Keroro Gunsou 88 – 89

ケロロ軍曹/Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou Anime

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Episode 88

When Dasonu Maso arrives with his mecha Dasonu Maso army to give everyone in Tokyo an afro, thus making his own invasion of Earth happen, the real Dance Man comes to train Moa-chan, Natsumi, Momoka, and Koyuki to sing and dance so as to counter Dasonu Maso’s influence.

Episode 89

One of Kururu’s devices causes Giroro to split into seven copies of himself, each with a different personality trait.

The Occult Club is being disbanded, so Momoka has the Nishizawa Peach Group to support an Occult Meet so that if Fuyuki wins, the club will be safe. Too bad Keroro, Tamama, and Giroro are waiting for Fuyuki and Momoka in the finals.

Thoughts/Review: For episode 88, the return of Dasonu Maso and Dance man bored me. Why? Because we’ve been there and done that. The episode was just a way to have Dance Man guest star again and to have the seiyuu for Momoka, Natsumi, Moa-chan, and Koyuki sing a song, which of course if you are otaku enough, can be purchased if the price is right. The song didn’t do anything for me and I won’t be buying.

Episode 89’s first story has what might be a humorous concept with seven Giroro’s, but I didn’t find it funny at all. For the second story, I was rather bored. I just knew how everything would go once the Occult Meet was announced and after that, I didn’t care much. The only mild surprise was that Keroro was’t the contestant in the banana peel race.

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3 Responses to “Keroro Gunsou 88 – 89”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Then again, knowing Keroro’s urge to jump on any banana peel closest, was probably why they chose Giroro instead.
    He’s supposed to be a military man, they must have figured he had the most sixth sense out of the three present.

  2. I *loved* the occult-olympics ep! It was so over the top that it was hilarious played straight. Anyway, thanks for the blog! I’m finding it useful to catch the references and whatnot of the series.

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