Urusei Yatsura 98 – 99

Urusei Yatsura 98 – 99

SPOILER Summaries/Synopsis:

うる星やつら episode 98
Urusei Yatsura 98

Urusei Yatsura 98A frustrated Ran attempts to ruin Lum’s life by kidnapping her and making a perfect copy of her, which she orders to break up with Ataru and cause him pain. The copy ends up refusing. Ran ends up making six copies, all fails. They all escape, meaning Ataru has seven Lum’s to deal with. His plan to have Lum’s Stormtroopers take some fails, so Arartu ends up fleeing to Ran’s residence to get rid of the copies. Shuutaro orders his military to stop Ataru but their efforts end up helping him. Eventually, Ataru gets to Ran’s house and all of the Lum’s are trapped. However, Ataru pressing some buttons causes an accident, leading to a sky full of Lums.

うる星やつら episode 99
Urusei Yatsura 99

Urusei Yatsura 99Megane and Chibi are working at a soba restaurant when Lum, Ataru, Kotatsu-Neko, and Cherry arrive to be fed. A stranger also comes in and Cherry identifies him as a professional fast-food warrior, who can destroy a restaurant and indeed, this pro walks out having defeated the owner and scoring free food. When it is revealed that the town is being invaded by more of these pros, Shuutaro is found to have hired them, wanting to clear the small restaurants in town for his mega restaurant. As such, to defeat him, Ataru organizes a group to face the pro eaters in an eating competition which ultimately Sakura-sensei wins with no problem, meaning Shuutaro’s plans are flushed.


I decided that since these episodes of Urusei Yatsura mostly defy much analysis, I’d start fast tracking them. Obviously, I could simply not blog the series and just watch it, but for some reason, I kinda felt like the old school anime titles should be blogged.

Episode 98 was more like a linked, 2-part episode. The first part was mildly amusing and the second half ending up being funny in places, especially with the seven Lum’s electrocuted the big-talking Lum Stormtroopers.

Episode 99 was rather tedious with the ultimate nonsense about fast-food warriors and an eating contest. I found nothing amusing or interesting here.

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  1. Interesting and unfogattable episode. This is the genesis of Oshii kerberos saga, too.

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