Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 03

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari OVA Ep. 03
異世界の聖機師物語 OAV Episode 03 (Blu-ray/DVD version)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Lashara decides to make Kenshi work at the dorms for her own reasons and convinces him that this is a good idea by stating that he can make many connections and gain additional money to get back home. When Kenshi sets out to meet with the one who will employ him, he is beset upon by a bunch of girls eager to make his acquaintance and thus Lashara’s.

Kenshi flees and reports for work, surprised to find that the woman in charge is also the head master of the academy. She explains the dorm system and escorts Kenshi below ground to Hannah, a muscular woman who’s in charge down there. Hannah is not convinced that Kenshi is the right choice for work down here but since they are short-handed, she has no choice.

Kenshi is amazed to see so much activity underground, including a conveyor system that uses Ahou energy to move large, heavy boxes of supplies and materials. This underground area is well lit as it is also the storage area for many air ships, including Lashara’s flying land mass. The light is needed to insure the plant life stays alive. Hannah escorts Kenshi to Georgie, a woman who is in charge of cleaning some dorms. She trains Kenshi on the proper method for changing the sheets and removing the dirty laundry and is stunned when he not only picks it up quickly, but he gets done with all his work before she gets half-way done.

Kenshi is trained on many other jobs to be done around campus and does them so well with such speed that he develops a name for himself. During the delivery of a large block, Kenshi meets Auru, who has a problem and was about to consult with the academy staff to assist another girl, Lapis, who has had her special handkerchief taken from her as part of a prank and deposited on the side of a cliff. To Aura’s and Lapis’s amazement, Kenshi jumps over the edge of the cliff, grabs some vines, scales down to where the handkerchief is caught, retrieves it, and scoots back up the cliff as if it were nothing. Aura is amazed and Lepis is very happy.

Kenshi’s amazing work skills and ethics leave a big impression on the school’s support staff leaders, who begin to argue over using Kenshi on various projects. The principal is reluctant to overwork Kenshi but seeing Kenshi race too and fro with amazing loads (including a giant log) and seemingly cheerful about the whole thing changes her mind.

Kenshi is then assigned to the kitchens where he prepares a Japanese-styled bento, which has been special ordered. The head chef is very impressed with this and learns that Kenshi’s sister is how he learned so much. Kenshi makes his delivery and is surprised to see it is for Auru and a companion. Aura introduces Kenshi to Lithia, who is very frank with her way of speaking.

Returning to the kitchens, Kenshi is spotted by a group of girls and recognized as Lashara’s servant. Kenshi flees but that only brings more girls out of the woodwork to give chase. Meanwhile, the commotion is noted by Lithia, who’s outside with Lepis and learns from Lepis the cause of all the racket. When the chase goes right passed them, Lithia is irritated at the “wild beast” until Lipis points out the trail of girls who’ve collapsed trying to give chase.

Since Kenshi has fled into the woods and the number of bodies is high, Lithia gets Aura’s assistants to help her gather the girls up for assistance. Auru comes by and hearing what happened, thinks Kenshi is lost in the woods. She’s amazed to discover that Kenshi had in fact been helping gather the passed out girls as he returns with the final two before taking off again.

Kenshi returns to Lashara’s “dorm” and is chastised (by Chiaia?) for bringing dirt into the place. Lashara sees the sheet showing all the points Kenshi has wracked up for payment purchases and gives an evil laugh.

A month later at breakfast, Mexiah is over for breakfast to Chiaia’s annoyance. Lashara is pleased with hearing how Kenshi is doing and after breakfast, makes a discrete inquiry of Mexiah on how the “project” is going and receives a positive report. Hannah gets the principal to authorize an upgrade of Kenshi’s work status, which Hannah quietly reports via a wink to Mexiah when the two pass each other. Kenshi is ordered to report to the principal, who praises his parents for raising him properly. He explains that in addition to his father being in the construction field (where he has learned a lot), Kenshi has several older sisters who have taught him a lot. As such, Kenshi is transferred to a new department for training.

Kenshi is surprised to see that his instructor is none other than Mexiah, who does not want to be addressed as “Mexiah-sensei” nor “Mexiah-neechan.” Now, she wishes to be addressed as “Mexiah-san” and begins ending her sentences with forms of “zamasu.” This is so Kenshi can properly speak with the elite Seikishi students and the very affluent.

Kenshi is told that his job now will be aesthetician — one who will wash the hair and bodies of the Seikishi. Kenshi does not want to do this but Mexiah won’t take no and Lashara comes in with Chiaia, announcing that she has approved of this job for Kenshi. He’s still reluctant despite Lashara’s reminder that this will only help him in the end, so Mexiah drags him off to the giant bath area for some special training.

Kenshi emerges from this experience in a daze with Mexiah all radiant. Both Lashara and Chiaia are wondering what she did, Lashara reminding Mexiah that Kenshi is underaged. Mexiah says that Kenshi needs further experience for the job and volunteer’s her younger sister to be the guinea pig. Mexiah orders Kenshi to work and with glazed eyes, he drags Chiaia to the bath, the perfect “massage machine.” After lots of “noises,” Chiaia manages to flee, punching her sister in the eye and leaving Kenshi still in “massage” mode. Lashara sees a big money-making opportunity and so lines up some work for Kenshi.

The girls Yukine, Lithia, Auru, Wahanly, and others are used in this experience-training for Kenshi, causing the principal to summon Lashara to stop this line of work. Meanwhile, Maria pays a visit to the trembling Yukine, who has an orgasmic reaction to being touched. Over in Auru’s room, her male attendants are outside the door concerned over her well being as she too is a trembling mess on her bed in a near-orgasmic state. Elsewhere, Lithia is also trembling and not happy with what Kenshi did to her. When one of the little 2-tailed critters jumps on her, she goes orgasmic to the critter’s surprise. Still elsewhere, a trembling Wahanly works on her non-Ahou-powered mecha, determined to test it on Kenshi as payback.

At the Seikishi baths, Kenshi along with the other aesthetician’s are preparing for the Seikishi to come in for their baths. While she is reluctant to allow Kenshi to work, there has been demand for his services in addition to her team being short-staffed. So, she will allow Kenshi to wash the girl’s backs. When the Seikishi enter, Kenshi is immediately sought out for his back washing and naturally, some disagreements break out over girl’s hogging him.

After an exhausting time of it, a worn-out Kenshi seeks some solitude on a large balcony, where he is joined by Ulyte-sensei. During the course of their conversation, Kenshi learns that the glowing emblem he noticed on the lower back of all the girls are in fact contraceptive implementations. As such, Ulyte-sensei encourages Kenshi to go for it should any of these girls make an “offer” to him.

Mexiah interrupts and grabs Kenshi, fleeing from the wrath of Wahanly, Aura, Lithia, Chiaia, Maria, and a not wrathful Yukine, all on Wahanly’s new mecha. Maria’s assumption that Kenshi took Yukine’s virginity leads the others to include him in their wrath, so Kenshi grabs Mexiah and they flee. Their chase causes Dagmyer, who’s returning with his female companion from a meeting with Klief Kreis, to nearly be injured. However, this incident causes him to take note of Wahanly’s creation and its potential as Mexiah has Kenshi flee to the woods so that they won’t cause any more damage to school property.

Lashara is observing the chase from a distance, not realizing that the principal has come up behind her. For all the trouble caused, Kenshi is placed in charge of all the girls involved, including Lashara, in order to make repairs to everything damaged or destroyed during the chase. Meanwhile, Dagmyer’s female assistant is there when a large number of new workers arrive, one of whom makes eye contact with her, seemingly indicating he’s not just a laborer.


I think those who are using their own dislike of TM!R OVA 3 as a reason to not watch Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari are doing themselves a disservice in my opinion. Free from most normal constraints placed on him during the TM!R run as well as the constraints of the TM!R story, Kajishima-sensei has done what he likes to do and can do quite well — weave a fun tail with lots of intrigue and elements of things not being exactly as they appear to be.

People correctly cite TM!R OVA 1 as the best of the lot and I think ISM returns us to that level of entertainment (whether the story will match up as well, who can say at this point). With a large, 13-episode, 45-minute per episode set of canvases to work on, Kajishima-sensei is using this format quite well thus far. We have some minor plot advancement mixed in with all of the fun and ecchi humor. ^_^;

Speaking of the ecchi humor, this episode reminded me of Negima! in some aspects, so much so that I briefly wonder if Akamatsu-sensei is watching this series and if Kajishima-sensei is a fan of Negima! I say this because Kenshi in his “berserker mode,” whereby he washed the girls to an orgasmic state acted and looked very much like Negi in his “programmed” state when Nodoka asked for a kiss which accidentally turned into a magical command. Kenshi’s ability to dodge Chiaia’s punches were like Negi dodging Asuna’s attacks. On the other side, seeing Aura on the bed on her stomach in a trembling, sexually charged mess looked a lot like the after effects of Negi’s winding Chachamaru. I doubt these moments in this episode were anything more than coincidence as part of ecchi humor, but it was rather striking to me.

It appears that as he did with TM!R and other titles, Kajishima-sensei is inserting clues amidst all of the fun and gags. Yeah, it is funny when Kenshi shimmies down and up a cliff like it is nothing as well as being funny when he’s seen carrying impossible burdens as if they were nothing. However, we are learning that there’s obviously more the Kenshi than meets the eye. It is possible that his gifted abilities come from one element or a combination of his Juraian heritage, the affects of Funaho-ki (the Royal tree), or he may have even received the treatments to enhance human abilities since his grandmother could easily make that happen as head of the Galaxy Academy. It is also possible that like his older half-brother Tenchi, Kenshi is something special. ^_^ I wonder why he feels the need to catch and prepare his own food.

Speaking of Tenchi and company, we didn’t get any names mentioned (Kajishima-sensei understandably appears to be keeping this fairly segregated from its Tenchi Muyo! origins), but Nobuyuki scored a mention as well as Mihoshi (the sister who always breaks things), Sasami (the sister who always does the household chores), and Ryoko (the sister who isn’t good at housework). As you might imagine, I smiled at these unnamed references because it is a bone tossed to TM!R fans like myself that doesn’t require the viewer to have watched anything about TM!R.

As I mentioned earlier, the main plot didn’t get a lot of advancement, but we did get some teasing. Dagmyer appears to be setting up a support mechanism for his own power grab and since he likely is the one who initially recruited Kenshi to attack Lashara, I’m guessing his interest in Wahanly’s new type of mecha unit will play a role in the future.

For her part, Lashara appears to also be establishing a base of power, howbeit via Kenshi’s popularity. While Maria made a joke about Lashara being a money fiend and certainly her using Kenshi’s work points to score a big payday would back that notion up, I also sense that Lashara would use the money as well as the ties Kenshi makes to build her own power base by which she fends off Dagmyer or whomever else.

The thing I’m a bit vague on (because I still haven’t watched the BD/DVD version of episode one) is what Lashara is in line for. I gather she’s in line to rule the whole world though.

Through three episodes, I have to say that I have really been enjoying this anime and look forward to seeing more of this. I’d like to see a little more plot advancement next episode, but if I know Kajishima-sensei, he’ll put off any major plot developments until the very end. Well at least in this series, he has the episodes to get the fun out of his system and still have time for plot. ^_^

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11 Responses to “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 03”

  1. Anonymous says:

    this has been much better than i expected

  2. evgenidb says:

    With every episode, the series get better and better… and better.

    The next episode has a bigger plot advancement, but I guess it leaves more questions than answers. But at least it answers even questions you haven’t thought of asking. Cool!!!

    I hope Zettai Ryo-ohki will translate the next episode soon.

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    My review of episode 4 goes up tomorrow. ^_^

  4. Rhuen says:

    I am loving the new series. Can’t wait to actually own it. By the way the two tailed critters are called “Koro” all the girls keep adding on “-chan” to them.
    Yeah I can’t wait to see where his power comes from, Galaxy Police, Jurai power, or something else…I can’t help but feel Tokimi is going to play a role in this series (given the whole wedding thing in the third OVA)

  5. junior says:

    I would guess that the sister that’s good with housework is Aeka. We see her cleaning a few times in TMR even when she’s not trying to impress Tenchi. The sister that prepares the food is obviously Sasami.

    It also probably wouldn’t hurt to clarify that Kenshi’s “programmed/machine” mode is the result of hypnosis. While it’s only suggested in this episode, it’s made explicit in episode 4. I think one of my favorite comments was when the school head mistress mentioned that she’d had a number of requests for Kenshi’s massage services right before weddings.


  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I was thinking that Sasami might cover both the cooking and the housework but you are right that Aeka is shown cleaning some. TM!R never really went out of its way to emphasize this as they did Sasami’s cooking skills but it would fit in order to give Ryoko, Aeka, Sasami, and Mihoshi a nod.

  7. Adrian Dan says:

    Astronerd, you are the goddamn devil.

    I swear to god Negishi should just sue the hell out of Chinkyshima to the rights to the franchise, cause the Tenchi Muyo name has had nothing but kicks to the balls since the last Negishi work and of you honestly were amused as a Tenchi Fan by this (Samuel Jackson accent)Then you are the goddamn devil…

  8. Anonymous says:

    i’m a tenchi fan and i thought this episode was quite funny don’t know what one has to do with the other

  9. Beagle-san says:

    It’s not as clear cut, but I also think that the sister who is good with housework is probably a reference to Aeka. Thinking back, I don’t really remember Sasami doing housework other than cooking. And then we later get a reference to a sister who cooks. Since it would be repetitious to make 2 references to the same sister in such a brief period o time the same episode, my bet is on this sis being Aeka.

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I hadn’t considered that, but now that I do, I think you may well be right. Aeka did do a lot of the chores, though other than clean the grounds and Zero-Ryoko cleaning the toilet, I don’t think too many internal chores were shown. However, she was shown doing the laundry by hand.

    Which reminds me, why didn’t they have a bloody washer-dryer? *lol*

  11. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I thought I’d fixed these images. ^_^; Oh well. I’ll get to it eventually.

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