Where’s My Negima Chapter 264 Images?

It is another break week and so there are no spoiler images this week. So, we have to cool our heels and wait for the big story that is about to start. ^_^

In the meantime, I’m doing something slightly different when it comes to my break-week Negima! image postings. I have this relationship chart with “all roads leading to Negi.” *lol* I don’t even remember saving this, but it was in with my Negima! images so clearly I must have done so, even if I were asleep while doing it. ^_^; I don’t recall this image being redone in English so if there is one, someone let me know. If not, does someone want to try to make an attempt at translating this? There are lots of names, obviously (I did spot Fate’s name), but it would be nice to see what else is here. ^_^

PS: I’ll keep an eye open for the remote possibility of spoiler images appearing JUST in case. ^_^;

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12 Responses to “Where’s My Negima Chapter 264 Images?”

  1. no comments maybe give us some Fate image’s can’t wait till they release the new Ova’s

  2. Chi says:

    It would be nice if that chart was in English…but i can read Japanese so its okay! Shinpai shinaide…Anyway, like Staszekgiers-san said, it would be nice to post some Fate-san’s images! Can’t wait for Chapter 4! (^o^) ~Dewa mata~

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    There aren’t many images of Fate out there, at least not that I could find that would be share-worthy. There are some manga scans of him and a bit of promo art for the upcoming OAD but he doesn’t have a lot of art dedicated to him that I could find.

  4. evgenidb says:

    Well, I know it’s not the place for some FMA stuff, but, I guess, I’ll be excused.

    So, I found a FMA game for Nintendo DS called “Fullmetal Alchemist – Dual Sympathy” and as far as I can tell it follows the story of the first anime series. I just played the first two chapters (or missions…?).

    Well, anyway, you can download the game from demonoid: http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/2051221/3141877/ (a really big torrent with lots of games, including based on Star Wars, Avatar – The Last Airbender, LEGO series (LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman, and LEGO Indiana Jones), not to mention all anime based games, which are the majority of the torrent (but mostly in Japanese). The number of the FMA game is 1412).

    The emulator you should download to play the game you can find here: http://www.gf-snowkids.net.ru/zak/desmume-0.9.4-win32.zip

    I tried it, the game works. But I don’t know how good the computer must be to play the game smoothly (mine is pretty good, even for today’s standards). And also I had some issues with the music. It’s mixed with some noise. But everything else is fine.

    So, if you liked the first FMA anime series, you can give it a try.

  5. orion says:

    Wow, it seems like the relationship charts are reaching a complexity level of Ranma 1/2’s. Please post it if you find one in English!

    Bit weird about the lack of Fate images, though. You’d think there’d be a bunch of stuff floating around somewhere on the interwebz, but I guess he isn’t that popular of a character.

    Anyway, can’t wait till next chapter!

  6. fg7dragon says:

    Rather that Fate images, I would rathe see a color pic of the Lifemaker. But since he only apeared in 2 chapters, u guess it’s even harder then Fate.

  7. Hahahah – I obviously knew and know who but I hadn’t read up on the contest so I didn’t know I should be saying it 🙂 I just knew the end of the alphabet’s twin and its existence 🙂

  8. Oops – Didn’t read your comments – don’t post mine if not appropriate. I know about Z-silly … I know about He Ze and She Z and that’s why I pointed it out so that you didn’t have anymore He Ze haters out to get you … nor me with their comments 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is very important everyone.


    must read, Negima Fans.


  10. if the movie will cover these manga chapters not covered by anime its indeed a good news (Eva chan training arc and Linghshen arc… )

  11. Kirbstar says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong on some of these partial translations. For those who want to know, the chart is as of chapter 255 (via upper-left corner), so the recent pactios involving Natsumi, Ku Fei, and Chachamaru are not included in the chart (meaning no red arrows between them–more on this below).
    Names with a yellow background are confirmed magic users; those with a gray background are either dead or have an unknown status (they may be petrified, etc.). I haven’t figured out the orange background just yet. Names outlined in blue are in class 3-A, with the five Baka Rangers outlined in red.
    Red solid arrows indicate confirmed pactios. Red dashed arrows are unconfirmed pactios (though I don’t see any on the chart yet). All blue arrows connect blood relatives, though I can’t tell the difference between solid and dashed. Green arrows probably indicate a mentor-student or sempai-kohai relationship, and again, there are differences between solid and dashed relationships that I couldn’t translate yet. Yellow arrows indicate ordinary or friendly rivalries, while brown arrows are antagonistic archrivalries. Purple arrows probably indicate partnerships that are not pactios. Pink dashed arrows indicate crushes or hidden love interests, and all other relationships are in black.
    Dashed rectangles indicate certain groups, and those on the left side of the chart are easy to decipher if you remember who’s in what club (Library Exploration Club, Chao Bao Zi, cheerleaders, etc.), and some others indicate the characters living in the same dorm rooms. Right side of the chart is the concentration of the Mundus Magicus relationships, including the Ala Rubra, Fate’s group, and Negi’s relatives in Wales.
    It’s only a rough translation, but there’s a general idea of who goes where and their relationships. Why everyone other than class 3-A has no identification pictures is a mystery–maybe there aren’t enough reference pictures.

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