xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 173

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Doumeki, Himawari-chan, Kohane-chan, and Mokona are all eager to enjoy whatever Watanuki is going to make food-wise. Watanuki says he’s going to make onigiri, so Kohane-chan asks if they can make them together. Watanuki looks at his friends and agrees that he’ll do just that.

Sometime later, Watanuki sits outdoors alone with Yuuko-san and discusses his cooking student. Watanuki reflects on how he handled the woman and in the end, Yuuko-san reminds him that everything that transpired is hitsuzen as is parting. Watanuki grabs Yuuko-san’s arm, leading her to remark that her shop-home was built for the day that must come, but if the place is a reason that Watanuki decides to stay, then she’s happy. Watanuki recognizes Yuuko-san’s kimono from a dream he had. Yuuko-san tells him that the dream will end soon.

Thoughts/Review: It is clear to me that CLAMP are simply marking time to do whatever it is they have to do with the Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- (and to be honest, that is dragging in the middle of a lot of action, which is an amazing feat). There was no advancement of either plot or character development. CLAMP has long hinted that the manga is winding down and this chapter was simply another statement to that effect. The whole story of Watanuki and the cooking student seems rather pointless despite Yuuko-san’s exposition making a weak attempt to justify the story as another learning moment for Watanuki. However, there was nothing new to be learned there as I saw it.

I’ve no clue how CLAMP plans to wind this down. I would like to see Zashiki-Warashi again before the series ends.

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