White Album 06 (or If Access To Your Girlfriend Is Blocked, Find a New Girl)

White Album 06
ホワイトアルバム Episode 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Touya gets a call from Misaki and agrees to help her with her problems. In the meantime, he tries to visit Yuki only to find Yuki’s manager Shinozuka-san literally parked at the front door, insuring he can’t spend the night with Yuki. Yuki’s concerns over Touya cause her to flub up a recording session. Rina tries to make contact with Touya but fails, so comes by to see Yuki. Meanwhile, Touya learns about what happened between Tamaru and Misaki two years earlier from Akira. Touya goes out of his way to help Misaki as promised and they are seen by the high school girl who’d helped Touya try to connect with Yuki previously, so the girl follows them. Misaki tries to have her costume designs made, but the Design Club has no room and rejects Misaki’s request.


So let me get this straight. Shinozuka-san is just going to camp out at Yuki’s apartment tower’s front door just to scare off Touya? Sure, it worked but what about next time? Why didn’t he just try to sneak in? And why doesn’t Touya have Yuki’s phone number to call her once in a while? Seriously, I don’t get that. I can sorta understand Touya not telling Yuki about Shinozuka-san’s attempts to seduce him, her kissing him, her hanging out at the bar he works at, and her attempts to keep him and Yuki apart. However, I can’t understand his lack of effort in that he doesn’t even have her number. Makes no sense to me.

I was hoping that after Yuki’s call to Touya, she’d improve in her recording session, especially since Shinozuka-san could hear it and might change her mind about Yuki and Touya being involved. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but maybe Rina’s arrival will help. I kinda feel sorry for Yuki. Rina wants to see Touya behind Yuki’s back. Yuki’s manager will boink Touya until he is satiated, should that keep Touya away from Yuki. Haruka wants Touya. Misaki wants Touya. Touya often lies to Yuki, with what I’m sure he feels are noble intentions, but they are lies nonetheless and so basically, Yuki is just in a bad spot no matter where she turns. Heck, Touya can’t even be a man and thumb his nose at Yuki’s manager to be with his girlfriend. I guess it is good she doesn’t know how bad things are.

Speaking of which, I see Rina is still keen on connecting with Touya for whatever reason.

Another thing I don’t understand is how Tamaru can force Misaki to stay in the Theater Club if she doesn’t want to. I haven’t seen this aspect in anime or manga to-date that I recall. I’ve seen people be in clubs where they don’t do much. I’ve seen people transfer from one club to another. So it is bizarre to me that Misaki can’t just leave her club, thereby allowing Tamaru to “make the bitch pay” for turning down the wonderful opportunity to be his girlfriend. It boggles the mind, yet in the episode, Akira and Touya both accepted it as “this is the way it is.”

The fact that she’d then go so far for a club like this makes no sense either. Seriously, my instinct when losers try to take a dump on me is not to help them out. Instead, I’m going to do my own thing and you guys can get lost. I know Misaki wants to have the play she wrote “told to the world” (or some such nonsense), but how is a college play seen by a few people getting your story out there? Is it really worth eating such a huge excrement sandwich for? Lucky for Misaki, she has that sucker Touya to help out.

I wonder if Misaki will make a move on Touya. She knows Touya likes Yuki from all the Yuki stuff in his apartment. She was awake when Yuki called. Yet she has him like a dog on a leash helping her out. I figure that she has to think she must have a chance, otherwise why would Touya go out of his way to help her and lie to Yuki about her being at Touya’s apartment. It might be interesting to see Touya try to wiggle his way out of that. It is easy to wiggle when someone repulses you (Shinozuka-san) but maybe not so easy when you like the girl.

In the end, this episode didn’t grip me that much. Maybe it is because I’m not that interested in Misaki or maybe it is my failure to understand why people are (or aren’t) doing certain things. Still, I plan to be here for the next episode.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Whats with the double “names”???

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Sorry, no idea what you are talking about.

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