Urusei Yatsura – 150

うる星やつら episode 150 (TV anime)
Urusei Yatsura Ep. 150 review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Urusei Yatsura - 150Tobimaru is relaxing in his onsen-styled bath when his younger sister Asuka comes in naked to wash his back.  After losing a lot of blood due to a bloody nose, Asuka makes things worse by trying to keep him from dying by embracing him hard while still naked.  It gets even worse when their mother assumes the worst.  After clearing the air, a doctor tends to Tobimaru and leaves him in his futon. Tobimaru is frustrated by his sisters actions when she shows up in his futon, expressing her desire to spend the night with him.  Tobimaru attempts to explain to Asuka that brothers and sisters don’t do this kind of thing and that she should only sleep with the man she loves.  Since Asuka loves her “oniisama,” she still thinks this should be OK.

Urusei Yatsura - 150Their mother shows up and understanding the situation, decides to send Asuka to Shuutaro’s high school to deliver a scroll to him.  Askua’s bodyguards object but are refused as Asuka’s mother wants Asuka to meet a nice man to marry.  Asuka reluctantly agrees and goes to put on her full body armor.  However, her mother talks her into wearing a form-fitting light armor suit and Asuka takes off.  Asuka attempts to avoid males at the high school but the females she encounters assume her to be a strange man.  Mayhem ensues with the school going into lock down as the males are assigned to find Asuka and the females lock themselves up in their classroom.  Shuutaro, Ataru, and Lum try to find Asuka first while Asuka ends up crashing through the ceiling of the school shop and into Ryuunosuke’s lap.

Urusei Yatsura - 150Asuka thinks Ryuunosuke’s a man and knocks her for a loop before fleeing.  Ryuunosuke is offended and gives chase because Asuka has destroyed the store on top of offending her.  Asuka refuses to stop and anytime Ryuunosuke gets near, she gets punched back, often into Ataru and Shuutaro.  Asuka realizes that if she just delivers the letter to Shuutaro, she can leave.  However, Shinobu will not allow this and steals the letter on a bicycle in the school hallways.  Asuka gives chase and Shinobu is amazed at how Asuka keeps up, even running on the walls at times.  Shinobu wants to know if Asuka is truly engaged to Shuutaro.  Asuka denies it since she considers Shuutaro an “oniisama” and says that she is to be with another man.  Shinobu gives up and returns the letter after witnessing Asuka literally take out a wall of the school.

Urusei Yatsura - 150After Asuka delivers the letter, Ryuunosuke returns, determined to show Asuka her breasts to prove she’s a girl.  However, every time that Ryuunosuke opens her shirt, guys suddenly appear en masse and prevent her from showing the proof.  Asuka manages to get away and flee to a tree in fear because of all the men.  Her mother and Tobimaru encourage her to go after this “male” who wants to show Asuka his bosom.  After tossing Asuka out of the tree, she makes an attempt to approach Ryuunosuke, who’s being coached by Lum.  Eventually, Asuka overcomes her fears and races to Ryuunosuke’s bosom although Ryuunosuke had only wanted to prove her womanhood.  The force of Asuka hitting Ryuunosuke sends the two flying through some buildings.  However, when all is said and done, that night, Asuka again returns to Tobimaru’s bath naked to bathe him.


Urusei Yatsura - 150I mentioned last episode that I love these chase episodes.  This one was good in that the writers made an attempt to actually find new angles for the chases to happen. Instead of focusing on Ataru and Shuutaro for the chase (they were featured last time Asuka was around), the chase had a general male aspect with different unnamed males giving chase.  However, the two important chases where Ryuunosuke’s attempts to prove she is a woman to Asuka and then Shinobu’s attempts to learn more about a potential rival and possibly remove that threat.  Because all three girls are very strong, this aspect works quite well.

Urusei Yatsura - 150I knew that Asuka would eventually develop some kind of feelings for Ryuunosuke as soon as she landed in Ryuunosuke’s lap.  After all, Ryuunosuke dresses like a guy, has a rough, male way of speaking, and is pretty tough.  She handles guys quite well in a fight as Ataru can easily attest to.  So it was funny seeing Ryuunosuke take a beating at the hands of Asuka.  Of course, being called a man, Ryuunosuke can’t let that slide and no matter how many whacks she took whenever she got too close to Asuka, she was going to prove herself once and for all and that made it more amusing.  Naturally, anytime Ryuunosuke attempted to show her breasts to Asuka, other guys appeared but that too ended up being pretty funny in its execution.

Urusei Yatsura - 150Shinobu was the surprise, more so because she used a bicycle and had Askua chase her.  Shinobu has also been shown to have great strength in that she can pick up heavy pieces of furniture and slam them or throw them great distances.  So, her getting involved with Asuka just promised all sorts of humor and it delivered.  For starters, Asuka was almost like Ataru in how she kept up with Shinobu and though she crashed through a wall at one point, she actually busted back through another wall to be right there with Shinobu during the chase.  I loved how Shinobu was ready to give up on Shuutaro simply because she realized she couldn’t compete on any level with Asuka.  Should Asuka return in the future, I hope she and Shinobu will be able to do something together.

Urusei Yatsura - 150This episode marked a new OP and ED theme.  Both songs scream “eighties” with the OP reminding me of hair bands of the time.  Both songs are heavy with English with the ED theme being all English I believe.  Whenever I hear new songs like this that remind me of the 80’s (because this was made then), I can’t help but remember White Album and how the music there never felt like it came from the 80’s.

Also with the OP, the theme was strongly science fiction with the various characters getting to pose from Star Wars (Cherry as Darth Vader) to the generic sentai (aka: Power Rangers) groups to other science fiction stuff.  Well, this is a sci-fi comedy series so I guess it isn’t surprising.  ^_~

So, another pretty funny chase episode that was light on Ataru in order to allow Shinobu and Ryuunosuke to be center stage with Asuka.  Good stuff.  ^_^

Urusei Yatsura - 150
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