Negima! Chapter 294 SPOILER Images

Negima! 294 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 294 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek SPOILER images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 294 as brought to you by anonymous Japanese fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

OK, that last image has to qualify as the biggest shock ever. Either that’s Zazie (meaning the French are right when they started talking that the manga is almost over) or its a fake (like Faux Eva).

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71 Responses to “Negima! Chapter 294 SPOILER Images”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Hello Negi-sensei” indeed. Wow!

  2. Zeether says:

    Oh wow. This is an interesting development.

  3. SetsunaAngel99 says:

    personally i don’t think its over. it would be anti climatic if it was over in about 20-50 chapters. but i didn’t expect zazie to appear. things are getting interesting and i don’t want a rushed ending to ruin it

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seriously?!? Well, I heard that Zazie will appear soon what Ken has said during his interview but I did not expect this one….

    LoneWolfx03 -]===-

  5. amane-sempai says:

    hmm looks interesting zazie-san as always very mysterious:)
    Although I wanted a battle -.- but I can not say anything if I have not seen the entire chapter

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The Japanese are having the same kinds of reactions we are. Based on my very poor abilities, it seems they are now thinking that Negima! is coming to an end.

    @SetsunaAngel99 — Yeah, I don’t want a rushed ending either. Akamatsu-sensei is nothing if not surprising. So this could signal the beginning of the end or we may still have another arc. My head is still spinning over seeing Zazie show up though and it has completely derailed my activities of the evening. ^_^;

  7. Blogima says:

    HOLY F… Already? If Zazie is really the LifeMaker, I won’t be surprised (I had write my own theory a while ago), but showcase her “so early” is a little… I’m still in awe. 0_0

  8. maelstrom_1409 says:


    I don’t think that anybody can honestly say they are not shocked by Zazie’s appearance.

    That page with her is the last page isn’t it?

  9. SetsunaAngel99 says:


    well i don’t doubt Akamatsu’s ability as a manga writer and artist. but i agree with a beginning of the end, more than here read the last 10 chapters and than END. there is still alot of void between negi and fates relationship you know and fights with the big four( mana, kaede, setsuna and ku) are not gonna be rushed believe me

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @maelstrom — Yes, that’s the last page. She actually shows up in the page before with Mana pointing a gun at her.

    @Blogima — Yeah, what you said. *lol*

    OK, someone on 2CH quoted from Akamatsu-sensei’s blog (May 31).



    という質問メールはご遠慮ください。m(_ _)m

    Someone who actually knows Japanese can correct me but it seems that Akamatsu-sensei is saying the manga won’t end quite so soon. That doesn’t preclude it ending sometime in 2011 though.

  11. What the fu….? This is turning out to be the oddest appearance. I wasn’t surprised when Mana was at Magicus Mundus, but talk about a quite character that suddenly talks! WTF is up with that, and on top of it, Zazie didn’t sneak into the Magic world (or at least didn’t do so in the panel).What if Hakase (24) enters the world through some means? This reveals more questions that need to be answered.

  12. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Akamatsu-sensei made a point of showing Zazie on Earth when Eva was bored and dressed up Zazie and the others that remained at Mahora. That was WELL after the other gates were closed. Granted, the Mahora gate was still there and Zazie could have traveled to the MW that way.

  13. SetsunaAngel99 says:

    who knows, i think zazie is a wild card character. we can’t make any prediction based on previous chapters because she didn’t play a huge role

  14. Philip says:

    My reaction to Zazie’s sudden appearance is like getting hit by train…

    and by the way… were both ships shot down?

  15. Does anyone else think that part of the reason for Zazie appearing is Ken having a bit of fun toying with people given the recent speculation about Negima ending and his prior comments about Zazie being significant in the final arc.

    Assuming that Zazie is real, what side is Zazie on? since it would be odd for her to be allied to Cosmo E given Fate’s statement at the Gateport about not knowing that Negi was going to the magic world if Cosmo E had an agent in Mahora.

    ANother question is how did she get there given that there is no gate connection and she was last seen on Earth. One possibility is that the Mahora/Ostia gate is now active from the Mahora side and if that is the case the opening of the next chapter may have a combination of people from Mahora appearing as well (Principle, Real Eva, Alberio and Eishun?). Though if Ken was going for comedy he would have Ayaka and the rest of the girls appear instead

    If not then if real I am going to assume there are “multiple Zazie’s” or she has a transporting ability. I suspect that given the shock value of Zazie appearing the next few chapters may well be flashbacks explaining how she got there.

    On another topic it also seems likely that everyone now knows about Shiori-Asuna since she was visible with Fate on the flypast, and it also appears that Plan A is out the window as both ships appear to have crashed into the palace

  16. ZeroUrashima says:



    という質問メールはご遠慮ください。m(_ _)m

    He’s saying that Negima still ending for quite a while so please spare him of the mails asking him if it’s finished.

    It’s probably the Ostia/Mahora gate. Zazie was still at Mahora when Negi was trainig with Rakan, Ayaka had that phone call with her. So by that time, the only way to get there is Mahora’s gate.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What if Zazie is the great Grand Master Key

  18. artuzerzzz says:

    Oh no! Does this mean this is the end of this manga considering Zazie’s appereance?

    NOOOOOO! Please let it not be so!

    If anyone know for sure if this is the last arc and the manga will end soon please write it!

    Thanks for uploading btw 😉

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me there is no “taking a break” mentioned on the last page.

  20. Veron says:

    With the shock of zazie making her appearance i nearly slapped my self and refreshed the page 3 times. But now its time for my crazy theories.
    Veron’s top 10 crazy theories about zazie
    1. If this is the real zazie, She must of used the gate port under the school.
    2. If she is on Negi’s side, she came to warn negi, or possibly inform him of somthing.
    3. She is neither on fate side or negi’s side and it some type of guardian of the grave keepers palace.
    4. In the Anime i remember seeing a seen where zazie could see ghosts. or possibly ghosts can possess her aka his mother.
    5. ITS NAGI IN DISGUISE! well prob not still an option.
    6. She could be fate’s sister. like another construct, and was sent to the old world to observe the magical association. and now since fate is beginning to waver in his resolve she is here to take his place.
    7. A complete illusion set up by fate or another companion to stall, or confuse negi/readers.
    8. Zazie could be the great grandmaster key.
    9. If zazie is on fate’s side. possibly another follower like tsukuyomi.
    10. She could be an agent from Mahora,

  21. Ultimaniac says:


    I literally jumped up from my chair, grabbed my desk, and gaped. God, Negima is the only series at the moment that actually makes me react this much.

    Also, thanks very much for the spoilers Astro.

  22. Anonymous says:

    !@#$% 0_0 Zazie how did she get from mahora to the real world, is this the real Zazie she was last with Eva and the others at the academy, but if it is the real one I dont think shes on Negis side,her eyes on the last page scream something bad and wth was with Asuna and Anya standing behind fate like that?. Quickvenom

  23. Watcher says:

    Wait, so apparently the entire Negima fan base is stunned…

    Bravo Akamatsu, you’ve mind screwed everyone.

  24. Zefyris says:

    Ok so, Negima will probably end with the end of the year now.
    It the last battle, so it will take probably around 20 chapter (remember how long was the last battle with chao-> 17 chapter from the beginning to the end of this battle), so adding the usual breaks, that means the end of the year.
    Akamatsu sensei said “we finally last battle” a few days ago, and said that Zazie identity will be know in the last “chapter” (with a different word than the one used to say “a chapter of negima”, so it may be several negima’s book chapter grouped together that form a chapter about something, like… all the chapter about the last battle for example? (guessing here)).

    And now, I was thinking that there was no connection between Zazie and fate, but I just realized how stupid I was, I should have realized the connection between the two for quite a while now…

    The connection is with Dynames, of course. What do we know about Dynames?
    -He has demon hands although the remaining part are the shape of a human.
    -His eyes are lifeless, like a doll.
    -He summons weird living demonic shadows.
    What do we know about Zazie? Yes, that’s the point.
    -She was shown on the very first book with demonic hand and the remaining part of her body human.
    -She has doll like eyes
    -Weird shadows are around her.

    Why didn’t I saw this earlier? >_<".
    @Anon: No, next week isn’t a break.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dynames? I Googled and all I saw was Gundam stuff.

  26. Zefyris says:

    It’s the black wizard/summoner that was already with fate 20 years ago and battled with albireo, then battled with nodoka, setsuna and Kaede during the fight at Kurt’s palace.
    I though his name was Dynames, but it may be Dynamis lol.

  27. SL from MH says:

    @Zefyris: There is a possibility of Zazie being related to Dynames but i have a feeling that the theory of her being a nobility/higher status demon is quite possible as well.

    As for the fight with Tsukuyomi, i think it gets stopped in the middle because Fate might have interferring in there fight (maybe he uses his GMK to bring her back to the palace) or else seeing Setsuna appear to help Negi, she decides to withdraw for now so that she could have her desired fight with Setsuna.

    On a side note, can you or any other people translate the teaser part which is present at the last page of the chapter.

  28. ok now this is hell of a shock ….the first thing in morning i log on to and am just speechless…..Zazie in MW and that to at the gravekeepers palace …..shock shock shock etc ……now what someones to expect ………
    luckily what @ANB posted :



    という質問メールはご遠慮ください。m(_ _)m
    abou Akamatsu saying manga wont quite end soon *breathes a sigh of releif* ……
    on further note .. the plan seems screwed with the ship supposedly crashes …..
    and hell whats with the first panel of spoilers Anya and Asuna with Fate ..dont tell me …..
    really waiting for 294 and looking for 295 the most eagerly

  29. fg7dragon says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. if we look carefully the spoilers panels (at least ending three) are the last pages of the chapter 294 , so what goes throughout the chapter is still unknown………..

    As on for a request ,can u help me with may accounts on AQS its been a month since i created them and i dont recieve a validation email , i even created a second account (acount names 1: NANEA3 ,2: NANEA27 ) can u help me get validation emails

  31. Anonymous says:

    why do i get the feeling Zazie is some kind of combined form of all of Fate’s minions…

  32. Anonymous says:

    What has Akamatsu-sensei had to say about ending Negima did he say hes moving to another project or what?.Quickvenom

  33. Nick says:

    now the big question is… whats her power and what is she doing in the magic world, last time i remember she was in Mahora with Eva, and talked on the phone with Class rep so is that her or a doppelganger?

  34. Nick says:

    One thing i forgot to add… she looks very sinister in that picture i suspect shes going to fight Negi or shes going to obliterate Fate and them.

  35. Nick says:

    ONE more thing i forgot to add =/
    Zazie has a striking resemblance to Zect could she possibly be same as him?

  36. Philip says:

    I believe it’s just the Magic World arc that will end soon… ending the Negima series here just doesn’t make sense…

    We still have the twins, the cheerleaders, and Chizuru…

  37. Anonymous says:


    Akamatsu is trying to screw with us.

    ..He’s succeeding. T-T

  38. Anonymous says:

    If Zazie is in the Magical World, I want to bring back the “Zazie is Kagetarou” theory that was around before they showed she was in Mahora, because of the similar tear drod desine under their eye

  39. Anonymous says:

    Can I say that Zazie appear from Natsumi’s artifact??

  40. ZeroUrashima says:

    Oh shit, I forgot “isn’t” in my last comment, should have reread myself >.< “He’s saying that Negima still ISN’T ending for quite a while so please spare him of the mails asking him if it’s finished.” Negima would be continuing for quite a while. My bad >.<

  41. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing strange about Zazie being there. Fate has activated the gate enabling passage from Mahora to the Ostia gate port.

    Zazie has been working for the Cosmos Entelestesia from the very beginning. She is the one who told Fate the Ala Alba were planning to travel to the magic world.

  42. Anonymous says:

    please please please… dun come to the end…. please… it makes no sense… 🙁

  43. Anonymous says:

    I think this is just the starting thing to the next thing after fate and the magical world.

  44. Anonymous says:

    jeez we all know AK likes to make surprises and seeing how all the people react, he really got us there.
    He did mention that he will reveal zazie’s power on the last arc but if im not mistaken he also said he will finish the school term so let’s all take a deep breath and relax.
    But honestly he also got me there, and make me jump out of my seat

  45. arimareiji says:

    @Nick: Zazie has a striking resemblance to Zect could she possibly be same as him?

    Not doubting you, but do you remember roughly when we actually got to see Zect? If you even have a rough idea, I’ll do the digging since it’s me who’s curious.

    @Anonymous: Akamatsu is trying to screw with us.

    ..He’s succeeding. T-T

    Agree… but it could be worse. The last vestige of doubt that Reborn’s manga-ka was trolling her readers disappeared when she named a new character シット・P, aka Sh*t Pee.

  46. SetsunaAngel99 says:

    wow i missed a big conversation 0-0

    well what i think is we might see the end of this arc, but i think we might have another one after this. remember fate has been hinted many times not to be the REAL final enemy of the series, im guessing this might be the final confrontation between negi and fates parties. we might have a bigger foe emerging. in terms of fate and tsukyomi, i want to see Akamatsu pull of a sonic adventure 2(yeah kill me i don’t care XD) i love the villains equally as i love the heroes, so i want to maybe see fate and negi work together, often at points i think its cliche for hero-villain team up, but remember the chapter 290 fates resolve, when tsukyomi jumped at him… it seems fate is having mixed emotions about what he really wants to do and it seems Rakans words have gotten to him. tsukyomi admitted that she only has a obsession for blood lust and carnage and isn’t in anything for the money, so maybe tsukyomi has different feelings.. i mean she did spare setsuna in that one fight, im pretty sure that setsuna’s strength at the time wouldn’t have been enough to take tsukyomi down. tsukyomi was just being nice. about the zazie thing going on i came to a conclusion last night and might throw several of my own ideas out there… zazie is most likely gonna be working for fate, reasons why in my opinion akamatsu is trying to get more girls on his side since negi pretty much has every one in 2A and also zazie just seems like a real shady character. i think since we are reaching a really intense moment in this arc we might see Eva or dean konoe step in. who knows?

  47. Anonymous says:

    KA sure knows how to create a riot with minimal effort 😀

  48. Anonymous says:

    I think this is just the starting thing to the next thing after fate and the magical world.

    Thats right.

    The next thing will possibly be Negis graduation to an really Magister Magi. (Or he does like his Father, s##t on the system and do as he pleases.)

    But only by winning some fights now, Negi doesn´t find his Parents whereabouts. I think (believe, hope,…) that there will be at least one other arc. With Negis graduation there could be two arcs.

  49. setsuna40 says:

    according to me ,zazie must be there a “foe ” but after the final combat ,she could be a ally and perhaps a guide because there is a lot of things which happened in (?) istanbul and it seems as if zazie come from over there ….so i think this is the introduction to the new arc where they could go to the demon’s world and find a answer to save the magical world 🙂 !or perhaps zazie could be the guardian of the gravekeeper’s palace or even amateru !!!
    and could you excuse my bad english pleaaasse ? i’m a teenager french so …moreover i’m on vacancies 😛

  50. setsuna40 says:

    and don’t think that the mysterious little boy who is with fate could be the one who is with kurt godel ? and don’t you think that zazie ,if she is amateru ,could be a ghost (that could explain why she could see sayo) but her father (the master of the beginning )could have recreated her so the presence of negi (her descendant ) could have awake her memories from her life from before /or if she is a demon she could be the gardian of the great grand master key !!!!that’s my idea 😀

  51. Anonymous says:

    when the chapter comes out, someone needs to translate it right away. i’m anxious to know what happens.

    and remember the very first chapter of negima with all of the students. in the middle all the way in the back, you can see zazie next to takahata sensei and evangeline.

  52. Anonymous says:

    who the heck is amateru?


    Well, this is something no one could’ve seen coming. Zazie in MW, possibly working for Fate? Can’t wait to see how this plays out. Look for possible “femme fatalons” like Lust’s (remember the splash page from chapter 1?).

    As for the speculation that the manga is nearly over, I doubt it. I remember Akamatsu-sensei saying something to the effect of the start of the MW arc being at or just past the half-way point of the series. That means the series could go as long as 40 volumes. We’re currently in chapters that will make up vol. 32 (in fact, ch. 295 should be first in vol. 33).

    There’s still quite a bit of story left to tell in Negima once Fate & CE is defeated, and I don’t see it going anywhere until at least early 2012.

  54. Sean Endress says:

    My mind.. it just broke.


  55. setsuna40 says:

    amateru is the first queen of ostia (ancestor of negi and daughter of the motb )she is also the one who make the “pactio’s system !!!and his tomb is in the gravekeeper’s palace

  56. Anonymous says:

    what do you think of tite kubo and ken akamatsu collaberating together to have a negima and bleach crossover? imagine rangiku matsumoto, yoruichi, etc. teaming up with the girls. lol.

  57. Kota-kun says:


    I don’t think they can seeing as they work for different magazines. If they try to collaborate, either one or the other or both will be breaking their contract to either Shueisha or Kodansha. Good idea though!

    As for Zazie, hmm bombshell and a half!
    She’s probably on Fate’s side, but you never know. Though if she’s on Ala Alba, I’m half-expecting to see Iincho, Yotsuba-san, Hakase, maybe Dean Konoe and other Mahou Senseis and of course the rest of 3-A 🙂

  58. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m trying to think out of the box for Zazie and what if Akamatsu-sensei uses her as a means to get Negi and company home without having Negi fight Fate and allow whatever bad thing Chao was trying to stop happen on Mars.

    Just some WILD thinking as I work on some blog entries.

  59. It COULD be a Zazie Look-alike too, dont think for a second that Ken would not fool you. Since the magic gates closed except one, the creation could only be made by the keys, which spawn more mystery than excitment in the book. I’m still curious though, since i’ve been at the series for 6 years now and counting…(yea, I started from the early manga, tho’ the manga came out in ’03)

  60. Anonymous says:

    Somehow, I noticed something… the two Negima post with most comments are… This one and the 252… remember? The post with most comments are one of the most unexpecting events that happen to Negima… This one is the most…for me… O_O

    LoneWolfx03 -]===-

  61. Anonymous says:

    well well this is indeed unexpected… i wonder if she was a spy for fate while at the school? i hope negima goes on like naruto. after all negi cant stay a child forever. plus i wanna see if he chooses sumone for a girlfriend lol….plus he still has many more pactios to obtain and unless all the others mysteriously turn up in the magic world then i think negima should definatly go on for another story arc.

  62. arimareiji says:

    Anonymous, funny you mentioned that… I was just wondering. Has this one indeed set the new record for comments?

  63. Ultimaniac says:

    Raws are out! Woot!

    “Titan Slayer” indeed *_*

  64. yui says:

    this manga indeed intresting
    i`m collecting this manga until now
    i already had volume 1 – 9 book
    and all chapter until now for digital manga
    i highly recommended this manga

  65. Anonymous says:

    If zazie is a high level demon in human form, negi might be hesitant in fighting her. Not because of the possibility of her being a crazily powerful opponent, but because negi is perfectly capable of kill her if thats the case, because remember that negi learned a powerful spell that accomplishes this task, and we still haven’t seen it yet.

  66. Veron says:

    Ok, i have been doing some thinking. My conclusion was. The way zazie made her entrance was the typical “dun dun duunn (dramatic re-verb).” Which signals a turn for the worse. Now I do not feel that Zazie and Negi are going to fight. But I feel that her presence is not a good sign. Most likely she is going to inform Negi of what he has to do. Like save asuna, but more importantly how to save her. So at least for the next chapter its going to explain why zazie is here.(duh)
    I believe that fate is the type of person to not lie, and he told negi that he did not expect him to come to the magical world. But if zazie was an informant for fate he would of known that Negi was on his way to MW.
    Wich leads me to my final conclusion. Zazie must have her own objective.

    BUT what i WANT to happen is for zazie be like. “the gate is active i have been sent from the academy to retrieve you and your class.” which includes Asuna. then Zazie joins them gets a pactio. kinda like how mana is a mercenary zazie is an agent from mahora.

    P.S I feel that the MW is doomed. and the arch after the MW is going to be recreating it and restoring everyone.

  67. darkcrescendo says:

    what happened in chapter 252 btw? 😛

  68. arimareiji says:

    @Anonymous: I could see it becoming a plot point for Negi to be as hesitant to fight Zazie as he was to fight Chao, but I don’t think it would be because he’d be afraid of killing her per se. He’s probably very afraid of fighting anyone because of the risk of going berserker.

    He’s just as capable of killing a human in berserker mode as he is a demon – look at the Gödel incident. Dead is dead, whether it’s because he learned a spell specifically capable of killing demons (vs banishing), or whether it’s because he physically bisected someone. He’s capable of either.

    But as far as him killing one of his students… I’d be much less surprised to see a Tenchi Muyo ending that features the whole class carrying little Negis. (^_~)

    (Which reminds me, I still need to finish that ‘shop inspired by the Angel Beats fan art.)

  69. Anonymous says:

    !@#$% all this talk about recreation shit is just telling me this is gonna be another Evangelion episode I was confused about that for years (Instrumentality) ill be pissed if it turns out anything like that. T24

  70. Anonymous says:

    darkcrescendo: what happened in chapter 252 btw? 😛

    LoneWolfx03: Konoka/Setsuna Pactio Kiss.

    Overall Posts: 80 because there are three spoiler posts (add all of them…)
    Can this post beat the previouse record?

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