(Minami-ke) Chiaki the Teruterubouzu! How ANB Needed Her This Weekend!

(Minami-ke) Chiaki the Teruterubouzu! How ANB Needed Her This Weekend!

With all the rain and snow we’ve been having in the area, I know there are some who’d love to see some sunny days. Me, I don’t normally complain about these rainy days because we’ll be dry soon enough. However, this time, I wish we had gotten the 2-feet of snow rather than the inches of rain. Why? Because with such a soaking, my basement window well filled with water, which then began pouring into my basement through the window. That meant a FUN-filled day of running around in the cold rain with my neighbors (one of whom is on the HOA board) trying to locate the HOA’s sump pumps (they ended up buying a new one just for me). K-kun and I then constructed a shield to try to keep more water out of the window well, but then water began coming in from underneath as well. *_* We managed to get all the water out of the basement with little loss to my stuff stored there. Whew.

As the giant floor dryers were doing their thing, I crashed to get some sleep around 08:00. I woke up a few hours later and noticed it was raining. On a whim, I went down to check and the basement was getting water AGAIN! It was a scramble to get the sump pump in the window well back on and then another round of water removal. *_* Now, the fans are again drying the basement floors. Its funny, but the humidity in the basement is 80% right now. ^_^; I just need to get some bleach tomorrow in order to spray down strategic spots that had gotten wet and thus might grow mold.

Anyway, since the Japanese like to hang teruterubouzu as a ward against rain, I thought I’d post an appropriate image from that most excellent Minami-ke first series where Chiaki was used as a human Teruterubouzu. *lol*

Lord willing, there won’t be any massive rains like this again until the HOA can fix the drainage problem in my window well.


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4 Responses to “(Minami-ke) Chiaki the Teruterubouzu! How ANB Needed Her This Weekend!”

  1. We just got back into town a little bit ago and the wife told me you’d had some flooding problems. Did your new toy survive? I’d hate to think that it got damaged.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    As far as I know, it is OK. I haven’t been able to test it obviously but K-kun and I moved it 10-feet away and it was out of the path of the water at that point. Getting it back where I want it will be the fun thing though. ^_^;

  3. Anonymous says:

    glad this wasnt any worse for you

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m glad as well.

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