Negima! Chapter 283 SPOILER Images

Negima! 283 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 283 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek SPOILER images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 283 as brought to you by anonymous Japanese fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

Ho!ho!ho! Didn’t expect Negi to kiss her into submission. *LOL*

I’ll keep my eyes open for more. ^_^

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54 Responses to “Negima! Chapter 283 SPOILER Images”

  1. Anonymous says:

    KA never fails to deliver.
    I wonder how Mana feels now that it was revealed the person she was protecting and agreed to do a job for turned out to be an imposter. Maybe she will pass the bill to Negi. And since Negi doesn’t have money at the moment she will ask for a different reward. coughpactiocough

  2. Blogima says:

    The hell…

    I don’t know with what I’m more surprising, with a 11th ministra or with Negi using his pimp powers on his advantage consciously! O_o”

    I don’t know, but Tatsumiya’s profissional methods made her a jerk here, where Negi’s “prowness” actually won. Well, we’ll have a break, won’t we?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rakan really left an impression on Negi. Well, at least Shiori probably enjoyed it a lot.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    OK, I actually have a minute to post before getting back to the grind. ^_^;

    @Anon — There’s got to be a Mana pactio soon methinks. *lol*

    @Blogima — Hata ended up calling the pactio move. Still, there’s a chart out there showing “dangerous” ladies men and that needs to be updated with Negi much closer to the top after this. *lol*

    @Anon — *lol* Yeah, Rakan’s a bad influence. *lol*

  5. Anonymous says:

    OK…what I can tell is that Shiori was responding to Negi defending her because her thoughts were “Negi…san,” and Asuna only addresses Negi as “Negi” without an honorific. So when Shiori is unmasked and she says “Negi…san,” that’s her speaking for sure.

  6. Devilen says:

    hmm … did he make a Pactio with Shiori? … appears as such :p

    almost even getting Rape is Love vibes on this one

  7. SL from MH says:

    What i don’t get is why Negi & ShioriAsuna are half naked in the first pic and is Negi really touching her breast there.
    It is now nearly confirmed that Chisame has fallen for Negi as well.
    And Negi & Mana have a small fight between themselves which looks good but proves that Negi is no match for her atleast in physical combat.
    Also would Shiori’s artifact be the same one as the one she got with Fate.

    From the looks of Shiori’s pactio card i think her real name isn’t “Shiori” as it is hidden in there. Also her pactio card number is 32 meaning she could really become the next one to join his class.

    There is a message at the end which might be about there being no chapter next week.

  8. veron says:

    So i thought of a crazy theory. Is it possible for Shiori Not to be an illusion. She could be like Setsuna half human half demon. if that is the case, it should be possible for her to return to the old world, and possibly the academy.

  9. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Anon — I agree with that assessment.

    @Devilen — He did make a pactio with Shiori and Mana has the card for now.

    @SL — I think Negi passed out which is why he face-planted into her and why Asuna was tied up in the next frame we see her in.

    Should be the same, but it could be something new.

    And yeah — break next week. ^_^;

    @Vernon — Anything is possible.

  10. fg7dragon says:

    Nice, the Thousand Pimp strikes again.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Holy craaaaaaaap.
    That was NOT expected. I figured they were just going to grill her into submission but a Pactio?! Could he be able to steal Fate’s underling right out from…wait for it… UNDER him? *rimshot* Student number 32, maybe?

    But seriously, not only this surprise, but also, he managed to beat Mana. It makes sense, but this tangible change in skill as opposed to how he was before is surprising.

  12. Anonymous says:

    With the amount of rakan influenced negi we see here, could we really put it past him to have the fainted on top of shiori-asuna part of the plan so they had a reason to tie her up? 8D

  13. arimareiji says:


    Wow. Haven’t seen anything this close to some good old “accidental” Negi/Asuna incest since chapter 44 (NSFW).

    How to tell you’re reading manga, #386:
    When the reason that what you’re seeing isn’t pedophilia/incest involves an explanation so complicated not even Michael Jackson would have bought it. (“But it’s really not his aunt, it’s actually a doppelganger whose mind and body are a near-perfect copy of his aunt, and even if it were his aunt she’s actually not 14 because she was magically not aged by being sealed away to save the world, and besides it’s not really sex because they were running around naked and tripped and he just happened to land between her spread legs, and finally they don’t know they’re related yet.”)

    If Akamatsu-sensei isn’t actively trying to ping every manga trope in existence with this series, he’s doing a nearly perfect Negi-esque accidental job of it. (^_~)

    Especially now that Negi’s apparently trying to come up with his own version of zettai ryouiki?

  14. arimareiji says:

    @Devilen: Much too true.

    @fg7: First I’ve heard of that meme, but it’s too catchy (and true) to do anything but spread like wildfire. ^_^

  15. Looking at the Pactio Card, Shiori appears to be holding a bookmark, perhaps her artifact will be an alternate version of the “signum bioregens” that allows her to remember who she is while in disguise.

  16. Philip says:

    Is Shiori going to succumb to the “reverse Ulic Qel-Droma effect”?

  17. Vision says:

    OK so here is a problem fate Never say coming. Did he think his subordinates would get beaten maybe. But did he think he would lose them to a 10-year old gigolo I think not.

    Now gogo team Negi. Beat Fate. Save the magic world. And increase the number of the harem.

    On a slightly more serious note i can see Mana getting a Pactio before they leave the sphere.

  18. Ryan says:

    Negi truly is a Memetic Sex God. Kissing an enemy into submission? Way to go, Negi!

    In other news, there is a translated interview with Ken Akamatsu. I’m not sure if it’s new or not, but here’s the link:

  19. Anonymous says:

    Dayum. Wasn’t expecting that. But does Negi actually know he can make girls fall for him?

  20. Nick says:

    looks interesting, mana was about to wax her lol, as for did the card, did Negi over right fates pactio thus canceling it out? if so that proves Setsuna cant have the 2 pactios. Im also not sure if Mana will pactio with Negi I would like to wait till the next main boss character (who ever is next after fate) before some of the characters get pactio to me it would be boring if KA hit all the students up with a pactio right now, that is why i think he kept a few out to give them time. Keep in mind we have hardly seen Setsunas, Natsumis (if i spelled her name right) and only a tad bit of Cha Chas neko cannon thingy. I think Next chapter we will see what happens to Shori and possibly at the end of that chapter will touch whats going on with either Asuna or Takamichi (im hopping to see the Takamichi v Godel battle) even tho last time there was a fight that got strayed off Rakan and Fates fight it took a long while to get back to it I do hope this dont happen with Takamichi as hes one char i have the most respect for. Now as for Shori will she join Negi or is Negi going to use her as a bargaining chip to trade for either Asuna or Anya, although I do not think Fate really cares for this girl as her getting unmasked could have been predicted by Fate.

  21. Xxccben says:

    I’d tried to think of a few ways for KA to have the others break the disguise, but never a reverse-pactio dispelling.

    Shiori’s so kawaii in that last panel…I can’t wait for the finished translated pages to be released!

    And the harem grows…

    As for the Tropes, yeah the number keeps growing. Go KA! Shoot for them alllll!

  22. ZeroUrashima says:

    I find this chapter interesting…. Nodoka’s artifact can read the mind using a fake name if that person recognizes herself as such even if that name is fake (probably must be recognized uncounsciously unlike Fate where he knows his real name is Tertium). That and they were able to make a Pactio with Shiori even if they didn’t know her name and the kiss probably broke the transformation before the actual Pactio was made since Shiori said herself that her own real emotion might break the transformation.

    This probably explains why the real Asuna’s Pactio Card didnt have her real name on it but Kagurazaki on it. She recognizes herself as such and that name appeared probably.

  23. cynicalicious says:

    Tatsumiya was actually pretty smart. She was going to shoot !Asuna with a magic bullet. If it was really Asuna, it wouldn’t have any effect. If it was a fake, then, well, that takes care of that.

    Tatsumiya’s logic is battlefield logic. You can’t afford to have a liability in your group. She still thinks Negi is too weak in that regard.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the other text is too small for me to make out…

  24. Vision says:

    I find zero’s idea interesting. Nodoka’s Diarium Ejus probably works like he said, if that person Truly believes “that” is there true name if “that” is called out there mind is then synced up to the Diarium Ejus. I am also betting the Comptina Daemonia works by essentially going into a persons subconscious and pulls out what they believe is there true name and displays it.

    But pactio’s are different however and go by the persons soul. Shiori-Asuna may think she is truly Asuna while under the effects of the artifact she got from Fate but her soul is still Shiori. Therefor when the pactio is made Shiori is the one who showed up on the card. This did by no means break any existing contract she may have had with Fate btw because the weakness of here artifact is that if her own emotions are swayed then the illusion breaks which is what I think happened at the end.

    But there is still one issue Asuna’s pactio shows her name as Asuna Kagurazaka not her true name which she had forgotten because of the erasure spell. I am betting this is because of the “false” memories and personality that were given to her to hide her for the past 10 or so years. Fate has now broken the spell containing Asuna’s True Memories and she has most likely remembered who she really is. So I do see at least one more Pactio from this arc and I am naming that person as Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia.

  25. SL from MH says:

    Nick said…
    as for did the card, did Negi over right fates pactio thus canceling it out? if so that proves Setsuna cant have the 2 pactios.

    Based on the translation by Vetus of volume 28 & 29 “Q&A” section it suggest that Negi’s pactio won’t cancel out Shiori’s pactio with Fate. Instead she would now have two cards (though the question remains is that whether the artifact she got is the same as the one she got with Fate or not).

    Also based on that translation, Setsuna can use both of her artifact together if she wants to (this would allow her to get power from both Negi & Konoka at the same time).

    On a side note, this translation confirms that Negi’s pactio contract with Theodora has been canceled. That means he doesn’t have any artifacts now, so maybe we would be seeing Negi make a new contract with someone in the near future since he might need one (maybe with ‘Asuna’ since according to that Q&A section a reverse contract can also be formed as well between a present ‘master’ & ‘partner’)

  26. Vision says:

    When was Negi’s contract with Theo canceled? Was it in the Q&A section if one of the latest manga volume (and if so which one)?

  27. ZeroUrashima says:

    Negi’s contract had a time limit of within the tournament anyway. Given the tournament is over, his Pactio with Theo should be over.

    And about the name on the card, the name of the soul have an issue with Asuna like you said. Even if you implement a new personality or erase memories, it won’t affect you’r soul’s name. Especially if Asuna actually retained her old memories deep within her since Fate were able to unseal them, her soul’s name shouldn’t be affected at all. In Shiori’s case, before making the Pactio, her real thoughts were starting to resurface already before the Pactio, the spell was becoming unstable and the kiss completely broke it. Which is why I believe the card had her name instead of Asuna’s name, her consciousness was present when the Pactio was made afterall.

  28. Zefyris says:

    When was Negi’s contract with Theo canceled? Was it in the Q&A section if one of the latest manga volume (and if so which one)?”

    the 28th. A Q&A called nazenani negima. It’s the question just before the last one in that Q&A.
    You can either go to here
    or here
    for the translation.

    And OMG, I didn’t expect this way to reveal the spy either… That’s surprising and… Really funny.

    BTW, the pactio was just made in order to see the card.
    I don’t think that the fact that shiori returned to her normal form was expected, you could say that this is most probably a side effect of the kiss…

    She finally succumbed to her feelings for negi, that kiss and negi protecting her and saying those words just before was too much for her to handle anymore…
    Lol, the way she’s looking at negi in that last scene, it’s like she’s emitting some kind of powerful love-move beam (to use haruna’s words which are very fitting here) :D.

    Okay, this one has completely fallen, and I can’t stop laughing looking at her face. Such a twisted way to discover the spy, and negi doesn’t even realize this, ahahah.

  29. Alex says:

    What if the name that appears in the Pactio is the name that the Magister calls the Ministra at the time of the act? Surely, it would make much more sense.

    Although, in Shiori’s case, since Negi doesn’t know her name, the laws of the Pactio gave the card her true name.

  30. 2leep says:

    thankx for sharing

  31. Anonymous says:

    Raw-Paradise has the LQ raw.

  32. Anonymous says:

    ^That LQ raw from raw-paradise is so bad that you can’t read anything at all.

  33. Sarah says:

    Hook line and sinker.

    Didnt think Chisame, Nodoka and Mana (+ Chamo, damn that little thing so hard to see.) would come round, or even Negi vs Mana bout.

    I guess this chapter is partly fanservice (Since Asuna’s been gone for a long while.)

    And also fanservice again, because i do think Akuma reads fanblogs of Negima, when they want Negi to actually take in Shiori. (Though we all did kinda see it happening :D)

  34. Anonymous says:

    tnks for the raws ANB Ha is he finally gona become a man i wonder but geez this story keeps getting more complicated just how many more chapters are gonna be in the magical world anyway I hope we get to see negi back home soon i have a theroy that when he uses the world keys he’ll be able to reactivate the portal thingies and save the people from his village but I hope this series is like Conan or Bleach and just keeps going and going and g and going and going and going and going and going T24

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hey i just thought of something scary fate knows that the illusion spell is broken buy love as Shiori said he is the creator of the spell so he’s probaly prepared for this buy and i really hope this doesn’t happen having a forced pactio with Asuna (real one) and messing with her mind to fight with him. But if this happens I think Negi will discover his royal ability which is probaly being able to act as a conductor of magic because way back in the kyoto arc when he fought the giant kami thing he supposedly runs out of power but he just keeps on goin. Quickvenom

  36. Anonymous says:

    Knowing how cheap Fate can be, he probably already knows about this as soon as it happens and forcefully created a Pactio with Asuna and probably Anya.

    Seriously, I thought Rakan was broken until he was eliminated. Fate just seems to keep coming in with cheap shot after cheap shot.

    As interesting and complex (over the already intense subplot after subplot) as the arc becomes, one has to wonder what’s happening back over with the rest of Class 3-A. Unless it’s already been established, the Magical World is probably a bigger version of these time spheres. When Negi and the gang return from the Magical World, they’ve probably only been gone for just a couple of days despite being involved for months. The conversation with Eishun, Eva and Al could’ve happened during a weekend or somthing.

    Another aspect that seems to be questionable is Negi’s condition. Mana says that he has magic poisoning. So does this mean that if he gets treated, he’ll no longer be able to use his Magia Erebea? If this is the case, the only proof of the whole ordeal that will be brought back with the group is the Pactios and any other battle scars they happened to receive. I mean, I for one would love to see the real Eva get completely taken off guard when she learns that Negi was able to use her own dark technique against her.

    It’s nice to see that they finally unmasked Shiori. But I kinda disagree with the whole keeping her in Asuna’s form secret from the rest of the group. As intense as her emotions are for Negi right now, she’s still in telepathic contact with Fate via their Pactio. So if Ala Alba’s planning on taking advantage, they should do it soon.

    Also, the way things have been, wouldn’t be surprised if somehow or other they miss more Pactio opportunities for Yuna, Makie, Ako, Akira and Sayo.

    Okay, I’m just blathering on now. Long story short, Fate’s cheap, he’ll find more ways to screw Negi over, Negi’s god-like powers won’t make it out of the Magical World with him, and a Negi/Fate Pactio is the only way to defeat him. :p

  37. BlueB says:

    Well, for the time being Shiori is relatively safe since I doubt pactio communication and transport work through the boundary of the sphere.

    That being said, if Negi can’t secure her loyalty it might be safer to just thoroughly interrogate her, then erase her memory of the interrogation and place her back into the group as Asuna for the time being, to avoid suspicion on Fate’s side.

    A compromised spy can be very useful, if only to feed the enemy false information or to set up a trap.

  38. Anonymous says:

    @ BlueB

    “That being said, if Negi can’t secure her loyalty it might be safer to just thoroughly interrogate her, then erase her memory of the interrogation and place her back into the group as Asuna for the time being, to avoid suspicion on Fate’s side.”

    *lol* Looking back to when Negi first met Asuna in both the manga and animes, that would be short of a miracle. 😛

  39. Hubert says:

    The two Anonymous above me. The 1-up
    That’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. Don’t forget that Negi couldn’t erase her memory Only because her Magic Cancel didn’t let him. He wouldn’t have this problem with Shiori who Doesn’t have Magic Cancel

    I doubt that Negi will loose Magia Erebea. Remember how it works, the user infuses his body and soul with magic, Lots of Magic. And Negi was infusing himself with some Really crazy spells recently. The Magic Poisoning is the effect of that, he simply put Waay too much magic into his body and it starts to rebel. It’s probably a bit similar to what happened to him when Konoka healed his wound after the Gateport Incident, there was a lot of magic left in his body going berserk. If Mana knows how to Remove that excess magic from Negi’s body he should be alright (for some time at least)

    Oh Well, while I am it.
    To AstronerdBoy
    I really love this blog 🙂 I’ve been visiting you recently for a couple of months now, I’m extremely grateful for the spoilers you post, and your thoughts and insight on Negima is very interesting as well. Keep up the good work Gambatte.

  40. AstroNerdBoy says:

    You’re welcome. ^_^

    I want to thank everyone who’s contributed here. I apologize I haven’t been around much of late. It has been VERY busy. I was afraid I’d completely burn through my backlog of blog entries but it looks like I may just squeak through. ^_^

  41. shashank says:

    Well thnx for the spoiler.

    WE can definitely now say that if nothing else Negi’s kissing skill is as broken as rakhan’s fighting strength or even fate’s reality changing magic.

    Would have loved to see anya’s face now

  42. SL from MH says:

    Those who want the raws for this chapter check the Aquastar forums. They got the raws there.

  43. nagima says:

    However, one problem still pactio Asuna Kagurazaka Asuna, she spelled for elimination, had forgotten her real name is the name of her show. I am betting this is “false” memories and personality of the last of 10 because she was able to hide her in a year or so. Her fate is that true memories of broken dishes, including a spell as soon tomorrow is what she remembers most is really who. So I at least one or more of this arc Please refer to Pactio I Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia Asuna as the name of the person.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I personally dont think Negi will lose Magia Erebea either…if you remember those magical line things on Chao and look at Negi when he has ME enabled, they look the same…..although, i guess Negi could lose it but those marks could be whats passed on down his bloodline

  45. Anonymous says:

    I can confirm it: The next chapter’s coming out on the 31st, in issue 18 or something. March 31st was pretty much all I could read.

  46. Auverruncus says:

    A long long time to wait…

    Try this link to download RAW

  47. Anonymous says:

    we have the raws but no ones translated yet why? Quickvenom

  48. Anonymous says:

    I can’t read japanese but it would make sense if negi was asking Asuna to cancel his excess amount of magic in the early pictures, to make sure she is not the real Asuna. Just guessing…

    About Shiori, the odd thing is the fact she doesn’t seems to realise at all the situation she is in now. Is it because she is in blind love with Negi or because today is the final remaining day (thinking she is going to miss him somehow??)
    I really have no clue about what is going to happen now.

    Seems like the perfect moment to have us wait even more by showing us what is going on elsewhere for the next chapter. Such as what is happening to the real Asuna right now… ha ha

    Shiori is cute when she blushes

  49. Anonymous says:

    so where’s the real asuna then? :S

    great blog!

  50. Kota-kun says:

    Hey translation is out! Here’s the link:


    SUGOI! Shiori-Asuna is revealed! And why does verbdy think the worst of Cpt. Tatsumiya! As soon as she says she’s gonna interrogate her, everybody thinks it some form of torture!

  51. Hubert says:


    Well, Tatsumiya is a badass, veteran soldier. Soldiers usually don’t play around and use the most efficient methods 🙂 She also mentioned in the previous chapter that it’s amazing how Nodoka can extract information without interrogating/torturing the person. While I’m not fond of tortures I can understand Tatsumiya’s attitude, her top-priority is protection of Negi, Asuna and her classmates and she’ll do All that is necessary to achieve that objective. To be frank I love Tatsumiya more and more, she is a very tough, no-nonsense kind of person and is Dangerously Genre-Savvy just look at the list of what could possibly go wrong with Fake-Asuna ?

    As for the chapter I found it extremely cute how Shiori started calling Negi, Negi-san, it was mentioned by one guy here but to see it for real… How cute ^^ Poor girl she fell into Memetic God Negi’s clutches XD

  52. Kota-kun says:


    Don’t get me wrong, I love Cpt. Tatsumiya’s badassity epecially when involves big guns and pulling them out from basically anywhere! (literally anywhere)But even then, I think their time in the Magic World has made them a little jumpy if they suddenly ump to the worst conclusion! Oh well… It’s not like I can do anything!

    But Shiori (just Shiori not Shiori-Asuna) seems to be a bit more forward than real Asuna, based on the translation. (Haven’t seen the raws)And now we see total and utter pimp Negi has become! Didn’t think that idea would come into his head! People usually tell him to Pactio or it’s necessary but wow! Like Chisame said like 20 chapters ago, he’s gonna break some girl’s heart when he’s older! Must be Nagi’s genes coming into effect

  53. Hubert says:

    Well it’s exactly that. They have ALL the reasons to be Jumpy. they were beaten and scattered through out the world, had to fight for survival while avoiding being caught by bounty hunters and government, and fight to get some of their friends from slavery. That Would make someone rather suspicious and Jumpy. Still I think Chisame is just removing “sweat-talk” from Mana’s words. Mana proves Chisame right a few pages later trying to Shoot Asuna, pointing out coldly that even if the bullet gets through and hurt her it won’t be lethal. Mana is a cold professional and Only Sane Man Chisame is fully aware of that and points it out.

    Yeaaah Negi is pretty much a Pimp Rakan, he Ensouls (or break Rules of Magic) with his kisses, causes super weapons from the future to appear (in the translation I read, Chachamaru’s artifact came from future) and now kisses a girl into submission while ripping off her magical camouflage. Truly Rakan-level stuff XD

  54. meegoh says:

    hope i can do what Negi can..make girls fall for me.. ^_^

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