Happy Thanksgiving (and a look at Thanksgiving in Japan)

Happy Thanksgiving (and a look at Thanksgiving in Japan)

First, I’d like to wish those in the U.S. a “Happy Thanksgiving!”  I hope you have a good one.  I’m not currently in town, but at the place I’m at, my crew and I will have some sort of feast, depending on how many moochers there are.  (“Here — I brought my 2-liter Diet Rite ’cause I know everyone loves that.  Now, let me pile some food on my two plates!”)  I’m bringing in some extra large, pumpkin pies with tubs of extra creamy Cool Whip.  ^_^  I didn’t make them, but the place I bought them from is good about making great pies (or at least they used to when I last bought a pie, which I believe was last Christmas).

Anyway, to celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m doing something a little different for you guys.  Last year, the crew and I laughed and enjoyed a video made by TokyoCooney about his 2009 Thanksgiving in Japan (served at the Pink Cow in Tokyo).  So, I thought I’d share it.  If you don’t know who TokyoCooney is, he’s a comedian and writer living in Japan for the last few years.  He used to make a regular series of video blog postings but that has been cut way back now.  I believe he’s on a Japanese TV show these days, which is not surprising considering how enjoyable his video blog is.  If you enjoy this video I’m sharing, do check out some of his other posts.  They are both educational, enjoyable, and often humorous.  ^_^



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6 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving (and a look at Thanksgiving in Japan)”

  1. Ultimaniac says:

    I’m gonna spend forever watching all that guys videos now…Happy Thanksgiving!

    Side note, you know you played too much Half-Life when you look at that turkey and INSTANTLY see a headcrab.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving all ^_^

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wish I’d known about the Pink Cow earlier as I would have checked it out while I was in Tokyo.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Ultimaniac — Never played Half-Life so…^_^;;;

    @Anon — if I ever make it to Japan again, I might have to check it out. I do wonder if they had a turkey dinner though.

  5. Yeah, I suppose it is due to copyright reasons. Unlikely I can do much to fix it at this point. I’d have to change the audio which would require editing the original files which I no longer have. Bummer.


    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, that is a bummer. I remember back in the day, my team watched a lot of your videos on slow nights. This one I remember liking a lot because of the whole quest for a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. ^_^ I guess you used music or something that someone objected to. 🙁

      As much as I believe in artists getting paid, I guess innocent things like this are what make me dislike current copyright laws.

      Thanks for letting me know. Too bad I didn’t save a copy of the video myself. ^_~

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