You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle – 19

Taiho Shichauzo! Full Throttle Episode 19
逮捕しちゃうぞ フルスロットル Episode 19
You’re Under Arrest anime

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

While out on patrol, Natsumi picks up a large soda from a fast food chain and uses a cup holder she purchased to hold the beverage. While in pursuit of a suspected purse snatcher in a car, the suspect gets away in an ally as Miyuki slams on brakes to avoid hitting a cat, causing the beverage to spill. She injures her wrist a bit in the event and upon returning to the police station, Natsumi offers to write up the report alone in exchange for Miyuki cleaning up the mess both in and out of the car.

You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle - 19Natsumi discovers she’s having trouble writing the report and at the end of the day, takes Yoriko and Aoi-chan up on their offer to go to an upscale bar. She gets drunk and is annoyed with Miyuki always doing everything without allowing Natsumi to take responsibility. After ditching Yoriko and Aoi-chan with the bar tab, Natsumi returns home and tells Miyuki that she’s going to start doing things for herself and be more responsible.

You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle - 19The following morning, Miyuki doesn’t wake Natsumi as normal and Natsumi is very late. After getting in trouble about this, Kachou wants the patrol report, which Natsumi doesn’t have. Natsumi is asking Miyuki for help writing it but Miyuki has already written it and turns it in. This angers Natsumi who demands to know why Miyuki did it. Miyuki angrily retorts that Natsumi should have just written it and storms off past a puzzled Nakajima.

You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle - 19Nakajima comes out to see Miyuki, who thanks him but says she’s OK. Kachou inquires of Natsumi and asks they get along. When they next go on patrol, Natsumi apologizes for her actions and notices Miyuki’s sprained wrist. Natsumi also notices that this is affecting Miyuki’s driving, though Natsumi plays it down. After stopping at a convenience store for Natsumi, Miyuki gets a radio report about the suspect they chased yesterday and sure enough, that car comes by.

You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle - 19Miyuki decides to go on her own and catch them. Natsumi is frustrated and catches them by taking a shortcut through a construction zone. With Natsumi operating the gear box, they catch up to the crooks who crash into a rice field. After the crooks are taken away, Natsumi bandages up Miyuki and they are friends and partners again.


It has been so long since I last watched an episode of this series, I’d almost forgotten the character names. ^_^; Well, I am rather restricted on when I can watch this title.

You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle - 19

Still, I can understand why there’s such a lack of enthusiasm for this series. The writers attempt to create conflict between Natsumi and Miyuki, but this fails because frankly, long-time fans have already been here and seen that. As such, it doesn’t work. Further, it just makes Miyuki look stupid and Natsumi…well, her getting angry because Miyuki had already written the report and saved her bacon didn’t ring true either despite the writers attempting to set that up.

You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle - 19

Basically, we are not covering new ground and having a couple of losers who snatch a purse be the villain of the week that must be caught is rather eye-rolling as well. An attempt to do a character story fails because it doesn’t ring true and as I said, it isn’t new ground.

You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle - 19

Oh well. Who knows when I’ll get to see another episode. I would like to complete the series, but that’s not up to me. I’ll write more as I can though.

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2 Responses to “You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle – 19”

  1. O-chan says:

    So clear this up for me…this series started BEFORE Slayers Revolution/Evolution-R yet we are JUST NOW getting to Episode 19?!

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Lack of interest on the translators part apparently. I note he has done episode 20, so we may get to see one more episode before all is said and done.

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