Negima! — Whom Will Negi Kiss Next in the Manga? ^_^

Negima! — Whom Will Negi Kiss Next in the Manga? ^_^

Just a little speculation from Japan. It takes the Negi (pactio) kiss collage and adds Negi’s kiss with Ako and one girl who hasn’t been kissed yet.

So could Akira be next? What do you think? Personally, I like it.

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9 Responses to “Negima! — Whom Will Negi Kiss Next in the Manga? ^_^”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Best guess would be a Ku Fei pactio. They teased us previously, but didn’t go through with it. On the other hand, that makes me doubt that they’ll return to it so soon.
    I suspect at least one of the tag-alongs will pactio, prob. Makie. She’s had a crush on Negi for a while and she’s adapted well to life in the Magic World. Alternates would be Yuuna or Ako.

  2. trunks says:

    I could see Akira kissing Negi if Negi somehow wins the tournament. She could see him afterward, thank him for freeing them and maybe even make mention of Ako before kissing him as a reward. It would not be a pactio kiss though.

  3. TomandChez says:

    I dunno, most of the girls that have Pactios have at least some sort of feelings for Negi, and Akira just doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Plus, Akamatsu-sensei has thrown curveballs before, so it’s pretty much impossible to tell.

  4. orion says:

    I agree with that the next pactio will probably be one of the tag-alongs from the Old World. I’m leaning toward Makie, mainly because she ranked really high on Chamo’s list (5th). I don’t really know when Akamatsu will fit it in, though, depending if Fate attacks after Negi/Nagi’s batlle or not. At the very least, Akira’s out of the question, in my oppinion. Although it would be fun to see a Kotaro/Natsumi pactio.

  5. Ultimaniac says:

    But Kotaro’s not a mage, he can’t make a pactio with anybody. My money’s on Ku next. Though and Akira kiss would be nice to.

  6. orion says:

    @Ultimaniac: I’ve been thinking about that, actually. Does it ever say that the magister magi has to be a wizard in a pactio? The ministra magi, at least, has no such requirements. (Asuna, Asakura…) Do we know if Theodora is a magi, because if she isn’t, that would basically mean any people can make a pactio with someone like Chamo.

    It makes a bit of since, considering how in the Kyoto arc, it mentions how the card’s inherent magical abilities take care of all pactio’s functions, like summoning (which was said to be beyond Negi’s capabilities at the time) and weapon transformation (which Asuna had no magic power to do.)

    In that way, there is no particular need for a wizard to be a magister magi, or even a knowledge of magic (Nodoka), merely someone else who has the power to initiate it.

  7. Ultimaniac says:

    I see what you’re saying but Chamo said himself that a pactio between a mage and someone else way back in ch 19. It doesn’t have to be a magister magi, just a wizard of some power. We also know that the magus supplies a magical power up for the ministra to fight which Kotaro can’t do since he has no magic. Also, I just really don’t see Natsumi jumping into a fight at the moment.

    And as far as Theo’s concerned, I’m sure it’s safe to say she’s a mage too. Rakan Says that Negi was “drawing magic from that tomboy princess.” Plus being the Imperial Princess of the Hellas empire, the original denizens of the magic world, has to mean that she has some mage ability.

  8. Rhyshaelkan says:

    I already got my wish with that Kaede kiss. Waiting for that one for a long time.

    Due to your adding that Ako kiss. You could have added Nodoka’s second kiss and Chisame’s second Negi kiss. I was thinking Asuna had another kiss with Negi in there somewhere, even if he was asleep like with the second(and first) Chisame kiss.

    I nominate Akira for next kiss. No more “Negi-sensei is dirty” for her!!

  9. Ultimaniac says:

    I just noticed you forgot to include Eva :p

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