Keroro Gunsou 87

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 87
Sgt. Frog anime, 87
Keroro Gunsou 87

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Its December 2 and a big party is thrown for Natsumi’s birthday. Because Keroro’s birthday is December 9th, he decides to use the subtle approach to get everyone to celebrate his birthday. So he cleans house really well, repeating “1,” “2,” and “9” repeatedly. He buys the platoon snacks and works in “1,” “2,” and “9.” Keroro keeps doing this and with each day, tears off a page on the page-a-day calendar. The 9th arrives and everyone is acting normal so Keroro plays along. However, as he day wears on, it seems no one is doing anything for his birthday.

Keroro Gunsou 87

Finally, Keroro decides they are getting him presents and sets up a table for his own party. No one come so when midnight strikes, Keroro leaves in a huff, spending a day in rage. When he returns on his space bike, he runs out of gas and crashes into the Hinata home, where everyone had gathered for his surprise birthday party. Turns out, Keroro tore off two pages in the calendar, meaning today is the 9th.

The second story has a 4-judge alien panel (the Julijins) out destroying planets and come to Earth. They are about to just destroy the planet when they notice Moa there and knowing who she is, decide to hold off and create a fake world to judge Earth. Here, Moa takes the role of Alice from Alice in Wonderland with the others she knows taking on other parts. Because fighting doesn’t break out between the parties over the antics pulled, the judges allow Earth to live and return Moa to the regular Earth. She thinks she must have been daydreaming and and rushes home to deliver the Gunpla to Keroro.

Keroro Gunsou 87


Yeah, I think I will start rapid-firing this series. It seems to me that the anime has gotten more and more kiddie, to say nothing of getting more and more preachy, with this episode’s message being, “fighting for any reason at all is evil.” Whatever.

Keroro Gunsou 87

I will say that it is amusing to see the different characters playing characters from Alice in Wonderland though I don’t remember a Shepard and sheep.


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