Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 293 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 32 Chapter 293 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 293
Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 293 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 293 ReviewNegi is choking Tsukuyomi from behind but she attacks and is surprised that his grip remains. A second, rapid attack from Tsukuyomi frees her and she goes for Nodoka. Despite having Nodoka in her grips, Negi uses his lightning form to free Nodoka and attack Tsukuyomi repeatedly, throwing her into a nearby floating rock and shattering it. Tsukuyomi is surprised by Negi’s strength and growth, so much that she is aroused by it. However, she’s supposed to leave Negi for Fate and she educates Negi to the notion that there are people like her who do not fight for money, but for blood and carnage.

With that, Tsukuyomi delivers a message from Fate to Negi that he will be waiting. Then, she uses the Code of the Lifemaker to summon an insane number of demons to attack. Johnny and Haruna start up their ships to flee but need a bit of time. Negi takes off to take on the demon hoard to allow the ships to get away. However, there are too many demons and some make it to the ship. Sayo opens up with her Gatling gun and Mana also opens fire. A demon surprises Nodoka and she freezes up as Ku Fei takes it out. Nodoka is shamed by her weakness as many others of Ala Alba join the fray.

Mana opens up with a rocket launcher and asks Yue, Collet, and Bea to help. They fly in support of the fleeing ships as they move to the Gravekeeper’s Palace. Shiori-Asuna wants to help, but Setsuna reminds her that she can’t but leaves her in charge of Konoka before taking off to join the fight with Negi.

Thoughts/Review: Heh! An amazing chapter, as expected of Akamatsu-sensei and a bit more action than I expected.

Negi’s battle with Tsukuyomi was excellent even if short. Tsukuyomi’s skills are impressive as seen in her attempts to get out of Negi’s grasp. Anyone else, she would not only have succeeded, but she likely would have been able to kill her opponent for arrogantly having a choke-grip. I loved her expression when she discovered she was still being choked but I also loved how her skills are such that she just moved quickly to Plan B and got free.

Negi’s rapid recovery and counter attack is impressively drawn by Akamatsu-sensei.

Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 293 Review
Negi attacks at the speed of lightning and I feel that Akamatsu-sensei manages to perfectly capture this and Tsukuyomi’s inability to defend against this attack of Negi’s. Tsukuyomi is fast enough to stop bullets with her blades but she can’t stop something moving at half the speed of light (at best) (source). Negi’s schooling of Tsukuyomi took all of a second or two tops. *lol*

Tsukuyomi’s sexual reaction to Negi’s level of strength didn’t surprise me even though to date, she’s only shown that level of interest in Setsuna and possibly Asuna. However, her interest in Setsuna was always on a power level, specifically as a fellow studier or Shinmeiryuu. She always addressed Setsuna as “senpai,” reflecting her acknowledgment of Setsuna as someone who’s either studied the art longer than her, is more powerful than her in the art, or both. Now that Negi has shown his stuff, it is natural that her wacko mind would look at him differently now.

I note that Tsukuyomi’s goal seemed to be to get Negi’s Magia Erebea to go out of control. Isn’t that what Kurt also wanted?

The thing about Negi choking Tsukuyomi is that this is something Nagi used to do. Nagi choked the demon during the attack on Negi’s village and I remember clearly the demon’s pondering of who the real monster was in that situation. Nagi choked others as well and now Negi is choking an opponent. Maybe it is “like father, like son” but maybe it is something else. ^_~

On the same track, the continued brought up notion of Negi’s rapid growth in power came up again. Akamatsu-sensei keeps bringing up that Negi is extremely powerful and that he has an abnormal ability to pick up things so quickly. The list of people who’ve commented on this is to long for me to take to the time to research to attempt to make complete, but Tsukuyomi is the latest in that chorus.

Setsuna’s decision to leave her beloved Konoka in Luna’s hands (as Shiori-Asuna) is yet another element whereby Akamatsu-sensei strives to show that Luna is 100% on board with the Ala Alba team. I don’t expect there to be any change with that though if Luna encounters her former comrades, what will happen to her? Will they kill Luna for betraying “Fate-sama?” I could see that happening, though if they are able to restore the world, then it wouldn’t matter.

During the demon attack, I laughed at Sayo’s going off with her Gatling gun. *lol* I’ve always liked Sayo ever since her introduction and she’s one of two scene-stealers in the manga (the other being Chachazero). I can’t help but like how Akamatsu-sensei elevated her from the perfect covert operator as a ghost to someone who can help provide support during a crisis, at least while on the Great Paru-sama.

On a related note, poor Nodoka. She’s been given a moment to shine before but she did freeze up. I hope something can be done to help her a bit.

So, a really good chapter with only one more to close out volume 32.

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5 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 293 Review”

  1. SetsunaAngel99 says:

    i loved this chapter as well a great semi climax for volume 32(speaking of volume 32 the US is on volume 28 i believe 0-0 Del Ray is really doing their best to get this manga in the states and i appreciate it. now the chapter in review, its great to see some one as skilled as Tsukyomi “hold off” negi. sure she was struggling but she pulled through and was able to pull some good defense that even he couldn’t detect. Tsukyomi really is a crazy character i think fate and her can be on par nin terms of power level but Tsukyomi has the personality of psychotic warrior which i love =D. hopefully we can see the Setsuna-Tsukyomi fight in ch 295 i am amped for it right now.

  2. arimareiji says:

    Ehh. If you ask me, Nodoka still shone with that ridiculously adorable mental image of herself as a scared cat. But I tend to be prejudiced. (^_^)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ive said this before but Jack said this all childeren of the Royal Ostian family are born with an abnormal power, my guess is Negi has the abillity to act as an majical conductor allowing him to control large amounts of majic ike when he fought the shadow guy the first time and during the tournament and when he created and used lighning form and attacks, my theroy now is that when they use the world tree to go back to mahora Negi will go back in time and confront his father, or mess with time how exactly I cant guess.Quickvenom

  4. APN says:

    Actually I would say that Chachamaru is pretty much immune to Sayo’s scene stealing capabilities.

  5. TnAdct1 says:

    To me, I felt the bit with Nodoka comparing herself to a scared cat (along with being another uber-kawaii Nodoka moment ^_^ )shows one weakness that she still has: the fact that she’s not yet has the skills to handle a large group of enemies. Here’s hoping that this will change by the time the Magic World arc comes to an end.

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