Ah! My Goddess Ch.262 Manga Review

Ah! My Goddess Manga/Oh My Goddess! Manga
ああっ女神さまっ Chapter 262
Ah! My Goddess Ch.262 Manga Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ah! My Goddess Ch.262 Manga ReviewWith Keiichi very hungry, Belldandy breaks out the picnic blanket and basket so that everyone can take a break and refresh themselves. Keiichi is surprised by this but pleased. As Keiichi enjoys some of Belldandy’s cookies, Skuld produces a sweet bread snack from a store for him to eat. Urd notices this and teases Skuld about it, asking what Sentarou-kun would think. Skuld is not happy at being teased and goes for a bomb but though she has a ton of stuff hidden in her shirt, she has no more bombs. She removes the desiccant pack from the bread product packaging and using Keiichi’s hot tea and a pair of pliers, Skuld turns the packet very hot and tosses it at Urd’s forehead, where Urd gets to experience the searing heat.

After Skuld explains what she has done, the little girl mazoku tells her that that what she’s done is scary. Skuld is startled, but then distressed to see the girl eating Belldandy’s cookies. Belldandy explains that the girl looked like she wanted one so Belldandy gave her one. The girl reminds Belldandy that she will give the group trouble later on. Belldandy isn’t concerned by that since the cookies clearly made the little girl mazoku happy. Busted, the little girl tells them that their next opponent will make their magic attacks of no use.

Before she can continue, Keiichi has another problem — he needs to go to the bathroom. So, the girl constructs a toilet room via magic which Keiichi rushes into. A little later, he comes screaming out of the room where the others see that the toilet’s opening is shaped like a vicious mouth. The girl mazoku is not amused by Keiichi’s antics since he did use the thing but that changes when the toilet chases them to a doorway where the toilet is taken out by Char Mokkurkalfi, their next opponent and puppet master.

Thoughts/Review: So, Fujishima-sensei decided to go for more comedic aspects before heading into the next section of the story, eh? ^_^

I know that “magic” can be used as the excuse for “Just where was Belldandy keeping that picnic gear at?” just as that could be the excuse used for Skuld always producing some weapon or the like. As much storage capacity as Skuld seems to have, it is surprising that she didn’t have more Skuld Bomb’s at her disposal, though she did have a dizzying array of other items (mostly tools). I wonder if that will come into play later, even though the scene of Skuld desperately looking for a Skuld Bomb was done for comedic purposes.

Anyway, beyond the normal comedic battles between Skuld and Urd, there is something amusing about Belldandy deciding to lay out a picnic spread while they are in the middle of a quest AND with only a limited amount of time on the clock. *lol* There’s something just so wrong about that, but it did remind me of old school, ASCII, RPG dungeon crawlers like Rogue and NetHack where food was a very important part of the game. It would suck so bad to have a game session where you finally had a juiced up weapon that could take out powerful monsters only to starve to death.

But I digress… ^_^;;;

The need to go to the bathroom was the other comedic aspect. That’s something that is never touched in fantasy but lets face it, I bet that most of you have thought at some point or other, “what if they need to go to the bathroom?” when reading fantasy. *lol*

Ah! My Goddess Ch.262 Manga Review
Anyway, having the toilet be in the shape of a mouth added to the humor of the moment and then the toilet chasing them is something out of some young kid’s nightmares.

The new opponent reminded me of Char from Gundam because of the helmet and mask combination. So, I guess we’ll be reading about Mokkurkalfi and how Keiichi and company deal with her for the next several chapters.

So, a fun chapter before moving into the next sub-arc.

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