I Want This Logo On an Official T-Shirt!

My friend GC recently had to take a couple of business trips to Japan. He brought back a bottle of Pocari Sweat to give to me (which I’ve got to get still). My plan is to bring this to work and share the love with my co-workers, all of whom have heard me spoken about the very Japanese beverage and all of whom had the same reaction to the thoughts of drinking it as I did when I arrived in Japan — “Who the heck is ‘Pocari’ and why do I want to drink his sweat?” *lol* If I remember, I’ll try to make a blog posting on how the “sweat sampling party” goes. ^_^

Years later, I want some Pocari Sweat apparel, specifically a t-shirt. I did see something on Cafe Express but I think that’s just some entrepreneur slapping logo on a t-shirt and as such it isn’t an official product. Pocari Sweat is doing a campaign with some logo products, but no shirts from what I’ve seen. 🙁

Well, next time I or someone I knows goes to Japan, maybe I’ll have them do a look-see for some gear.

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2 Responses to “I Want This Logo On an Official T-Shirt!”

  1. Jazzy says:

    xD It would look better if it was stylish 😀 Then again, you COULD just make your own? AM talking about using the special printer to print it onto a t-shirt. Am sure there are a few shops near you (if you don’t live in a desert) where you could get those done:D

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, there are options if I can’t score an official t-shirt. I just wish there were one.

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