Negima! Chapter 277 SPOILER Images

Negima! 277 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 277 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 277 SPOILER Images as brought to you buy an anonymous fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

Again, we are getting these before the Japanese. Pretty amazing. Considering the dark shadow, I’ll keep an eye open for the Japanese sources and update as needed. Still, to whomever did these, thanks. ^_^

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  1. willyvereb says:

    This feather thing seems a really convenient way to “censor” the massacre happening now. We’re getting drama,but I have a feeling Negi and Co. will find a way to “revive” them in the end.

    So as a last word I quote the comment of someone from AS:

  2. Devilen says:

    for some reason i remember the deaths of the “MIP”s in Mai Hime

    though … knowing the ties and capabilities of Negi and Asuna (and maybe Eva or Konoka depending) i can certainly see a few different ways to get them all back online again (by my count both Craig, Aisha, Emily and Tokasa is down now)

  3. SL from MH says:

    Thanks ANB for the pics.

    Have to say that this is one of the most saddest chapter of Negima up-to-date. Everyone is disappearing here & there.

    Now, i feel that the “Code of the Lifemaker” staff is actually a code (as in programming codes), or else there is no way that thing can be used by multiple people/things. They are just uploading the code data to some people/things & then they are able to summon the staff whenever they want.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Willyvereb — I’m not sure if those are features or flower petals, which is how they appeared in 276. So it could be a “petalbath.” *lol*

    @Devilen — if they are computer constructs, then providing there is a backup copy, they can all be brought back to life. We’ll see though.

    @SL — you’re welcome and thanks for the head’s up. Images still haven’t shown up in Japan.

    I’m not sure I’d call the staff “code” but it does seem to be the interface to code things, kind of like a remote terminal or interface to whatever is controlling the creation of the world.

  5. Patrick says:

    Gods, Akamatsu is outdoing himself. First the “Arika in Prision” chapter and then this… In some ways, in worse than death – They simply cease to be.

    I hope this don’t reach Theo… I can’t stand it.

    Still, I believe that Negi and Asuna, as the rightful rulers of this world, can take them back. The problem is, it’s going to be a long way to that…

    P.S.: Interesting the way the “REWRITE” looks like Negi’s Exarmatio, isn’t it?

  6. fg7dragon says:

    The way they are all being disintegrated is similar to what happened to Zect.

  7. Philip says:


    Craig becomes a casualty, Aisha becomes a casualty, Emily becomes a casualty, Tosaka becomes a casualty… there goes the Magic World people.

  8. Anonymous says:

    if the staff is like a computer they Chisame will be a great help to come back all peoples

    ps: sorry for my bad english

  9. Bambi says:

    From my point of view these “deaths” are easiest way for Ken how to make AA peoples more involved in MW affairs. Now they have personal reasons and it is no more “return safely to our world”.

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Patrick — I noticed that as well. Granted, Exarmatio’s intent is not to remove clothing by turning them into petals, but Negi’s overpowering the spell does have that effect.

    @fg7dragon — good catch. I hadn’t remembered that at all. Very, very interesting.

    @Philip — yeah, but I think they’ll all be back.

    @Anon — that’s true and a good use of her artifact.

    @Bambi — That’s very true too.

  11. Zeether says:

    Wow…this is pretty depressing. Poor Yue, she lost one of her new friends…

  12. Nick says:

    Heres my theory at the end of everyone getting rewritten the all mighty Chao will show up again from the future (possibly as an adult) and bring them back thats if as everyone is saying that its some type of computer or technology program that could explain alot of the what i guess i would call techno magic (time machine, chacha ect.) well thats what i think and as for the pics Negima is getting kind of depressing i have a feeling fake asuna might jump infront of the magic world key and get feathered but prolly not.

    i forgot my freaking password to my google account… (sorry if this ends up double posting)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Question: Is it possible Misora’s Partner Cocone to be rewritten? She is according to Misora from a town somewhere in the MW countryside. Also what about Takamichi?

  14. ku_fei lover says:

    what the frack akamatsu-sensei!?

    craig emily, tosaka, other characters who’s names escape me!


  15. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Zeether — and she’s likely to lose more, though it would be interesting if Bea turns out to be immune from the Rewrite.

    @Nick — I don’t know if Chao will show up or not, but I have sensed for quite some time that Akamatsu-sensei had brought over the concept of AI computer constructs with physical bodies from A.I. Love You. After all, several of the characters in the series were these artificial constructs and the Spider-Zero character looks like the forerunner of Fate, even having a similar mission of destroying data.

    @Anon — Regarding Cocone, it is very possible, but I wonder. Not everyone on the Magic World will be subject to the devastation of Rewrite, which is what I think Kurt was getting at. So it is possible that Cocone may be from the MW, but not a “puppet.”

    Also, if Cocone is one of these puppets, then she’s the only one I’m aware of who’s come to Earth. In all of the Ala Rubra pictures from Earth, notice how there’s no Jack, yet in all of the MW ones, he’s there with the team, even after the war. I think it is possible that none of the “puppets” can leave Mars.

    I’d say Takamichi is similar. Still, your remark makes me realize we don’t really know how he came to join Ala Rubra in the first place. At least, I don’t remember that being stated (correct me if I’m wrong).

    @Ku_Fei — they’ll be back, I predict. ^_^

  16. Anonymous says:

    It reminds me of Samurai Deeper Kyo.

  17. 5yewy5r says:

    Holy crap a lot happens during this next chapter. Seems like there are several of those key of death things, since some random summon happened to be carrying one around. Looked like they shot some sort of beam in the raw. Is that how the other keys work too? All Fate and the shadow guy said was “Rewrite” and then poof feathers. Or is the ones among the minions nerfed versions? I wanna find out!! >_< And undoubtedly since so many of them are getting wiped out, akamatsu will find some way to bring them back, whether it be throug Negi's ancient magic or dfeating the lifemaker once and for all.

  18. Wow. The supporting cast has definitely taken a big hit. Craig, Aisha, Tosaka, and Emily… all gone. I hope you’re right and they all come back. This is a bit disturbing for a series where, even despite all the violence, nobody dies. Well, there was Gateau, but aside from him the worst that’s happened to anybody is petrification.

    Now if Akamatsu-sensei would please explain exactly what the HFIL is going on here. Things are getting kinda freaky.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If the “Puppet” people from MM couldn’t go to the old world/Earth because they are puppets then how was Fate who we know is a puppet able to be there in Kyoto? I hope this puppet/construct thing gets explained soon this is all very confusing.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I dont quit think Jack is one of them puppets because if u noticed his legs and arms did not turn into feathers or flower

  21. Drew says:

    Dude, he’s just fucking killing everyone. This is ridiculous.

  22. verynew says:

    @ANB:I think puppets are able to go to earth(old world)
    1)Fate and his team can.
    2)Weapons from MW was used in battle against Chao.
    3)It explains why Fate had to break dimension gates.

  23. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Anon — I’ve never watched Samurai Deeper Kyo so I wouldn’t know.

    @5yewy5r — Well, it will be interesting to see what happens with all the people. It is possible that everything is happening exactly as it did before in order to trigger Chao’s “competition of the circle,” so that in the future, she’s convinced to return to the past to reveal mages to Earth (though why this would help is still a mystery).

    @Shadow — Well, this is a shounen manga and there are certain lines that can’t be crossed. I don’t know if death, or rather how much death, is tolerated.

    @(next) Anon — Good point. IF Akamatsu-sensei is basing these “puppets” on his A.I. constructs from A.I. Love You AND Fate is based upon Spider-Zero, then I suspect that he’s a special program. Heck, he’s a special program without the linkage IMO because of his insane strength levels but that’s another story.

    Anyway, my thought is that the “puppets” of the Magic World may only be able to exist there with Fate being an independent program capable of existing both on Earth and on Mars.

    Granted, this theory is a long shot to be sure as I’m pulling from notions used in other series. For example, in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, they encountered an entire settlement of holograms on a planet that had been created by one man who’d been forced to flee his home. None of the holograms travel outside a certain radius and none of them knew they were holograms as they’d been programmed to grow old, marry, have children, etc.

    In Star Trek: Voyager, technology was either created or found (I don’t remember which since this wasn’t a favorite series of mine) which enabled their holographic doctor to be able to have physical form outside of sickbay and the holodeck. Otherwise, he was unable to move about.

    Just giving some notion of what is influencing my thoughts here. By no means is Akamatsu-sensei obligated to go by those examples, but I’m thinking that if the puppets of the Magic World are similar to holograms and the Magic World is more like a holodeck from Star Trek, then a puppet created on the Magic World may not be able to have substance away from that environment unless they were somehow made special.

    Heck, Cocone likely is all the proof we need that my theory is bonk. *lol*

    @Anon-the-next — Jack was called a puppet by Fate and it was the use of his pactio artifact that gave Jack continued form (and sheer willpower methinks).

    @Drew — REWRITE! ^_~

    @verynew — Tsukuyomi is likely human. She’s the only one of Fate’s team that I remember being on Earth. We only saw Fate at the Wales Gate to transport to the MW. Unless Akamatsu-sensei retcons something (like he did with Natsumi, though I think he’d intended to have her and just made a mistake), we never saw any of Fate’s companions at the gateport on the MW on Earth.

    As to Fate, as I said, I think he’s a very special program.

    As to the weapons used in the battle against Chao, that presumes they were made simply by whatever program created the Magic World. If they were created outside of that program, which is also possible, then they likely wouldn’t be affected.

    That said, this may well be the proof that the puppets can traverse back and forth. It is a good point.

    As to your third point, it seems like Fate is not only keen on destroying the Magic World, but also all of its inhabitants, including the real people living there (those that Kurt wants to save). So destroying the gates removes their means of escape.

    However, you do give me an idea as to why that one gateport in the old capital was not destroyed. Fate, Tsukuyomi, and whomever else would need a means to get back to Earth.

  24. Hector says:

    I think the MW may fallow the laws of the digitol wolrd in digimon, because the guy with the staff also try to “REWRITE” Nodoko so it could mean that while in the MW everyone are just “puppets.” The gateports could work by changing the people traveling by them from “puppets” to normal people.

  25. Anonymous says:

    oh god emily T_T

    it was so tragic to see all of them cease to exist like that.

    and although emily is “dead”, seeing yue’s expressions as emily is disintegrate is truly heart wrenching.

    akamatsu-sensei *_*

  26. proscientia says:

    Are all magical creatures “puppets”? What kind of magical creature is the ryomen sukuna no kami? If so, what does that mean about Kotarou and Setsuna? I think that there are “real” magical creatures in the Negima universe (let’s ignore Eva because she was originally human, but transformed by magic). Their status might answer a lot of questions. Also, might Al be confined to a specific place because he is a “puppet”?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Woah, pretty dark. People getting erased all over the place! I hope they stay dead, though. I mean, they are all great characters, but it would have more meaning if they stayed dead, and I also hate that resurrection shtick that gets pulled every 10 seconds.

  28. Anonymous says:

    ANB. The reason I brought up Cocone was Godel only wanted to save the 67 million “real” humans. Who according to Negi just made up the population of the capital (Megalomesembria.) Cocone on the other hand has a “hometown” in the countryside.So does she count as a “real” human or not? Because I honestly don’t think I can handle another “death” chapter the level of emotions on the girls’ faces… It’s heart wrenching.

  29. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Hector — I’m not sure that Nodoka would have been given a Rerwite. Instead, I think that Nodoka was targeted for either death or petrification. I don’t think that this Rewrite will work against Ala Alba or the humans living on the Magic World. We’ll see though.

    @Anon — Emily’s friendship with Yue has been an interesting one as Emily went from looking down on Yue as the incompetent outsider to complete respect, enough so that she gets annoyed when others don’t address Yue with honorifics. *lol*

    Still, I wonder if this is the final event that triggers Yue’s memories and causes her to “unleash” if you will. A chapter showing Yue kicking some keester out of a sense of rage at losing her friend and comrade would tickle me, I have to admit. ^_~

    @Proscientia — That’s a very good question. I’ve long wondered where the demons-youkai-mazoku that get summoned come from. I suspect that they are in fact real creatures, only from another dimension. They are different from the magical monsters we’ve seen on the Magic World and many of them are drawn from Japanese mythology. People like Setsuna and Kotaro are “hanyou” (half-human, half-youkai) and so that leads me to believe that those kinds of magical creatures are in fact real. To date, we’ve not been given any examples of mixed-raced “puppets” from MW. That could all change though.

    As to Eva, I don’t think that her transformation can be classified as magical unless being transformed into a vampire is considered a magical transformation. I do wish we knew more about her backstory, though I doubt it matters much (if at all) to the current story arc.

    @anon – It is true that their deaths would have meaning if they all stayed dead. However, the fact that Akamatsu-sensei is purposefully killing them all suggests to me that they will all be brought back to life.

  30. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Anon – We know so little about Cocone and that’s a bit frustrating. Akamatsu-sensei is so busy with the main Negima story that his even taking time to write/draw some sort of omake chapter to cover things like Cocone’s backstory (or Eva’s for that matter) is out of the question.

    However, if Cocone dies, then it shows that puppets can travel to Earth (though the underground ruins and structures at Mahora may have something to do with that, should that be the case) but then it gives an opportunity for Misora to rise above her normal comedic role and take a serious stand for once. During the Mahora festival, she never really wanted to be involved and her largest contribution was saving Setsuna and Asuna from Chao. I’d love to see Misora unleashed as well. ^_^;

  31. cjones says:

    I was also wondering why it looked like the shadow mage kept trying to Code Nodoka. It could just be a trick to keep the reveal from being too obvious. On the other hand everybody who gets erased so far has been taking a hit for the main cast. The shadow mage rather dramatically chants, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” “Dreams to dreams, illusions to illusions.” “Bring eternal rest to all,” when aiming at Nodoka.

    Kotarou points out the resemblance between the giant shadow monster and the one in Rakan’s movie, and how AA isn’t the intended target in this assault. Fate’s group would have taken a more direct approach by now.

    When Colette sees the soldiers erased, she gasps, “A matter disintegration spell?!” Better hope she’s wrong.

  32. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Interesting observations there, cjones.

  33. SaCul says:

    With all these people getting killed I can’t help but remember something that happened in the Naruto manga last may. same deal alot of main/side characters died,then the hero defeats the bad guy and boom they all come back to life. I have a feeling this may happen here too.

  34. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I think Akamatsu-sensei is setting up everyone coming back to life here, though. I don’t know how the Naruto story handled that but I think that when the puppets come back to life (assuming they do come back to life), it won’t be in a way that makes us roll our eyes.

  35. SL from MH says:

    ‘ANB’ don’t you read Naruto.

    Well if i am right, “SaCul” is talking about the ‘Pain attack on Konoha’ Arc.
    In that arc ‘Pain/Nagato’ killed many people of Konoha but on fighting with Naruto & understanding things he decided to use a special technique which only he could use (he had a load of them too).
    Using that technique he can bring back people to life who have died recently (but him being at a very low level of energy during that moment caused him to die after using that technique though).

    But i don’t think that something like that might happen here. Though it is true that the people who got ‘rewritten’ in these chapters (& possibly some more in the upcoming chapters) would get back to life, it would be different form Naruto’s story.

  36. cjones says:

    We all know everybody will come back. Negima is just not that dark a series and girls with screen time rarely even get injured. Akamatsu is dropping plenty of hints that this isn’t death, just to keep it from being an ass-pull when it happens.

    On the other hand he is willing to have an entire village stoned and unresolved for most of the series. When it comes to foreshadowing, the one with the magic world being Mars went on forever. Even skipping when Chao mentioned it as a joke, the first serious hint took 8 books until it was brought out to the open.

    The rewritten characters may be gone for a long time. Longer than a lot of comics take to actually bring people back from the dead. So the real question is… can the Code of the Lifemaker work on the main cast? Because that has REAL consequences. Like, “What if we don’t see Nodoka or Yue pantyshots again for 100 chapters?”

  37. Anonymous says:

    @ ANB, nevermind if you don’t know SDKyo, it’s not like I would recommand you to read the whole manga just for that (It happens at the end).

    So that was the same “beam” that erased fate?!/232/15/

  38. 93143 says:


    “Unless Akamatsu-sensei retcons something (like he did with Natsumi, though I think he’d intended to have her and just made a mistake)…”

    I believe she was there from the start – just anonymously, to make it a surprise when we found out who the last cloaked stowaway was.

    [The following assumes that the art didn’t change between the weeklies and the bound volumes, and/or that AQS uses the raws from the weeklies. If neither of these is true, I have no case.]

    On the night before the trip, chapter 185, page 8, Natsumi is one of the girls who finds out about the early-morning departure. She looks somewhat distressed – perhaps because Kotarou is one of the ones leaving?

    The next morning, chapter 185, page 13, a number of girls in cloaks start following Ala Alba. Top right panel – who’s that behind Yuuna and Misa? That hairstyle looks familiar. Also, you can’t see her in the next panel over, because Yuuna is in the way. Very suspicious…

    The above, by itself, doesn’t demonstrate that she followed them into the mist, but… the girls get lost in the mist on page 14 of chapter 185. Count ’em. The cheerleaders, the sports girls, and one more make eight. Also note that Akira’s hood is down.

    When they arrive at the gateport, on page 4 of chapter 186, we get a shot of Yuuna et al. sneaking up behind the rocks. The person on the far right, partly hidden by Donet’s speech balloon, has her hood up. She could be Akira, but none of the others have put their hoods up…

    After the transport, on page 11 of chapter 186, one of the stowaways leaves their hiding spot behind the pillar to go ask someone what’s going on. It could be assumed that this is what gets them caught, but the chain of events between this and the guards finding the sports girls is not explicitly spelled out. That could be Natsumi, and this could be why she doesn’t end up under guard with the rest of them.

    Actually, looking closely at the hardcopy, that does appear to be Natsumi’s hairstyle…

    As far as I can tell by skimming the pages, the mysterious hooded person next shows up on page 2 of chapter 193, which is the first time she’s explicitly pointed out to the reader as an unknown extra stowaway. If the reader had been paying very close attention, he might have already figured out the “unknown” person’s identity by this point…

  39. arimareiji says:

    Just saw that you had the spoilers up, and I have to admit – I wish I could respond to the intelligent conjectures being tossed about, but all I can think is “Holy 5#!%, sensei…”

  40. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @SL — thanks for the info. ^_^

    @cjones — Akamatsu-sensei does tend to table set, sometimes ages in advance. When it comes to the stoned villagers, he’s already laid it out there that eventually, Konoka should be powerful enough to restore them all. When the villagers are restored, I’d say the manga is almost over.

    As to the Code of the Lifemaker working on Ala Alba and others from Earth, I’m thinking none of them will be touched but we’ll see. Cocone maybe though, if she turns out to be another puppet.

    @Anon — We never actually saw Fate dissolve into petals (or the like) but considering what happened to Jack’s arms then, maybe so. Fate got taken out and Nagi was only injured.

    @93143 — Heh. Nice analysis work there. As I said, I do think he always intended to have Natsumi there. I guess I could pull out the manga volume and see if there are changes when I get back home.

    @arimareiji — *lol* Yeah, a lot of stuff is going on.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Whoa, that was totally epic! O.O

    I think this chapter shows Yue expressing the most emotions besides the times she’s in her “I heart Negi” mode. It’s really sad though, since Emily probably didn’t have to save Yue because she’s most likely immune to the “Rewrite” effect. It really looks like they are kissing in the last pic, but upon further inspection, it’s just Emily completely dissovling into petals and Yue looking down whilst closing her hands. If they really were kissing, I’d probably be squeeing nonstop for three days.xD
    Akamatsu has definitely been showing more guts as a mangaka lately, and he’s gotta show someone kicking major arse next week.8D

    On another note: Raw Paradise says Negima might have color pages next week; is this true? I don’t remember Negima EVER having color pages except for the first chapter if I’m correct, so I wonder if they are getting my hopes for nothing… Hopefully either rp or Japan will have raws without the annoying shadows soon!

    Btw thanks for putting the pics up here ANB, because I couldn’t dl the chapter.

  42. ANB said: “Well, this is a shounen manga and there are certain lines that can’t be crossed. I don’t know if death, or rather how much death, is tolerated.”

    I doubt Negima being a shounen manga has anything to do with its (almost) non-existent body count, considering the amount of death and carnage present in other shounen series like Bleach and Naruto. Of course Negima has been gradually getting darker and edgier over time, a noticeable contrast from the light-hearted work Akamatsu-sensei’s known for.

    As for Yue, she has taken several levels of badass. Let’s hope she gets to go aggro on the bad guys again.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I would be ok with Negima taking a darker turn and these casualties staying dead. But what I don’t want to see would be Akamatsu pulling an NGE on us and going mindfuck emo with the home stretch. You know, as in, everyone dies, the world ends, and the main character is left alone and insane.

  44. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Anon — I hadn’t heard about Negima! scoring some color pages but I think you are right in that except for the first chapter, there haven’t been any color pages. That’s more work for Akamatsu-sensei and company, but I’m guessing they worked on coloring during the extra time off they had.

    And you are welcome. ^_^

    @Shadow — I can’t say what other shounen magazines are doing, but I do know there are some lines that can’t be crossed and still have the manga published in a shounen magazine. That said, Akamatsu-sensei may be keeping things less dark on purpose, but as you note, he is getting darker at times.

    @Anon — I agree. No Shinji stuff here, please! *lol*

    Of course, Akamatsu-sensei is a fan of Evangelion so…^_^;

  45. Philip says:

    I think in the next chapter, Nodoka and Kazumi might be saved by Lynn and Chris…

  46. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Either that or they get a Rewrite as well. ^_^;;;

  47. StorageCraft says:

    The different chapters explained with the help of the photographs are superb. I just by looking at the clips came to know the inside story.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I think the reason they “die” is the same reason why Rakan lost his arms before…
    So they might still be back…


  49. henwy says:

    All I’m saying is that there had better be one hell of a good and logical reason for this or I’m going to pitch a fit at the end. I can’t imagine why for the life of me you would create this many artificial people and then let them propagate out of control. If we are moving to more of a sci-fi bent, then this would fit the storyline perfectly. There’s some super-computer somewhere which can’t handle the load of an exponentially growing population as well as maintaining the world itself. Things are going to crack and break at some point and that’s what the crisis is.

    I just don’t see why it got to this point at all. Since Kurt obviously knows about all of this, it’s not simply ‘lost knowledge’ which is how most sci-fi series would plant the plot hook. The progenitors made the great machine, started the AI people, and then vanished eons ago and no one knew that it was their secret technology that ran everything until…dum dum DUM it all started to go wrong. *Cue Heroic Entry*

    I’m going to be cheesed if there’s not a good explanation for this.

  50. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I think Akamatsu-sensei will have an explanation for things. Thus far, he’s laid out the manga in a very logical, methodical manner and has set the table at times with specific results to be in mind. It may be some time before we get that explanation though. ^_^;

  51. cjones says:

    Saw the non-shadowed version. The extra panels clarified a few things.

    An unrelated piece of dialogue.
    Emily:”U… Miss Yue…”
    Yue:”Class rep! Are you alright?!”
    Emily:”Fufu… Just a graze. I barely feel anything.”
    Yue:”You’re in shock! Why would you do this!? You shouldn’t have covered for me…”
    Emily:”I have to… look out for the slow, dull ones. You can be such a handful.”

  52. I’ll let ANB know that there are non-shadowed images out somewhere.

  53. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Got your message and like WHOA. That looks like a real raw-scan vs. spoiler images. It is a scan. Interesting.

    One thing the scans prove is that the Rewrite does not work on Ala Alba members. Yue takes a blast in the back and only loses a bit of her shirt, but the shot goes through Yue and hits Emily, “killing” her.

    Mama bear also goes down (if that wasn’t apparent in the spoilers).

    Pretty much, I think this is what Bambi speculated earlier — Akamatsu-sensei has set things up so that no one will want to leave MW until the enemy is defeated.

  54. The non shadowed scans also prove there are multiple copies of the Code of the Lifemaker staff as there appear to be a few of the shadow dolls using them.

    It also appears that Yue is looking up information on it in her artifact so it has probably been used in the past. Given that a COLM key staff has been “dropped” near Yue at the end of the Chapter I wonder if her artifact has enough information to allow her (or someone else) to use it to undo the rewrite effect or to turn it against CE in a similar fashion

  55. SL from MH says:

    From looking at the raws, it seems that the Shadow Mage was trying to use an “Eternal Petrification” spell on Nodoka based on “cjones” translation (& not the ‘Rewrite’, like some people had speculated).

    Also the doubt i had about the Chief also getting rewritten is cleared in the raws as well.

    And its nice to see Kotarou & Natsumi interact alone (not for long though) after their pactio (in one of the panels there, Kotarou has similar expression like Kaede as well, which kind of feels funny).

    Also it seems that Yue’s artifact has some info about the “Staff” as well.
    And it also seems that the ‘Staff’ has the power to protect the holder to some extent as seen when Mana tried to shot the little summoned creature but was blocked of on her first try (but she did manage to hit it the second time though).

    I know that many people have said this but it is clear that the reason Ken killed all these MM people who are close to the AA was so that he can give them a reason to stay behind & fight ‘Fate’ & his gang.

    On a Side-Note, it is a surprise to see that there are around 53 comments in here in just around 3 days.

  56. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I noticed that as well about Yue looking up the COLM staff. I hadn’t thought about the possibility of Yue picking these up though.

    Seeing Mana have some troubles with the COLM-wielding “people,” I began to wonder if one of them might blast old Asuna, causing her to vanish and thus revealing the truth of Asuna’s kidnapping in a tragic way.

  57. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @SL — I have to say that I’m surprised to see so many comments as well. This chapter really has people fired up I guess. *lol* Can’t wait for a translation on this one. ^_^

  58. Lilliee says:

    That would be tragic and very enjoyable to read. Just imagine Negi-sensei’s face!

    So many comments. I wonder if we can make the 60’s…

  59. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’ve been long wondering how Akamatsu-sensei would resolve the whole Asuna issue. Every time it seems he’s going to go down a certain path, he shuffles the deck and I’m back at square one. *lol*

    I could see it happening where Shiori-Asuna is “petalized,” Negi freaks, starts to lose control, is helped to regain control, then Yue points out some stuff that makes him realize that Asuna is missing. We’ll see though.

  60. Alex says:

    That’s exactly why I think Shiori hasn’t been discovered until now. My guess is that Asuna will be distracted by the Knights of Aridiane disappearing, get hit by Rewrite and disappear the moment Negi gets it. Negi goes berserk and turns into a demon and most likely will fight the real Asuna.

  61. Philip says:

    If Shiori-Asuna becomes a casualty to the key spell, she might revert to her original self before disintegrating. Mana or perhaps Negi might get a glimpse of Shiori’s true self…

  62. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Alex — Interesting. However, where does the real Asuna come from?

    @Philip — I agree that if Shiori-Asuna gets hit with a Rewrite, she’d revert to her Shiori self before disappearing.

  63. Anonymous says:

    it’s getting darker and darker.
    well akamatsu is rock and doing great.
    I think there will be a twist of this. but so far.
    Great job

  64. Lilliee says:

    @ AstroNerdBoy
    If Shiori-Asuna did get hit by the Rewrite spell, what would the reaction of Fate?

    By now, I think that the fake Asuna thing is pretty obvious. The getting hit by Kurt with the sword in the chapters before and Asuna’s artifact not working…Then again, Negi is only a ten-year-old kid.

  65. AstroNerdBoy says:

    There might be a sense of sadness, but considering that he calls himself a puppet, I’m guessing that he’d say that puppets do what puppets are commanded and nothing more.

  66. Alex says:

    If Shiori gets hit by Rewrite and disappears, Fate would have her come back anyways (Since it’s obvious he cares for his Ministra Magi and Tsukuyomi to an extent…)

    Speaking of Tsukuyomi, I hope we’ll see the ultimate Shinmeryuu battle this time. Setsuna NEEDS to shine.

    About Asuna. I am inclined to take AstroNerdBoy’s side in the fact that she is facing Rakan with Fate right now. I would say she was the masked one facing Nodoka, but it seems too tall to be her.

    Speaking of which too, I hope Kaede gets to fight the other shadow one now too.

  67. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Alex — Setsuna needs to school Tsukuyomi big time. ^_^ And I’d love to see Kaede with some payback as well.

    BTW, you wouldn’t per chance be the same Alex I’ve known for years, would ya? Just checking.

  68. Alex says:

    I want to see Kaede battling too. We’ve never seen her all-out. Okay, only against Mana but it was really short.

    And no, I don’t think I know you personally AstroBoy. I just follow your blog. And it’s really my first time commenting and all ^^

  69. lite says:

    GREAT !
    hmm. i have something to ask bcoz i’m new in watchng negima..
    i have finished to watch the anime .
    & now trying to read the manga. BUT. i don’t know where ? should i start . on what chapter should i read. so terrible if i will start to chapter 1 andd the chapters are 279 + .
    the last episode in the anime is asuna was saved. or something like that
    and now i want to read on the chapters where asuna is dying uhhm. which what happened on episode 23 in anime. i want to start on that chapter, to continue the story . so kindly pls. help me to know what chapter is that so that i can start now. or any reccomndation of chapters that
    i must read. please . TNX.

  70. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Forget everything you saw in the anime. The anime is a very loose adaptation of the manga and cuts out a great deal. All the stuff with Asuna in the anime is made up for the anime and has NO bearing on the actual manga story.

    So, go back and start chapter 1 and read to present. ^_^ I think you’ll find that it will be a very enjoyable read, especially since so much stuff was cut from the anime version. Plus, you’ll understand what stuff was made up for the anime and you can ignore all that as you continue to read the manga.

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