Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 03

パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 03
Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 03

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 03Hatsune is reading a shoujo manga in her dorm room and disturbing Suzuka, who wants to sleep. However, the manga gives Hatsune the idea for the perfect scenario for meeting a boy — race to school with a piece of toast/bread in her mouth and literally run into a boy.

The following morning, Hatsune is really late and races down to see the grade-school-aged “Dorm Mama,” who asks her about breakfast. Hatsune knows her plan for meeting a boy is in trouble when she sees the traditional breakfast Dorm Mama has made. Hatsune is upset, which confuses Dorm Mama as does Hatsune’s choice of the square-packaged pounded fish cake.

Hatsune races down the path to where a fence ends and another path merges with hers. She feels for sure this is the spot she’ll meet that boy but unfortunately, she ends up running into a girl with a piece of bread in her mouth. This leads to an argument all the way to school with said girl. In class, Hatsune tells Suzuka what happened which leads Suzuka to reveal the flaw in Hatsune’s plan — they attend an all girls school.

Thoughts/Review: Ah, the classic old “get a boy by following a shoujo manga story” tale. *lol* Reminds me a lot of Tenchi Muyo: Night Before Carnival. Still, it is a cute chapter as Paradise Residence as been so far. I can’t help but like Hatsune for some reason. I also like Dorm Mama.

Which reminds me, I wonder how a grade school girl becomes in charge of a dorm right down to making breakfast for the girls living in the dorm. Granted, this too is an old concept (again, I go back to Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki where the prepubescent Sasami-chan does all the cooking) but I feel Fujishima-sensei will pull it off. I wonder if this is part of Fujishima-sensei’s plan for this manga — pull in old concepts and make them new, possibly in a mild parody form.

The first two chapters were eight pages in length, including the title page. This one was ten pages in length, including the title page. I’d like to see this manga get a longer treatment for more in-depth storytelling should that be required. Fujishima-sensei may get just that considering he scored two more pages for chapter 3.

As I’m able, I look forward to being able to continue reading this manga because it is cute and amusing to me.

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  1. ether101 says:

    I really like Hatsune and her rival.

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