Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 04

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari OVA Ep. 04
異世界の聖機師物語 OAV Episode 04 (Blu-ray/DVD version)
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar 04

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04After completing the repair work around campus, Kenshi is roped in to perform his aesthetician duties on the girls who’d been tasked with working. Thanks to Lithia, Chiaia, and Yukine still not being over Kenshi’s last “treatment” on them, Kenshi thinks he’s going to escape. Mexiah has other ideas and when Wahanly says she still owes Kenshi for the previous massage, suddenly Lithia is OK with Kenshi being there for some revenge. Chiaia notices that Kenshi has scratches on his hand, which he attempts to play down.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04That evening, Mahya reports that some large holes on the grounds of the Swan, Lashara’s flying palace, have been detected and that they are too big to be one of the many koro living there. Chiaia remembers Kenshi’s injuries and states that she thinks it is a giant koro. She and Lashara stake out an observation point later than night and find that this giant koro is Kenshi, who’s been digging to recover crystals.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Back at Lashara’s dorm mansion, Kenshi reveals that he just has an interest in crystals as they are a major component of one of his sister’s spaceship. They are surprised that Kenshi’s world would have space flight which leads Kenshi to realize that such a thing should not be. He further remembers being hypnotized to keep his mouth shut by that “mad scientist” (Washu).

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04As part of their discussion, Kenshi shows his pendant which contains a small crystal from that spaceship (Ryo-ohki). Chiaia accidentally breaks the chain and sets out the next day to try to find someone to repair it. After initially striking out, she sees Maria, Yukine, and Ulyte-sensei. Chiaia remembers that Yukine is quite skilled but upon observing the chain, she says the craftsmanship is above her level.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Ulyte-sensei decides to look at the chain and crystal under a microscope scanner and sees how strange it is. Also strange is that as the microscope is on, koro literally cover the window next to the microscope.

Chiaia is given some instructions on how to weave a thread-chain for the pendant and sets to work that night. Kenshi slips out and heads for Wahanly’s lab to apparently Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04return to the Swan. He encounters Emera, Dagmyer’s female companion, covered in black and there to steal plans under Dagmyer’s orders. Kenshi effortlessly takes her down, but another slender masked person distracts Kenshi. He realizes that was the decoy as his prey gets away. However, he quickly is in pursuit and mislead by Dagmyer, whom he encounters. Finding he’s caught up with the decoy, Kenshi is going to grab but the decoy ends up getting away.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Kenshi is found by Mexiah, who’s mostly undressed having responded to the reports of a thief on the loose and she soon has Kenshi going with her. Elsewhere, Ulyte-sensei is communicating with Babalun about the design specs for Wahanly’s new mecha unit which were just given to him by Dagmyer. Babalun is not happy with the commotion Dagmyer has caused for something that may or may not be useful, especially since there are better things Dagmyer could be doing.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04The following day, Kenshi, Lashara, Wahanly, and Mexiah are summoned to see the principal about the break in at Wahanly’s lab. Wahanly plays down the event and Lashara agrees so the principal drops the investigation. Wahanly goes to see Maria on appointment. Maria is curious about the break-in and Wahanly is a bit more honest with Maria, but still states that the items stolen aren’t important even though Maria is interested in Wahanly’s new mecha. Maria states she’d like to form a new team of defensive Seikijin and implies she’d like Wahanly. The conversation steers to the attack in episode 1 with the black and white Seikijin and Maria wondering who could have piloted those mecha.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Ulyte-sensei has a chat with the mysterious voice about Kenshi and decide to have him in a place where they can observe him better. Almost immediately, Lashara is informed by the principal that Kenshi qualifies for school based on his test scores and though she didn’t want Kenshi in a position that could ruin her plans, Lashara has no choice but to agree to let Kenshi attend school since the entire Holy Land Association recommended it. Lashara hopes for the best and on the first day of school for Kenshi, she warns him about getting too close to Maria since they are in Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04the same class.

Lashara, Chiaia, and Kenshi are met by Lapis, who’s been assigned to escort Kenshi around campus. He remembers her from the handkerchief incident, which pleases her. Lashara is not pleased that Kenshi already knows Lapis, so she convinces Chiaia to assist her in tailing Kenshi just to be safe. They tail Kenshi and Lapis for a while until Mexiah brings it to a halt by forcing Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Lashara to go to class. Lapis takes Kenshi passed the area where older students reside and a group of them don’t take kindly to seeing Lapis there. However, upon seeing Kenshi, their attitude suddenly changes to a positive, friendly one. After they leave, Lapis says that’s the first time she’s seen these Seikishi smile since they are in a different social status.

In class, Kenshi’s homeroom teacher is Ulyte-sensei and Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04after the girls leave for other classwork, Kenshi meets the few males in his class including Ceres Tyte. Four of the males appear rather stuck up but Ceres is friendly with Kenshi. After a time, they head for their next class, which is an evaluation of a Home Ec-type class. Kenshi impresses the other instructors, including Ulyte-sensei, by writing evaluations that are superior to their own in some ways. This is reported to the principal, who also likes what she hears.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04During the beginner sword class, Mexiah-sensei has Kenshi in the outdoor ring to test his abilities. She tells him it is OK to just dodge her attacks but she quickly realizes that Kenshi is a master and is better than she or any other instructor, which is also noted by Aura, Lithia, Maria, and Yukine who are all watching the class. As such, he is casually told to observe the class rather than participate, so the four snooty males in the class decide to teach Kenshi a lesson. Without even lifting his wooden sword, Kenshi avoids every attack until they are worn out.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Kenshi hasn’t even broken out in a sweat and thinks they should start warming up now. Mexiah-sensei is amused by this, Lapis is amazed, and Yukine reports this to Maria. Yukine believes Kenshi is the pilot of the white Seikijin and Maria agrees. Maria asks Yukine if she likes Kenshi, which she confirms. As such, Maria decides that it would be a waste for Lashara to have him and comes up with a plan to steal Kenshi with Yukine’s help.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04At lunch, Kenshi decides to help in the kitchen as he has done for the last month or so, even though he doesn’t have to. He even helps the underclass girls load up their food carts to serve the upperclassmen. When Yukine comes through with a tray for Maria’s lunch, Kenshi takes a cart for delivery and walks with her to the amazement of the other girls. Lapis explains that since both Yukine and Kenshi are servants to Maria and Lashara respectively, it isn’t strange that Yukine and Kenshi should know each other.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Kenshi has decided to eat lunch with Ceres in the classroom. Maria is also eating in the classroom in her special seat and invites Kenshi up. He cites that he’s already promised Ceres so she invites him too. Ceres is flabbergasted and understanding the situation of social status, Maria simply invites the other males, who too were going to eat in the classroom and they all move to a dining table. Maria explains that there will be plenty of time to observe social protocols but as she sees it, since they are in the same class together, they can be on the same social level for the time being.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04After class, Kenshi is talking with Lapis and Ceres when an annoyed Lashara comes up, having heard that Kenshi is getting close to Maria despite Lashara’s warning. She storms off and Kenshi leaves his two new friends to follow his “master.” That night at Lashara’s dorm mansion, Chiaia presents Kenshi with the pendant on a red cord that she wove. He’s happy about it and pockets the broken gold chain. Mahya tells Chiaia that on the other world, the red thread/cord is a symbol of a love connection. Chiaia does not like this and tries to get the pendant back but Kenshi refuses now that he can wear it again.


Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Kajishima-sensei continues his pattern of telling fun tales while still laying groundwork for additional elements for the main plot. Dagmyer is still plotting, Ulyte-sensei still communes with his mystery voice, Lashara is still preparing, and more. One of the new plot elements I saw is Maria’s interest in Kenshi. Sure, there’s Yukine’s interest in Kenshi and since Maria appears genuinely concerned about Yukine’s well being, that could be the sole motivation.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04 There is also the aspect of Maria and Lashara’s rivalry and stealing Kenshi away would be a huge win for Maria. That’s likely the main driving force behind Maria’s interest in Kenshi but I also can’t help but think she has a political agenda of her own.

I do question why Wahanly and the others played down the theft attempt on her lab. It seems that Dagmyer got what he wanted but Wahanly seems to indicate that what was taken was worthless.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Which reminds me — is the masked girl (whom the official site names as Neizai) the same person who speaks with Ulyte? Regardless, she knows about the existence of the other world (Earth) and has some incredible abilities that might be technologically enhanced. While she was able to leap great distances, I like how Kenshi simply scaled the wall, as he had been shown able to do in a previous episode. Normally, one would expect Kenshi to follow suit and leap as well so it is nice that he didn’t.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04I believe Kenshi’s pendant will come into play by the time the series ends. If it is part of Ryo-ohki as the episode suggest, then it is a bit of Washu-tech and thus could easily play a role by the end of the series. It is interesting that the koro critters appeared attracted to the gem as witnessed when they literally covered the window next to where Ulyte was looking at the crystal and the broken chain it was on. Perhaps they sense Ryo-ohki’s spirit Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04within the crystal or just sense it as an unusual crystal. They seem to be drawn to crystals since they tunneled on the Swan and as we’ve seen Kenshi discover twice, its core appears to be made of crystal. That might make the Swan something more than it appears. Of course looking at the one closeup of the “stone,” that could be a Royal tree seed that has bonded with Kenshi. That would certainly explain Kenshi’s extraordinary abilities.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04Again, Kajishima-sensei tosses TM!R fans another bone. We learn that Katsuhito (Yosho) has trained Kenshi in the Juraian sword arts, as he did with Tenchi as a child. We learn that Kenshi has gone up in the ship Ryo-ohki (and we even got to see a bit of the ship) though he does not appear to know all the family secrets. That would be keeping in line with Yosho’s not telling family members the truth until they become adults though in Kenshi’s case, he clearly knows a lot. It amused me when Kenshi realized that Earth’s tech isn’t very advanced and yet one of his Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04“oneechan’s” had a space ship (in this case, Ryoko).

The final TM!R bone that I noticed was when we saw the general outline of Washu and Kenshi’s remark about that “mad scientist.” *lol* Looks like now that Tenchi has grown up, Washu has taken Kenshi to have some fun with. ^_^;

I did notice that the lakeside house is referred to as Kenshi’s Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04“oniichan’s” house. That tells me that Tenchi is the official owner of the lakeside house, not Nobuyuki. That would follow though since Nobuyuki spent so little time there during the first two OAV series and in OVA 3, we received confirmation as to why — he was with Rea. So it would stand to reason that Kenshi would be raised with Nobuyuki and Rea and would visit Tenchi and Katsuhito during breaks, much as Tenchi would visit Katsuhito during school breaks.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04While I liked that the first part of this episode immediately tied back to episode 3, I really could have done without the bath scene. Seriously, that scene went on and one for nothing more than ecchi fanservice. The only thing that I enjoyed about the scene was Wahanly’s deciding to return Kenshi’s massage with one of her own as revenge for what he did to her.

So another fun episode with another couple of bones tossed to Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki fans. The plot is not advancing very quickly but there are a lot of small elements that I see which are building up and could be most interesting once the storm breaks. ^_^

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - 04

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24 Responses to “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 04”

  1. junior says:

    Odds and ends…

    Something worth noting about the mysterious masked female is that Mexia turns up almost immediately afterwards both times the masked female is seen. During the first episode, Wahanly notices that Mexia’s seikijin is missing. We see the masked female piloting a seikijin (with its own mask and cloak to hide under) shortly afterwards (probably the same hooded female shown in the short scene with the older men earlier in the episode) spying on Dagmyer’s ship and Kenshi’s escape, and then Mexia turns up again just as Aura arrives and avoids a question about where she’s been. Mexia also turns up suspiciously after the masked female disappears in episode 4 – this time only half-dressed (as one might be if one were changing clothes) – and excuses her lack of clothes as “bathing”. That makes her pretty suspicious.

    On the other hand, it’s being so blatantly indicated that she’s the masked female that I have my doubts about it. Why continue to hide her identity if you’re going to be so blatantly obvious about who is under the mask?

    Ulyte seems to be working with both Babalun (and Dagmyer) as well as Lashara regarding whatever it is that he’s up to. The conversation between the old men back in episode 1 seems to indicate that Babalun is taking advantage of their project in order to advance his own plan, and presumeably Lashara is more closely associated with the original plan. Thus Ulyte’s own goal – whatever that is (something to do with the artifact and the school grounds) – is presumeably furthered by cooperating with both parties.

    Wahanly’s mechanoid is probably of interest because seikijin don’t work on the school grounds (for the most part…). Wahanly’s mechanoid obviously does, and that makes it useful for the “project”. And with a skilled pilot it’s fairly powerful in its own right.

    Also worth noting in both this episode and the previous episode is Dagmyer’s attitude toward his companion. She saves his life in episode 3 (by pulling him out of the way of the falling debris) and gets hurt and exhausted getting him the plans in this episode. In the first instance he gets annoyed and claims that he didn’t need her help. And in episode 4 he ignores her as she’s forced to lean against a pillar for support. While she presumeably has an interest in him somewhat similar to that of Chiaia (who has a crush on him), it’s clear that he pays her no real regard.

    Yukine looks timid and harmless, but she seems to do an excellent job gathering information for her mistress. Maria knew before Wahanly mentioned it (and actually lead Wahanly into confirming it) that both a white and a black Seikijin had both been involved in the attack on Lashara’s ship. Yukine also appears to have figured out (and told Maria) that Kenshi was the pilot of the white Seikijin – something that isn’t commonly known (the official story told to Wahanly and Mexia is that Kenshi is a boy that they found wandering around, and Wahanly actually laughed at the thought that a male seikishi would be used as an assassin). While Yukine’s timidity is affected by the fact that she’s head over heels in love with Kenshi, we haven’t had a chance to see what she’s like when he’s not around.

    Finally, we have some interesting insight into the “other world” thing. From Lashara’s comments in this episode, it looks as if people from the “other world” always come from the same world – i.e. Earth. Mexia’s comments in episode 3 (regarding teaching methods in the other world) also seem to suggest something along those lines.

  2. Rhuen says:

    What interests me is the Ryo-ohki fragment. We have seen in the past OVAs that even a part of Ryo-ohki can move about with its own will (the crystals rising out of the lake as clone cabbits stealing carrots), and Ryo-ohki can exist in her humanoid shape and the space ship at the same time in two different places, yet feel what the other feels.
    Makes me think something big may come of the fragment Kenshi has, perhaps given to him by Ryoko as a way to keep him safe (remembers Fuku blasting the bugs on Jurai).
    just conjecture, but not impossible.
    My forshadowing sense is tingling with Yukine, with her yellow cat eyes, silver hair, and petting Kenshi on the head…something about her.
    Also with the crystals everywhere, the Koro being so interested in the crystal,
    Can’t help but feel Washu is somehow involved. Also I kinda thought the tech-ninja girl was “Doll”, but *shrugs* something weird going on there. Also the voice talking about “moving against Kenshi and keeping him where they can watch him closer” raises questions.
    In fact this very world raises so many questions, its history can only be traced back to a single point when the church controlled the world, magic, those uniforms from before with the capes and cat-ears, the Koro, dark-elves.
    I am really hoping the big reveal isn’t something like (This world was created by Ryo-Ohki), but wouldn’t be surprised if it was Washu or Tokimi’s doing.

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The body structure of Neizai (the official name of the masked girl) and Mexiah is different so I’m not sure they are the same person. That said, there’s nothing to say that Mexiah might not be working with Neizai and her interception of Kenshi was to insure Neizai gets away cleanly. After all, Kenshi’s tracking ability is pretty good.

    Ulyte does seem to be playing both sides so it will be interesting to see what his own goal is.

    The more I think about it, the more I think that the Swan is much more than it appears on the surface. Kajishima-sensei making the link to Ryo-ohki via the crystals might suggest that the Swan is much like Ryo-ohki. Lashara and Chiaia don’t seem much interested in the crystals but what little we’ve seen suggests that the entire core of the Swan is nothing but crystal. If it is similar to Ryo-ohki, then it could turn out to be a very powerful ship only currently in “sleeping” mode. We’ll see what happens though.

    There has been something about Yukine that has been beeping in the back of my mind since she first showed up. I can’t quite place it though. ^_^;;;

    Regarding the “other world,” I wonder why people are taken from there at all.

    I looked back at the pendant of Kenshi’s and I’m wondering if the backing for the crystal is made of wood. If so, was it made from a Royal tree? I may be thinking too hard about this aspect but I can’t help but think that the combination of Royal tree elements (Tsunami) and Crystal (Washu) will come into play here.

    Anyway, it really does look like the Kajishima magic is back. ^_^

  4. junior says:

    The masked female can’t be Doll as the first time that the masked female was shown was back during episode 1. Doll was still up on the warship, and the masked female was in her seikijin down in the forest. I’m pretty sure that’s her voice that Ulyte is conversing with, and the reason that we’re not seeing the speaker is because they don’t want to show us who’s under the mask (presumeably she only wears her mask when she’s doing covert stuff). She might be the red-head that’s in the OP a little over half-way through the column of naked women.

    The comments about Kenshi being in the way are probably tied into whatever it is that Ulyte was looking for back in episode 2 (when he collapsed). Instead of being tied down to one location doing just one job, Kenshi’s involved in pretty much EVERY job at the school – and it’s causing Ulyte problems both because it makes it harder for Ulyte to covertly search, and because there’s also the possibility of Kenshi blundering into the relic and getting a reaction again (as happened back in episode 1).

    As for Ulyte’s goal – I’m pretty sure that he merely has a scholarly interest in whatever it is that everyone’s looking for. As a result he’s willing to help all parties so long as he is in on the discovery and research.

    The other world – back at the start of episode 2, it was mentioned that Kenshi didn’t remember the “summoning ruins”. That suggests that summoning is typically done intentionally. iirc it’s also been mentioned somewhere that people who were summoned from the other world typically excel in all areas. If you could get a highly skilled individual on your side through summoning, then it would definitely be a great temptation.

    That being said, there’s also the possibility of some irregularities in Kenshi’s summoning.

  5. shadow_s_writer says:

    I been think about Neizai, and I come up with this question:

    Why would K-sensei have a character with a mask?

    The answer I have is that the character in know elsewhere, but not one from this series, from the size it could be one of several possibilities. For example she could be Dee from DUAL!, or maybe she is Tokemi-kama from TMR!. Who ever she is, I expect she will be a key character in the last episode.

  6. Rhuen says:

    I don’t think the masked girl is Tokimi, if anyone is Tokimi or connected to it would be Mexiah or Yukine…don’t ask why I think that, just some weird vibe.

    The masked girl had a cyber scan eye in her mask when we saw her up close (that green circle with the data on it) which leads me to believe she is cybernetic or an android.

    I can see Kenshi “being in the way” having more to do with how much he moves around the school. After all he stumbled on the theft, and didn’t Ultye say the reaction from the relic thing was “hostility” towards Kenshi? that raises some eyebrows. Especially as my first thought when seeing it was (is this the other seed?) as in, in GXP the Idol that Seina got, the giant robot, was actually a first generation royal tree (direct child of Tsunami), as in Ryoko and Ryo-ohki’s cousin, but anywho. In there they said that “two seeds were given to a prehistoric traveler” could this relic be the other first generation tree seed’s mechanoid body…

  7. junior says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into the eyepiece on the mask. Dagmyer’s mask in episode 1 is similar to Neizai’s mask (except that hers has a pink border around the eyes 😛 ), as is the voice distortion. Best guess is that there really is a flesh and blood female underneath those black clothes, and the green-tinted eyepiece is built into the mask.

    It’s also occurred to me that Neizai’s “invisibility” when talking to Ulyte might be just that. Her seikijin uses an optical camoflague system to become virtually invisible in episode 1, and it’s possible that her regular clothes might do the same. The reason that she wasn’t using it when Kenshi chased her in episode 4 is because she wanted Kenshi to chase her, and if she used it then it wasn’t until after Kenshi had chosen to chase her.

    And finally… 31:27 in the original Sora release for episode 1. Is that blue skin? Or are we seeing the outlines of her fingernails through her gloves? Do we have another non-human (albeit nearly human) race in addition to the Dark Elves?

  8. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’d need to go back and rewatch the first episode to see what you are talking about regarding the blue skin.

    Which reminds me, I sure was hoping we’d get the BD version of that show sooner rather than later.

  9. junior says:

    There’s a BD version of episode 1 with Sora’s subs included. Unfortunately, since Sora’s subs were based off of the version that aired, that means that not all of the BD version is translated. So while there’s a neat little scene at the start of the BD version showing Lashara’s coronation (with nearly all of the characters present – incidentally, the woman next to Maria is her mother Flora who will turn up again in episode 6) but no translation for the scene.

  10. al103 says:

    >Looks like now that Tenchi has grown up, Washu has taken Kenshi to have some fun with.

    Nah. She still have fun with Tenchi, just *other* way. After all my friend that made me TMR fan, while living in Japan and having access to all that canon doujinshi and other info identified 3 different children of Tenchi – one from Ryoko, one from Washuu and one from non-identified Hakubi (family hairstyle) – so Mihoshi or again Ryoko, or again Washuu. Hm… It’s funny with whom did he had children with btw…

    PS. Which also removes “” from sisters remarks. I think sister is more or less correct replacement for “brothers wife”.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t care for OVA 3 much though I’ve read your blog and I must say that you convinced me to give this show a try. How come Kajishima could do this good with OVA 3?

  12. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Junior — I kept hoping that someone would translate that intro section from episode 1 but alas, no such luck.

    @al103 — I think Kajishima having Kenshi use the term “neechan” for all the girls (save Washu, who’s the “mad scientist”) is pretty typical when it comes to him teasing Tenchi fans. After all, if Tenchi married them all, then Kenshi would address them as “(o)neechan.” However, even if Tenchi didn’t marry them all, Kenshi would still address the girls as “neechan” because they are close to Tenchi’s age for the most part and it would be proper for Kenshi to address them in that fashion. Kajishima-sensei is a sly one to be sure.

    @Anon — it is a matter of tastes when it comes to OVA 3, but I’m glad you took a chance on this series. ^_^ I’ve mentioned this before elsewhere, but when I finally get to blogging OVA 3, I’ll have further comments about fan reactions. ^_^

  13. Rhuen says:

    On that last one, I don’t see why so many didn’t like the third OVA. I loved it, it served a great purpose as well, it makes GXP make sense, Noike, The Chobimaru, Lady Seto, Airir, ect…
    and loved seeing Tokimi come into the fold. Wish more had come about with her around. Honestly the only complaint I see tends to be about the english voice actor for Ryoko…and then that plastered over other elements as if it makes the whole thing bad.

    Also yeah I assumed it was a custom in Japan to refer to the wife/wives of one’s brother as sisters. Picked up on that in another anime, don’t know if the people Kenshi is talking to should be expected to catch on to that though.

    On Tenchi having children, I would think at least one would be Ayeka’s kid. This series taking place 15 years after GXP, I would hope that when we do see the original cast that we see Ryo-ohki now assuming an adult form, and maybe Fuku too, and Tenchi’s kids if they are supposed to be around by this time.

  14. junior says:

    It’s a custom in the US to refer to your brother’s wife as your “sister” as well – specifically, ‘Sister-in-Law’.


  15. James says:

    Comments are being rather dry for the Isekai episodes.

    This probably wont be read my many, but i have bought Masquerade 1 and 4 and vol. 4 of Agga Ruter. Masquerade is creepy which is fitting, but you’ll learn that Mr. K has deep sense for family, and artistic value, it kind of seems like high class Britain. This is confirmed in Agga ruter. You learn a lot about the “ancients” I didn’t think kaj. was going to touch on that in anime.

    I believe that the maid in masquerade and taiyo’s “mom” are the same or belong to the ancients.

    As to why agga ruter ended, is most likely Kajishima didn’t want to explore the mysteries of his universe especially relating to ancients.

    I’ll get into that later.

  16. Meglivorn says:

    When in GXP Seina visits Tenchi, Tenchi mentions that Nobuyuki moved to the city after married Reia (and on the pan-shor Reia is already pregnant 😀 ), so Tenchi is the “only male in the house”. And from that certain doujin we saw that it’s not rare that Kenshi goest to play at the lake house with Ryo-chan 🙂

    Also I like the solution for the problem that it would be quite hard to keep the Masaki-secret from kenshi with all the girls in the house, exspecially with Ryo-chan, Ryoko and Washu so Washu just made sure Kenshi won’t tell anyone even accindentaly 😀

  17. Dagon123 says:

    One thing I haven’t read yet here but is so blunt that I’m actually very surprised no ones mentioned it is Tokimi’s involvement, At the very end of OVA3 EP7 when everyone asks “Why was Tokimi at the alter” She said “I won’t tell you”, This obviously laid the groundwork for involvement in Seikishi, She was the one who created the scenario for Z’s power in the Universe before hand, and I’ll bet money she’s involved in this “world” just as much as she is with Kenshi. The masked beings and Doll remind me A LOT of GXP characters, so much to say It’s probably more then a coincidence.

    One last thing, we need a cameo here, lol it would not only be great to see the main cast, but many important questions would be answered

  18. junior says:

    No cameos until the end, please. In GXP we only had three episodes with cameos (and one of those was a surprise appearence by Ryo-ohki). You don’t want the better known Tenchi characters overwhelming a story that they’re not associated at all with. In this series, it’s probably best that they don’t turn up until the end if at all. Their appearence should be an indication that Kenshi has found a way to return home.

    Doll actually reminds me more of D from Dual!, albeit a more malevolent version. At the moment there really hasn’t seemed to be much that’s obviously in common between the two characters other than their hair color (although I got the impression from some of the dialogue about her that she’s an artificial construct like D) and we’ve barely seen her on-screen. But that’s definitely the vibe that I’m getting from her.

    Neizai, on the other hand, doesn’t really seem to remind me of anyone that I’ve seen before in a Kajishima story. And for what it’s worth… I just finished watching the raw for episode 7. Given the discussion about Neizai above, it appears based on episode 7 that the reason that she’s never shown talking to Ulyte is because she’s either actually invisible to people inside his office, or else she’s not physically present while she’s talking to him. We don’t see her talking to Ulyte while someone else is in the office, but we do see her talking to him immediately after someone leaves as if she was present during (or able to listen in to) the conversation that just ended. Given that she employs a sophisticated optical camouflage on her seikijin, it wouldn’t be surprising that she’s able to do the same when she’s on foot.

    And finally…

    One of the oddities about the seikijin in this series is that it appears that a seikijin is basically a skeleton that doesn’t actually assume a shape until the pilot activates it. And the shape that it assumes upon activation is then based on the pilot and not the seikijin itself. You can see this in episode 1. Chiaia is informed that her seikijin is too badly damaged to use in combat, so she takes Wahanly’s – which then assumes the pink fox-tailed form of Chiaia’s seikijin. Ergo, the seikijin’s form is based on the pilot.

    Now why do I bring this up? The trailer for episode 8 features a rather familiar looking white seikijin…

  19. AstroNerdBoy says:

    That would explain why the white and black seikijin would cause such a reaction — the pilots inside would cause the seikijin’s form.

  20. junior says:

    A fansubbed episode 5 is now available.

    Why are you still reading this instead of watching the episode?

  21. AstroNerdBoy says:

    *lol* Let me get to that right away. ^_^;

  22. Anonymous says:

    About Neizai looks, just watch the opening again and you will find her (the last naked girl before Kenshi appears and pilot the Seikijin.)

    Another similarities with another characters from another series is obviously Doll (Dee from dual) and Maria´s last name (the Nanadan army from dual) and the Megami image (Tokimi).

    With this in mind you can imagine why Kenshi already has a Seien (baptism) , probably(rumor) because the influence off Tokimi on his birth (the soul of Zeto from the Ryo-ohki Ova)

  23. junior says:

    Eh…? The last girl in the column of naked women is Chiaia.

    Just to run through the list, we have (in order) –

    Mexiah, Aura, Wahanly, Lapis, Yukine, Lithia (she actually fades in before Yukine but she’s positioned slightly lower), Doll, a red-head that hasn’t yet appeared in the fansubbed episodes – I think she’s supposed to represent a character who first appears in episode 6 although I don’t think that it’s a very good likeness, Lashara, and Chiaia. Neizai’s not in the column, and I don’t think she appears anywhere in the intro.

    Other odds and ends…

    The raw for episode 8 is out. It’s confirmed pretty blatantly (if you’re thinking about it) in this episode that the pilot determines the appearence of the seikijin – even without understanding the dialogue. There’s a very interesting revelation in this episode – one that I can guarantee is going to come out of the blue…

  24. AstroNerdBoy says:

    There’s a very interesting revelation in this episode – one that I can guarantee is going to come out of the blue…

    Well, I look forward to watching it…eventually. ^_^;

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