on purpose or if I am just looking too hard into things. That is one aspect of the story that needs exploring more.

Clannad After Story 13

Clannad After Story 13I did enjoy the moments of humor here with Nagisa’s parents. I’m glad the writers managed to get some humor into this episode even without using Youhei to provide it. ^_^ Obviously, Nagisa drinking her first sake and her reaction to it was the funniest moment, followed by a tipsy Sanae-san turning tables on Akio-san by being flirty with Tomoya. *lol*

Well, Nagisa and Tomoya are married and the next episode seems to show them getting used to living together.

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4 Responses to “Clannad After Story 13”

  1. mastermack0 says:

    i have a good feeling for why they did the fast-forward: there is a lot of story left to say before the conclusion in episode 24. Most fans already know whats going to happen (from watching the Clannad Movie) so becareful that no one spoils it!

    I think the rest of the series will consist of the main storyplot (maybe a random episode like the next one which isnt too related but for humor)

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, nor have I followed the visual novel. As such, I really don’t know where things are going to go.

    You telling me that there’s a lot of story before the conclusion is amazing to me because I’m thinking, “OK, where do they go from here?” Clearly, a married life together being explored is in the cards and as I often say, I imaging something terrible happening to Nagisa to pull the tears. For me, it seems like a lot of episodes are left to tell whatever they have to tell, but that’s coming from a position of ignorance. ^_^;

  3. hey astronerdboy, is it possible that u make a clannad template xml for this i wish u can make it and post it online or send to my hotmail. that is

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Well, I would if I could. The thing is, I didn’t make this “Chobits” template. Someone else made the template, but I did tweak it in order to customize it. However, the graphics and everything were left as is.

    At the very bottom of any page on this blog, there’s a link to the site where I scored this template. Maybe that person would be interested in making a “Clannad” one.

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