Minami-ke — Kana and Chiaki in "Sister Love" ^_^

Minami-ke — Kana and Chiaki in “Sister Love” ^_^

Just something I put together as a farewell to Minami-ke Okaeri. Too bad Kana wasn’t wearing the old “I Am Boss” shirt.  There would have been a delicious irony to this image if that were the case, considering how Chiaki looks down on her “bakayarou” sister. ^_~ Still, it is cute seeing them together like this. ^_^

Minami-ke -- Kana and Chiaki in "Sister Love" ^_^

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2 Responses to “Minami-ke — Kana and Chiaki in "Sister Love" ^_^”

  1. Anonymous says:

    owwww ^^
    awwwwwwwwww ^^
    XDDDDDD no, really, that was sweet hehe ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    Such a great moment in the episode.

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