Gakuen Alice Manga Volume 11

学園アリス Manga Volume 11 Review –> BUY FROM RIGHTSTUF! ^_^

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Gakuen Alice Manga Volume 11Mikan, Hotaru, Luca, and Yu-chan in older form make their way to where Natsume is being held. Meanwhile, Persona arrives to the dungeon where Nobara was held as bait for Natsume, who wants to know where Aoi is being held. With Persona are Rui, Hayate, and Yakumo, three males from the Dangerous Class. Sensing the approach of Mikan and company, Persona dispatched an annoyed Hayate to deal with them. However, after taking a beating from Hotaru, Hayate falls for her and thus simply follows the group as they proceed down.

The powerful and feminine-looking Rui is sent next to deal with the intruders, but the older Yo-chan’s Alice is able to counter Rui’s Alice. Rui remarks on Natsume and his sister Aoi and is promising to punish them all when Tsubasa arrives and stops Rui. Rui is very excited to see Tsubasa but Tsubasa is not happy to see or hear Rui. Rui starts to come onto Tsubasa and then launch an attack while Mikan remembers something about Tsubasa’s mark. Understanding that Rui gave Tsubasa that remark, it is clear that Tsubasa could be seriously hurt by Rui. Hotaru attacks Rui and forces him back.

Luca summons a large amount of rats to the fight as Natsume is in a stalemate with Yakumo. Tsubasa states that between himself and Yo-chan, they can handle Rui and Hayate and he sends Hotaru, Mikan, and Luca on. As the continue, Luca recounts the story of Natsume’s sister Aoi and how he met them and befriended them. The school was heavily recruiting Natsume and Aoi and Persona decided to move things along by providing an Alice-enhancing stone. He didn’t expect Aoi to get it and nearly destroy a town in a fire as a result. Narumi saves Aoi’s life and slaps Persona for causing the problem, which the later lets slide. Meanwhile, Natsume decides to take the blame for the fire.

Thoughts/Review: I have to hand it to the Nibley twins. The way Higuchi-sensei writes things at times may be somewhat typical for shoujo titles, but it is a more difficult way of trying to follow who’s speaking or thinking something at any given time. Takaya-sensei did this a lot in Fruits Basket. No doubt that Alethea and Athena used that experience to help them here, though for all I know, they may not have any real trouble following who’s saying what when.

I wish the brother/sister honorifics survived but alas, they do not. I don’t know who’s decision that was, but I tend to suspect the adapter. Its just a personal preference of mine to leave them in.

Anyway, as to the story, I’ve already remarked on the sometimes confusing layout of the text. This happened in the first half of the manga, where things move pretty slowly, all things considered. I did find Hayate falling for Hotaru amusing and I also found Hotaru’s blaming her invention for attacking at will amusing. I found Rui most disturbing because Higuchi-sensei draws him like a woman. In fact, when I saw other characters use a male pronoun to talk about Rui, I thought there had to be a mistake, but couldn’t believe one so big would be allowed to be done. Rui’s crushing on young boys is even more creepy. Ugh.

The second half of the manga being dedicated to Luca’s, Natsume’s, and Aoi’s back-story was needed, but it is a major gear-shifter. To make us care for Aoi, Higuchi-sensei makes her bright, cheerful, and cute. I do like seeing how Natsume and Luca became friends along with Aoi.

Nobara is a confuser though. I’m not exactly sure how she appeared to be Aoi. Because of how Haguchi-sensei lays out her story, it is difficult to follow where characters go and why. ^_^;

Still, for what it is worth, I found this volume of the manga to be enjoyable, for what its worth. I’m hoping that the next volume wraps up the current arc, though because it is dragging to me.

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