More Negima! Chapter 259 SPOILER Images!

More Negima! Chapter 259 SPOILER Images!

Here is the second batch of spoiler images from Negima! chapter 259. You can find the first batch –> HERE.

Beast girl unleashed? ^_~

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28 Responses to “More Negima! Chapter 259 SPOILER Images!”

  1. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Woot! I can get some sleep now. ^_^

  2. thunder says:

    Yeah, Thanks alot and good sleep.

    W00t! Go Fan service ! Go!

  3. The Mask Man says:

    the whole chapter is pretty mch out now. all we need s the raw and that it thanks ANB for the spoilers
    still looks like a great chapter

  4. fg7dragon says:

    Nice, very nice chapter.
    It seems that the they’re beging Fate not to leave them alone with The Pervert. And, is it my imagination, or this time none of the girls are wearing panties?
    But then again, if they set themselves on fire, there would be no point in wearing any.
    Also, it seems the only Collet and Emily will accompany Yue, Beatrix will stay behind with the other two.

  5. CynicalGamer says:


    Judging by the second spoiler image, Rakan took them. Stylishly.

  6. Ultimaniac says:

    Like I said on the first batch, theres too much ‘funny’ here for Rakan to be getting himself killed. Also, I knew it! A furry!

  7. Philip says:

    in the second spoiler pic, Rakan looks like he’s doing the Kamen Rider pose…

  8. Anonymous says:

    I see fire girl and I think, “Why so serious?” lol

  9. CR says:

    Hmm, I guess if it’s the girls attacking/stalling Rakan, he will probably avoid the death flag. It certainly would be exceedingly cruel (to the readers) to induce emotional whiplash by having Rakan get offed when he wouldn’t go serious against these particular opponents.

  10. arimareiji says:

    @fg7: My money’s on “They were wearing them. ^_~

    @Cynical: Just being picky: Took them down, or took them on, okay. “Took them” is too ecchi even for Akamatsu-sensei. ^_~ But yes, stylishly.

    @CR: Agree, though I don’t think he’d be flagged for death. He’d be flagged for petrification. But I wouldn’t put it past Fate to make a big to-do out of leaving only to sneak up and hit Rakan from behind, even if he gets some of his harem in the process.

  11. how long till the chapter will be english translaited (Still really much quicker now) Akamatsu wasn’t goofing around he made some in advance lol XD:)

  12. Anonymous says:

    awsome simply awsome thx ANB.

  13. Zefyris says:

    -> staszekgiers

    The chapter has yet to be reliesed in raw (it’s usually either on monday or tuesday).
    Although if you want a little translation about what’s happening in those spoiler pics, here’s what I did on MH :

    Pic 1 :
    Fate: Not really… I’m not changing at all. I’m just carrying out my own mission…
    Rakan : Is that so? … And your mission is as always ‘ destroying the world”? Stop it, that’s boooriing
    (something like (even if you’re a doll… you don’t need to follow order given by your no-longer-here-master
    Fate : (about the fact that he’s clearly understanding what he is doing)… Even if I’m a doll.
    Our method is to save the soul of the most numerous weaklings…The one that weren’t blessed by god…
    There is no doubt for us.
    Because we succeeded his will.
    Rakan : hmmm… believers are a bother…
    This means we have no other choices than to fight.
    Fate : that’s right.
    Rakan: but, is that alright?
    You’re from the strongest class.. But looking at it now, how is it?(don’t know how to put it in english)
    You’ll lose?
    Fate’s partners : fate sama!
    For the present, leave him to us! This kind of muscle-brained gorilla… It’s a waste of time to make him your opponent!

    Fate: Muscle-brained gorilla… What’s that?
    Fate partner: this means “idiot”!
    (she’s then explaining the expression. he is only muscle (even his brain) and don’t think about anything, but I don’t know how to translate this word . So I put ‘muscle brained’…If someone have an idea! :p)
    -you’re dirtying fate’ sama ears!
    -Entrust us also with this battle! ( I guess? It’s blur ;o)
    -Aren’t your subordinates devoted! Meh, whichever one is good. Anyway, if you’re going to do it, cute girl are greatly welcome !
    Fate’s girl : A-Again you’re making fun of us… This time, we’ll be serious!
    If we’re serious and are all at the same time your opponent, no matter how strong you are…

    [Secret skill: technique of stripping & taking off clothes silently!!!]
    -this guy….
    Rakan: mouhahahaha
    Gentle.. Breeze….
    [ Wind Explosion Fists!!!]

    Pic 3 :

    Emilly: Hoy! don’t look around restlessly like some country bumpkins! With this level of a ball, it’s pitifull..
    Anyway, we are not (? I guess she’s talking about other ‘normal” peoples invited), think about the reason why we have been (allowed? invited?) as students!
    If you can’t get yourself more together…
    -yes, I know this! It’s because this yue here is a companion of nagi sama ‘s son!
    -That’s so awesome, yue!
    -and what’s more, yue is coming from the old world!
    (something about not telling them sooner)
    -yue san lost her memory you know…
    Colette:That’s right… Tonight, meeting your comrades… At this rate, it may be a farewell…
    Yue: a…
    Colette: That’s great, yue.(?)
    yue: No way, colette.. B-but to go home is certainly a good thing… My heart is not yet ready to…
    Not yet…I’m…My memory didn’t come back yet, and there is no garanty that it’ll return…
    At this rate, a farewell with you all is so sudden… And what’s more… (???She’s saying something about being in the middle of a mission)
    Emilly: the secretary general is probably (blur)
    Yue: Emilly…
    Emilly: (saying something like if an hindrance like yue is not here, it will help more than it will hurt, I guess?)
    Just quickly go!
    Colette: Emilly, that kind of way of saying this…
    -Princess…? (she is listing a few thing that Emilly said before about yue, like “I won’t lose to yue” and something about being rivals)
    Emilly: Heeeh? Don’t make up stories!

  14. Zefyris says:

    (other post was too long)
    Rakan: Uh… not good… This is.. Sound?
    Girl with a violin: (blur)
    Fire girl : I know!
    You idiot, you were too naive!
    beast form girl: this’ll be the finishing blow!
    “Time’s (she’s calling the power of her artefact)… MEW?

    Pic 5 :
    Fate: ahahaha
    Beast form girl : Re-re-re release me meew!
    Fire girl : Impossible, he’s unharmed?
    What’s more… He’s touching me in fireform with his bare hand?
    Haa… Now that I’m thinking about it, in the match too, he (?) negi in thunder form with his bare hand…
    Rakan: But, you guys… (blur)
    your battle power is certainly impressive.. But no matter how you look at it, you’re just normal girls… Why are you following someone like Fate?

    < They know about Fate's secret?>

  15. Spencer says:

    Sweet thanks zefyris for the TL. Hmmmm i wonder if negi is going to have a chance to ask Godel some questions before fate shows up

  16. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks for the translations, Zefyris. ^_^

  17. thanks I was really interested in that part thats a long spoiler thought to be released it really got our interest can’t wait for the full chapter I wonder will Negi talk to Fate in this chapter or is it this chapter just for Rakan

  18. jean says:

    Thanks alot man(?), i don’t know how could you read that… but… nice work !

  19. fg7dragon says:

    The RAW is out on Mangahelpers.

  20. fg7dragon says:

    The translation is VERY late.

  21. whats keeping the translations so long ?

  22. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Maybe Cnet is traveling like I am at the moment. *lol*

  23. fg7dragon says:

    Well, since Zefiris translated most of the text, it’s not like we’re in a hurry.

  24. oh ok we can wait I guess its free’s anyway I saw the Raws a little bit and the whole Chapter is dedicated to Rakan’s and that girls battle …Rakan’s seems to have fun and it dosen’t seem Fate’s objective was to kill him nor he had that in mind when he saw him….ill doubt the girls will hurt Rakan to badly and it may end with a draw (I really hope Rakan will let them go easilly) hmm do the girls Yue befriended belong to the Fate’s party ? I remember that Rumiko was unpredictable when it camed to Kanna’s from InuYasha fate I thought she will join the Inu Yasha’s group…So I don’t want to make to bold predictions
    but from the point its all going recently I think I can assume Evangeline lied to Negi when she told him that she was imprisoned in the school for 15 years also she knew Asuna from the past and Asuna is 15 years old and yet she meeted her when she was at 4 year old. So I think the whole chronology of the events is corrupted on purposse.

  25. Zefyris says:

    Translation is not “late”, really. if you think about it, it’s just that usually Cnet does the translation so incredibly quickly after that the raw is released.
    Considering that this is not his work but something he’s doing outside of it, and that the time when the raw goes up each week is random, that’s really impressive.

    Even on chapter with a lot of small texts like last week…
    How much time have passed since the raw is out? Only 2 days? It just seams late because of his usual speed.
    And like Astronerdboy said, he may be in vacation or something like this right now ;).

    I know I’m not in position to say anything about it since I don’t need to wait for cnet translation to read chapters, but still, calling it ‘very late’ is just to much imo ;).

  26. I need to learn Japanese lol XD:)

  27. fg7dragon says:

    Well, it’s a good thing that we can gues at least what the’re talking about, since there’s ususlay a flaskback in the backgroung.

  28. The Curious Fan says:

    Trans is out and it looks like that piece I did on Fate gave an accurate description of his personality.

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