Negima! Chapter 281 SPOILER Images

Negima! 281 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 281 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek SPOILER images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 281 as brought to you by anonymous Japanese fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

There could be more since these came in over two postings, so be sure to check back for more. Nice to see Yue love after Nodoka love. ^_^ Also, some Mana love as a side dish. ^_~

Update: Sure enough, another wave.

Chachamaru lovin’ and the fearsome “Neko Power.” Don’t mess with the kitty, y’all. ^_^

Update: Thanks to all those who sent alerts on the other images. These aren’t from the normal Japanese source(s), so a thanks to whomever did those. Please note that these images are very small.

If the Japanese post some larger ones, I’ll switch out or something. ^_^ Thanks again to everyone.

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72 Responses to “Negima! Chapter 281 SPOILER Images”

  1. Todd says:

    I’m glad Yue finally is regaining her memories.

    Chachamaru’s artifact is nothing what I expected.

  2. APN says:

    So basically Chachamaru’s pacto is an laser/ion painter to point out a target and then fire down from a some sort of large weapons platform that’s in orbit?

  3. willyvereb says:

    Oh well, here goes away my great idea about keeping Yue’s partial amnesia up for a few dozens of chapters. It seems she’ll regain her memories soon. So team-Yue and Team-Mana-Asuka meets up. We have three groups now. Also serious LoL at the Cat-satelite. The cutest doomsday weapon I’ve ever seen.xD

  4. Nick says:

    Chachas pactio? if thats it awesome other than that wonder what theo and the others are doing cant wait for more or translation this is getting gooooood

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Todd — It isn’t what I expected either, but then I didn’t really know what to expect. ^_^;

    @APN — I can’t say for sure until clean pages arrive.

    @Willy — It seems that my thought that Akamatsu-sensei would have the groups split up for longer is gone too, but that’s OK. ^_^

    And yeah, that’s the cutest weapon of mass destruction we’ll ever see. ^_^

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Nick — Not sure but it seems the three leaders are observing from someplace safe (now that I’ve said this, they are all dead as well).

  7. APN says:

    I guess someone will come around and photoshop chacha’s pacto with the caption: “Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.”

  8. AstroNerdBoy says:

    *LOL* I’d love to see that as a wallpaper-sized color image. ^_^

    (Gotta love an “Aliens” reference!)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Target will be in view in 30 seconds

    Target will be in view in 15 seconds

    Target in view, preparing Death Beam

    Waiting for confirmation to fire Death Beam

    (Chachamaru uses the ion pointer or whatever it is)

    Confirmation received, firing Death Beam

  10. John says:

    Different version is out in Raw-Paradise

  11. SL from MH says:

    ANB there seems to be ‘very low quality’ raws of this chapter on ‘RP’ which also has the 8 pages which are missing in your post here.

  12. Anonymous says:

    are you gonna add thos missing poages from rp cause i cnat get

  13. Regarding the “Cat Star or should that be “Death Cat”. We know from early chapters that Chachamaru loves cats and maybe the “pactio Gods” are also aware of Negis “fear” of 1001 cats and scaled it up for his current power level!

    A big question has to be though is can the satellite move (or are there multiple satellites) or is its use limited to Mundus Magicus.

  14. AstroNerdBoy says:

    OK, I’ll see about grabbing these RP images.

    @Mister Random — if that satellite (or whatever it is) is part of her pactio card, then I’d say it should go with her even when they return to Earth.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Theo’s almost naked!

  16. Grammar Nazi says:

    “original-sized, sneak-peek images for […] SPOILER Images”

    Um, I think there’s some redundancy in that line. 🙂 Sorry to nitpick, but you’ve been using it for quite some time and it keeps catching my eye.

  17. In the penultimate new small picture is that the Hellas Ancient Dragon being taken out by Dynamis Cluthu Summon?

    If it is then Chachamaru’s AF may have power on a par with Rakan (The Ancient Dragon was fought to a standstill by Rakan).

    Also if Chachamaru’s artifact can be used on Earth I dread to think what Eva (or worse Chachazero) might try to order Chachamaru to do if they are bored or feeling particularly evil one day

  18. SL from MH says:

    Anonymous said…
    Theo’s almost naked!

    Haven’t you seen Theo appear before. Thats how she dresses up.

    Is there any chance that Chachamaru’s artifact would have a secondary function which is not related to attacking (its other function could be related to information spreading, data transferring, etc which all in all would be the work done by a common satellite). If it is not present then we won’t be seeing her artifact much as its power is something that can only be used during a large scale war.

  19. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Anon — Yeah, well…^_^;

    @Grammar Nazi — Thanks for the heads up. I have a template for these repeat posts and just import it in. The only time I even notice that text is when my buds alert me or when someone like you graciously does. ^_^

    Man, I wonder how many months that has been that way? Maybe a year or more. ^_^;;;

    Dynamis said, “In the penultimate new small picture is that the Hellas Ancient Dragon being taken out by Dynamis Cluthu Summon?”

    Well, if it is a magical creature, then I suppose so but I’ll have to examine more closely.

    As to Chachamaru and Eva, they don’t have a true partnership like Eva and Chachazero (apparently) do. Plus, Chachamaru had long shown signs of shifting more to Negi than Eva and Eva knows it. ^_^

    @SL — anything is possible. I like the idea that it could be used as a wide-scale communication satellite as well as a weapons platform.

  20. Sarah says:

    I figure the “Neko Eden” summons itself whenever Chachamaru “activates” her Artifact. So whatever planet she’s on and she uses that… I lol @ After Damage. I’ll classify it as Heavy Bombardment / Support Fire Class Pactio Weapon *adds in to her RP Battle Script*

  21. cjones says:

    Let’s see… skipping out on less significant lines in between.
    Collete:”But it’s not just Yue… Bea’s magic works too. What does it mean…?”
    Mana:”Anger gives you strength but clouds your judgment. You have to keep your cool in a fight… right, Ayase Yue?”
    Yue:”Who are you…?”
    Mana:”A friend–no we weren’t that close. A classmate. In any case, calm down. The telepathic jamming cleared and I have a message from your best friend: ‘There is a way to bring them back. Even if someone is erased, don’t give up.'”
    Yue:”Wha… what is that supposed to mean?!”
    Mana:”Exactly what it sounds like, probably. It’s way too early for self-abandonment. If that wallflower Miyazaki Nodoka is asserting it, she must have some proof.”
    Yue:”My best…friend…?”
    Mana:”I thought she was. Was I wrong?”
    Yue:”Nodoka… Miyazaki…Nodoka…”

    Chachamaru’s artifact is the “Type 2130 Chao Bao Zi Satellite Support System Al-Iskandariyah / The Flying Cat.”
    Chachamaru:”Due to the overwhelming firepower I was concerned its applications would be limited. However this enemy is ideal for a test-fire. …Captain! Please maintain distance from the target.”

  22. cjones says:

    Actually, “excess firepower” is a better translation. Subtlety is the important part in murdering an elder god with a satellite laser.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Now im waiting for Natsumi to active her pactio card! Wonder what it’ll be??

  24. Zefyris says:

    I’ll add a few things to what cjones said;
    the biggest memory returning here for yue is her first meeting with nodoka, when nodoka said to yue that she believe that someone who likes book cannot be someone evil (you know).
    BTW, yue is not the only one using her anger as strength here, there is another ariadne student doing the same(was her name bea or something like this? ), using ice magic instead of thunder.

    About theo, since someone asked, well, we’re missing a few pages here, but looking at what chachamaru said and so on, I’ll say they are on one of the ship (at the very least, that old man with the weird looking hair style is onboard, since he said “You saved me (us?)” after this) trying to fight back that big summon, and that they were on the verge of losing (and dying).(and yes, thought i can’t read such a small page, it really looks like the hellas ancient dragon is beaten easily O o)
    That’s why chachamaru say that negi is indebted to theo and therefore she cannot just watch this without helping. She “adeat”,and save them. Theo and others thanks her for doing this . Theo add that ala alba, following the steps of the ala rubra, may be able to save this world.

    Somehow, I’m glad that Yue is starting to recover her memories, and that she seems to appear more often again. It looks like she’s stronger than what was negi at the begining of the manga, too, she’s chaining those 白き雷 like nothing…

  25. Thanks for the partial translation cjones

    I have thought of another possible use for Chachamaru’s artifact as it may be possible to use it to power up Negi via his Taiindou(?) technique that he used in his match against Rakan, as it solves one of the two main problems with the technique (getting your opponent to use a powerful attack in a set area) and it should be possible to get someone else to make the magic circle or perhaps be able to have a “scroll based circle” ready for use.

    It was also nice to see that Sayo still has her gun.

  26. Zefyris says:

    Oh, also, it looks like chachamaru’s pactio name (アル=イスカンダリア is one way to say alexandria (al-Iskandariyya, in arabic?). i don’t know the relation with a flying cat though O_o.

  27. Philip says:

    Did Chachamaru pull a “Hammerdown protocol” on that monster?

  28. Anonymous says:

    And I thought the last chapter kicked a$$!

  29. Zeether says:

    Finally Yue got her memories back!

  30. mega-dark says:

    O.k who gave Cha Cha the firing codes to the Ion Cannon?

  31. Kota-kun says:

    Thanks for the partial translation , cjones!
    Haven’t postedu in a while.
    As Mister_Random said, because The Kitty Cannon/Death Cat/Cat Star, whatever, is such a large scale attack with power that can be compared to Rakans power punches, Negi could use it for his Taiindou to power his attacks. It should also be possible to use that power, to power his own magic attacks like titanktonon or khilpl astrape, all using magia erebea of course. And as to the instant-magic-circle-scroll, if evangeline can leave an imprint of herself to magia erebea, surely a simple circle can be done.
    Now for Yuekichi, she seems to be very angry, so good on Cpt. Tatsumiya on calming her down, Collet as well. She finally seems to be getting her memories back fully not just patches. The first thing she’ll remember will bd Nodoka, because they best friends, then Negi because she loves him. As to what else, no clue. But Natsumi, Adeat already! Kota-kun (Kotarou obviously 🙂 ) already said it’ll help protect you!
    As a side note, this is gonna look so awesome when it comes out as an anime. The rifle coming out between Mana’s cleavage! I think I’ll die of laughter or nosebleeds!

  32. arimareiji says:

    Just griping, but isn’t it a little anticlimactic for Mana to be the one who inadvertently brings back Yue’s memories? Maybe it’s just me, but I’d have thought something directly involving Negi and/or Nodoka woulda been a better trigger… oh well.

    Never thought I’d see a Star Wars reference this blatant outside of Urusei Yatsura, but I love the Death Neko. Go Chachamaru. Obviously she wasn’t listening when Eva told Negi it’s the mage’s job to act as high-power artillery while his partner(s) protect him. (^_^)

    Warning, pain-inducingly bad pun ahead.. but as well as the world’s cutest weapon of mass destruction, wouldn’t the Death Neko be a weapon of mouse destruction?

  33. Awesome. Chachamaru’s artifact is a Kill Sat. With a cat theme befitting her love of cats. A “catellite,” if you will. -_-; Reminds me of the Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War with the hand-held laser pointer (maybe Akamatsu-sensei is making another video game reference?). Kitty scratch, big time. =^_^=

    @APN. Nice Aliens reference. I can imagine Chacha-chan doing an impression of Hudson bragging about the Marines’ sonic electronic ballbreakers: “Check it out. Independently targeting particle beam phalanx. FWAP! Fry half a city with this puppy, er, kitty.”

  34. arimareiji says:

    @Zefyris and cjones, thank you for the trans’s. (^_^) Sorry to ask for even more, but I’m curious… is the “Target will be in view in 30 seconds” et al dialogue that Anonymous1 said really there? I was hoping so (I love gratuitous Star Wars references), but from my limited knowledge it doesn’t really look like it.

    @Zefyris: The only connection I can think of is that Alexandria is best remembered (at least in the West) for 1) its legendary library and 2) the destructive fires (often mistakenly conflated into one fire) that destroyed it. It’s weak, but maybe the connection is “epic destruction”?

    Personally, I would guess it’s most likely that Akamatsu-sensei named it that in honor of the great library. He does seem to love libraries, though not nearly as much as he loves nekomimi. (^_^)

    @ANB, APN: I’ll see what I can do about PS’ing something up, but HQ images of Chachamaru’s real pactio card are strangely hard to locate. Best I could find was a 100k PNG.

  35. The Curious Fan says:

    O_O Chachamaru got an Ion Cannon as an Artifact?

    -The Curious Fan

  36. cjones says:

    “The Flying Cat (Sora Tobi Neko)” shares no meaning, but is the Japanese name that Al-Iskandariyah is used as furigana over. And yes, it take its non-Japanese name from Alexander the Great.

    With the millions of killsats already in anime I rather doubt it’s GoW. Based on the catsuit and targeter, my money’s on it being a reference to Sora Kake Girl.

    The dialogue isn’t in there as far as I can tell, so he said it just for fun.

  37. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yikes! Man, I’ve blown several hours doing stuff and I haven’t even started doing the stuff I planned to do. *lol*

    First, thanks to cjones and Zefyris for the translations! ^_^

    Second, love reading all the thoughts on this chapter. The chapter does come off rather well.

    arimareiji said…

    Just griping, but isn’t it a little anticlimactic for Mana to be the one who inadvertently brings back Yue’s memories? Maybe it’s just me, but I’d have thought something directly involving Negi and/or Nodoka woulda been a better trigger… oh well.

    Even though it has been months for us, I think only a day or so has passed since Negi had a chat with Yue. She was already getting triggered then (technically before that when her pactio card became active). So in effect, Negi is the one to start the trigger with Nodoka helping when she talked with Yue before Kurt arrived. Mana just had the final shove.

    As to Star Wars references, Hata has mentioned quite a few over time. It is pretty clear that Akamatsu-sensei loves Star Wars.

    Speaking of references and going back to the “Aliens” fun from earlier, now when I see Chachamaru taking out the Cthulhu summon, I can hear Hudson screaming, “That’s it man, game over man, game over! ” *lol*

    Yikes! Gotta run.

  38. SL from MH says:

    The idea about Negi using Chachamaru’s artifact to power himself using his Magia Erebea is a good one. But the biggest problem i see in its application is that the energy which that “Kitty Cannon/Death Cat/Cat Star” releases is a magical energy or not.
    Unless it is a magical energy source (there is a chance that it might be like a laser attack), i don’t think that Negi would be able to use it (since as far as i know Magia Erebea only absorbs magical or Ki energy sources).

    From what my guess is that the “Kitty Cannon/Death Cat/Cat Star” uses a combination of magic & scientific energy sources like Chachamaru herself (uses magic to power up the lasers attack). But since i don’t know much about it i can’t say for sure.

  39. SL from MH says:

    @ arimareiji: This is the best i have of Chachamaru’s manga version pactio card tried best to clean it from good quality raw (hope it helps).

  40. Zefyris says:

    @ Cjones ((“The Flying Cat (Sora Tobi Neko)” shares no meaning, but is the Japanese name that Al-Iskandariyah is used as furigana over. ))
    Oh, please. Not after almost 300 chapter of negima with a lot of artifacts, spells names, among others things like nicknames…
    Usually, the Japanese name in those cases has a deep connection with the furigana meaning. Actually, it’s usually a translation or something very close to it.
    But in this case, there is a cat flying through the sky and Alexandria. The Japanese name obviously refer to the artifact design itself, so my question was the connection with Alexandria and those two points. What I was pointing out is simply that a name having no connection at all was quite unusual for negima.
    And thanks to arimareiji for giving to that name more sense.

    1) I wouldn’t call it anticlimatic. Nodoka is Yue’s best friend, but since she lost her memories, who were her best friends just now? Colette and… the class rep. Who just died in her arms. She isn’t in a normal state at all, she just lost one of her best friends and was consumed with anger and despair. I think that she’s also desperately trying to protect her other friend, Colette, fearing that she’ll disappear next (At least I think that’s what she’s thinking just before starting to fight again in the first of those tinny spoiler image, last panel, though it’s too blur to confirm it right now).
    The fact that the name “best friend” about Nodoka in this state suddenly trigger some lost memories of her meeting for the first time with her real best friend isn’t stupid, far from it, ImO.

    2) No, afaik, it isn’t there. Cjones already translated that part of the chapter, at least the part that we can read in those pictures.

  41. fg7dragon says:

    Go cat power, lol.

  42. Kota-kun says:

    @SL from MH- Yeah I was thinking about that as I wrote my comment. What if it wasn’t magical/ki energy in and of itself.For all we know it’s solar powered! But since Chachamaru is a gynoid that is powered by magical energy, it should also apply to the Kitty Cannon, using Negi’s energy (If you all still remember how Pactio works!) to blast a new crater in Mars. Hmm, wouldn’t it be funny if that crater was paw shaped? Just weird thoughts. But as always, leave the story to Akamatsu-sensei, fanfics and theories to us, the fans of MSN! Well in my part of the world it is 2:14 am 28 Feb so goodnight or is that g’day? 🙂

  43. arimareiji says:

    @Kota-kun That would be hysterical. NASA (or the Japanese equivalent) scientists sitting around a table, puzzled at the fact there’s a new crater… then even more puzzled by the fact it has kitty ears.

    @everyone Given that Pactio appearance is strongly related to self-image, and given Chachamaru’s taking care of the cats way back when, is it fair to say she could be the soul sister of Azumanga Daioh’s Sakaki?

    @ANB Now I’m really half-minded to make it a montage of Aliens quotes… trouble is, today or tomorrow are my best days to work on it, and it doesn’t seem really likely the RAWs will be out that soon. 🙁 Maybe just the card today, depending on how things go.

  44. AstroNerdBoy says:

    No worries, arimareiji. ^_^

  45. cjones says:

    Oh, sorry. I couldn’t tell if you were expressing confusion at the real thing or my translation. On the other hand, I don’t see what you’re oh-pleasing over when you just said it yourself this wasn’t a normal case.

  46. Anonymous says:

    thks ANB for raws as always man c-chan really kicks ass she became my favorite when she fought of that wild dragon but now she might be more powerful than Rakan in terms of power although that guy defies common sense and why is artifact so damm powerful i think it has to do with the kissing the longer you kiss in the making of the contract the more powerful it becomes there seem to be four types of Pactio cards Probationary, Attendant, Partner, and the training ones like those girls from Ariadne had setsuna’s seems to be what you get just before, a full blown contract must be frigging awesome.


  47. AstroNerdBoy says:

    We’re all friends here, lets remember. ^_^

    @Anon — I tend to suspect that when it comes to Negi, the pactios and artifacts that come with are about the same as the real thing. After all, Nagi apparently had multiple pactios. The artifacts are based on the person receiving them and the power comes from Negi for his harem, save for Setsuna’s new artifact (of course).

    I think that because Konoka is not skilled like Negi, she has to go through that “power up” ritual for Setsuna’s artifact whereas Chachamaru didn’t have to.

    Still, I do wish we had more of an understanding of the pactio system. I think Akamatsu-sensei is being cagey here and keeping the system somewhat fluid in order to do different things if the story requires it.

  48. Rakath says:

    arimareiji, raw-paradise has the high quality raw out. If that helps your work.

  49. Zefyris says:

    @cjones : no problem. About the “oh please”, if it sound weird in this situation, then please just don’t mind it. I’m not a native English speaker -and far from it-so even if I’m always trying to avoid mistakes as much as possible, they’re bound to happen on a (really) regular basis.

    I thought it was a logical use of it here, but maybe I used this sentence inappropriately.
    Oh, and by the way, I just read the raw on rp and… As expected of Yue, as smart and amazing than ever, even without any memories.
    In a few seconds, stunned by the death of her friend…
    she’s asking…
    Class rep… Class rep… Why I am the only one safe? You were… An inhabitant of the new world, the magic world… I am an inhabitant of the old world… The real world…

    In a few seconds , she understands what made the difference. She’s also realizing that in her surrounding, Colette is the same, that she is just behind her facing a monster. She calls back her weapon, slice down the monster who was targeting Colette (even though it was behind her back) infuses her weapon with electricity, and starts casting spells ( it sound like ‘for-zocrata-socrata”? I guess even without memories she still like philosophy… Socrate, uh 😀 ).
    There is no lag, no hesitations. She understands what is going on and take action immediately. That’s just beyond amazing.

    She was already good and has been my favorite character in Negima for quite a while now, but this, yeah, she’s back, and that’s just great.
    And on top of it she regained her memories (looks like she remembers a lot of thing, like her falling in love with negi, nodoka learning than Yue love negi during the festival, her first meeting with Nodoka at school…).
    That’s an awesome chapter again, for sure <3.

  50. Zefyris says:

    *You’re not alone yue, looks like my memory sucks too*.
    The chant in the beginning of her spells is フォア-ゾ-クラティカ-ソクラティカ ( and that’s not the first time we see it). Aww, stupid me.
    Though, it’s weird, I really have no recollection of reading it before today -_-“.

    And by the way, the correct way to write it would be vorsokratiker-sokratiker ?
    Still socrates there, but in german? hmm.
    Or that “foa Zoa Cratia Socratia” (Does it has a meaning then? uh)

  51. APN says:

    How about changing it a bit like this: “Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure. Nyaa! {insert cute Azumanga Daioh style kitten face here}

  52. Veron says:

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  53. Veron says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. cjones says:

    No prob. I tend to assume the worst from people on the internet so just had to check.

    A little addition to Chachamaru’s artifact and why it’s so different from the others.

    Haruna:”Hold on, Chachamaru! You’re picking a fight with that behemoth!? That’s insane!”
    Chachamaru:”It is alright. I was surprised as well, but this is an invention of Chao Lingshen. I do not know through what power, but it has found its way to me… from the future.”

  55. veron says:

    Well it looks like i over looked a big error in the colored pic, so i fixed it/
    This first pic is a cleaned Raw image from chapter 263. The raw is from Rena chan raws.
    Next after some time photoshopping I made a full color one(still working on it, and this is my first time doing a color job)
    If you notice in chapter 263, the corner of her card is cliped off, after doing some research, and some font analysis i came to a conclusion of “Albus” translated from latin it means “White”
    {p.s ANB can you delete my previous 2 postings)

  56. Michael says:

    Hola everyone! The translation is out! I am not sure this is 100% correct but I assume it is!

  57. Kota-kun says:

    @Michael- Do you mind posting a link to this translation? Unless it’s on MH then I know where to go to see it.

  58. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @APN – *lol* Considering the cat laser pointer. ^_^

    @cjones — are you sure about that “future” reference? The ONLY reason I ask is that CNET doesn’t mention it. ^_^; Also, I know that different translators can see things differently so I’m just trying to gain a better understanding.

    @Vernon — sweet. ^_^ Looks like one of my guys took care of your other posts so….^_^

    @Kota-kun — MH.

  59. APN says:

    Now this would be just plain hilarious if it were to happen:

  60. Assuming CNET’s translation is accurate I found it very interesting that Theodora referred to Ala Alba as “Nagi’s Children”

    This implies that Class 3A may not so much been a dumping ground for the odd kids but rather been hand picked by Nagi for the coming confrontation.

  61. Zefyris says:

    @ANB cjones is right, that’s what chachamaru says.

    Since what matter the most in this chapter was yue, I forgot to mention it before, and cjones translation is 100% correct ImO.
    The last part is missing in cnet’s translation on MH.

  62. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The dropping of the word “future” is a huge omission IMO and I wonder why CNET dropped it. If Chachamaru summoned this satellite from the future, then other things or people can come from the future and without the World Tree (which is something I’ve suspected for quite some time).

    @Mister Random — Well, there are only three people that went to Mahora as a result of Nagi — Eva, Asuna, and Negi. I had figured that Theo’s remarks were more about Nagi’s son leading Ala Alba and thus becoming the children of Nagi. However, considering the way that all of these unusual children were gathered AND placed together in a single class, I do like the idea that Nagi played a roll in that somehow. We’ll see though.

  63. Zefyris says:

    BTW, I was reading some older Negima chapters just now…It’s a bit off topic, but look what Albireo is saying just there :!/232/09/
    “the twilight imperial princess, key to the world”
    So Asuna would be really that “master key” which Nodoka was talking about last chapter, uh? Interesting…

  64. Kota-kun says:

    @Mister_Random- Yes that would be an interesting theory…If that were true, Nagi is really a the mastermind behind Negi’s harem of super-genius’, robots, vampires, ninjas and half bird half humans. I guess Nagi is a perv after all, seeing as he chose just girls. Or am I just overthinking things? It’s an all-girls school, right? Then again, the shippers for this theory (if there are any) could be wrong! Though I’d like to see what would happen of Evangeline and Negi do Pactio! Negi as master of course. Otherwise how else is Eva-chan gonna fight? It would be hard for her to fight if it wasn’t full moon, unless it was a normal person, then yeah she kicks @$$. So yeah Negi supplies the power, Eva does magical @$$kicking!

  65. Anonymous says:

    Hey ANB I have a question for you: Do you know how many breaks Akamatsu takes each year? How many chapters he gets out each year?

    Is it always the same? Or is it different each year?

    I figure if we knew this then the the number of breaks wouldn’t be so bad if we knew the total number of chapters to expect.

  66. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Kota-kun — Well, Akamatsu-sensei has hinted at a pactio card for Eva because I believe the Eva one that’s out there is one of the early ones that he came out with. Plus, he’s shown that a Magister can also be a Minister/Ministra (Theo-Negi).

    @Anon — I don’t know how many weeks Akamatsu-sensei officially takes off. The Weekly Shounen Magazine also takes a few weeks off. Each volume of Negima! has 11 chapters and there are about four volumes released a year. I’m doing this from the top of my head, but I believe that Akamatsu-sensei published three weeks in a row and takes the fourth week off to catch up again (the “3 +1” schedule). Some of Akamatsu-sensei’s breaks coincide with the magazine breaks. However, I believe Akamatsu-sensei takes about 13-weeks off a year. I could be wrong and if someone has hard data, feel free to share. ^_^

  67. Anonymous says:

    ANB: Well in 2009 I counted 39 Chapters (237 to 275) and Break Off Weeks.

  68. AstroNerdBoy says:

    So, I was correct in my thinking then — 13-weeks. Of that, maybe a week or two are actual vacation. The rest is dedicated to working on the manga to get back on top of things.

  69. cjones says:

    Thanks for the confirmation, Zef.

    While my own translations aren’t perfect, either (especially being done on the fly from less legible scans), I write them mainly because I keep spotting these kinds of errors in the scanlations. Like that “Nagi’s children” remark, which I would say is just a context fudge.

    What would be neat is if Chachamaru’s new body contains the plot device for accessing her artifact through time. One last investment left by Chao and completed by Hakase for this purpose.!/162/12/

  70. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Zefyris — I finally got to read that link. Interesting. Considering that things are going differently this time than last, one would think that while they’ve tapped into Asuna’s power, she may not be out of control and thus forcing things to be done the long way. Just a thought from my tired mind.

    @cjones — I appreciate all the translation stuff you and Zefyris provide. ^_^

  71. SL from MH says:

    @ANB and other people of the Blog: I have updated my artifact/pactio info thread on MH (based on the things which has happened recently). If you can, would you check it out & tell me whether it is alright or not.

  72. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I dropped by and left a remark. ^_^

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