Negima! Manga Vol 34 Ch 309 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 34 Chapter 309 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 309
Negima! Manga Vol 34 Ch 309 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 34 Ch 309Kaede takes off with Yuuna, Makie, Sayo, and Nodoka in her cloak, leaving Akira, Ako, and Konoka touch-healing Negi under the guard of Ku Fei.  Chisame is beckoned over since those with high affection levels for Negi do him the most good.  Chisame protests, but Chamo confirms with his chart that Chisame is up there in terms of her feelings for Negi.  However, he discovers something else too as he looks at his chart, leaving the others wondering in embarrassment.  Chisame complies and decides to take the time to ask Dynamis some questions, to which Dynamis says he’ll answer.

Elsewhere, Natsume has safely led Kotaro, Yue, Bea, and Asakura up to where the ritual is being conducted and Asuna suspended in the center of an open-spherical shape.  Yue has used magic to create a sprite (spirit) that is connected to her finger via a long-stretch arm of the sprite.  She has calculated that the sprite is undetectable and that it will determine the start of the anti-magic field.  Kotaro is impressed with her abilities.

Kaede arrives via ninja magic and immediately clasps Asakura’s hand to become undetectable.  She grabs Makie’s hand and pulls all the girls from her cloak as they were already clasping hands.  Now all together, the plan is to head out until Natsume’s artifact is at its limit and then they start the next phase of the plan.  The group briefly talks of how they would likely be returned to the dream world should they be captured and questions arise as to the different dreams experienced.

This is interrupted when Fate suddenly shows up and is looking around, getting as close as Natsume’s face but never noticing her.  Fate takes out the walkway they are near and readies an attack but there’s nothing to attack.  Natsume is at her limit and collapses, causing her hat to come off.  Now visible, Kotaro snags it with his teeth just before Fate can notice it.  Fate wonders if what he senses is just his imagination as Negi would never attack from the shadows.

Fate leaves and Kaede suspects that Fate sensed her presence briefly when she arrived.  Natsumi is so scared that she can’t move, so Kotaro decides to come up with a new plan. Though afraid, Natsumi decides to give it a go and impresses Kotaro.  With that, the group moves forward, passed the place where Fate is observing Asuna and to the edge of the anti-magic field.  With that, the next part of the plan is about to begin.


Akamatsu-sensei never likes to keep things too dark for too long and is pretty good about injecting some comic relief when needed without breaking up the flow of the story.  Here, we get a return of Chamo’s love chart and Chamo’s reactions to whatever he read made me chuckle. I figure all the girls are high on their feelings for Negi but what specifically Chamo might have been reacting to, I couldn’t say.  Previously, Akamatsu-sensei had the chart published to show the rankings.  I wonder if the updated chart will be published too.

It looks like we’ll be getting some sort of exposition from Dynamis to help fill in more story gaps.  I’m looking forward to that.

I think the part I liked most was Natsume, but Yue as well.  First Yue.  I’ve remarked about how she has grown to be an impressive mage in her own right.  I don’t think she’ll ever have the power reserves of Konoka or Negi, but she’ll make up for that in other areas such as tactics and strategy.  I liked how she looked somewhat offended when Kotaro questioned her calculations but he had to concede that Yue knew her stuff.  ^_^

Natsume’s fear is the one truly real moment in this chapter.  There’s no doubt that the others are nervous some a bit scared but Natsume is truly and deeply afraid and has a panic attack.  Those things can be quite devastating as witnessed by Natsume’s legs giving out.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Natsume did not want to move on but still dug deep and found the courage to stand again and not let her chance to be the star slip away.  I loved that moment and I loved Kotaro’s reaction to her courage.  I think this moment is one that will allow Kotaro and Natsume to be a couple when Kotaro gets a bit older.

Finally, there’s Fate.  I know I’ve heard that some folks think he may have been faking it and that he really did detect Natsume based on his comment.  I tend to think not, even before seeing the spoiler for 310 that seems to confirm this. There’s no reason for Fate to pretend not to notice a potential obstacle and eliminate it.  I think his taking out the one walkway proves that because this was his way of trying to force a potentially hidden enemy out into the open.  His remark was more for the reader than anything else.

So, nothing to do but wait for the next chapter to see just what the heck happens from here.  ^_^

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14 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 34 Ch 309 Review”

  1. Kota-kun says:

    Hey ANB do you mind putting up the love chart or a link to one? If possible could you link an English one?

  2. Nick says:

    I thought this chapter was cool, i really wanna see Fate fight with his sword type things and Natsumi wow im she prolly peed her panties on that one, what i thought was going to happen (before saw 310 spoilers) was she was going to faint loosing her pactio and forced them into a battle but good to see that didnt happen, its really good to see her character development recently and it just shows u how truly frightful Fate is as an opponent.

  3. Treading Behemoth says:

    I completely forgot Wednesday is new Negi Day…
    (it’s 11pm here in Tokyo)
    I ran down to the Convenience store and read the new Chapter…


    Can I post anything on here?

  4. Treading Behemoth says:

    I completely forgot Wednesday is new Negi Day…
    (it’s 11pm here in Tokyo)
    I ran down to the Convenience store and read the new Chapter…


    Can I post anything on here?

  5. You can if you want or you can use the spoiler post ANB made for chapter 310.

  6. ivanov_2020 says:

    it must be real asuna’s points that made chamo react that way. remember that chapter where she thought about negi much, she must have had a multiple point jump on her rank at that single moment.. leaving the rest way behind
    either that or fate’s girls names somehow show up on it ^^
    negi harem powa………

  7. Kirbstar says:

    This is the original scan of the love chart:
    And its English translation:
    Methinks Chisame probably moved up in parental feelings since this chart came up. Love and affection could also have gone higher…

  8. Ultimaniac says:

    Lol, everyone but the twins having echi thoughts. Class 3-a’s full of pervs. Chizuru surprised me the most.

  9. arimareiji says:

    @ivanov_2020: If anything, I would think real Asuna’s points might drop due to absence (and the fact that she’s got a lot else on her mind).

    @Kirbstar: Thank you for posting that… and yeah, Chisame probably got a giant boost in Parental.

    My guesses for what made Chamo react:
    * Chisame (^Pa/Fr/Af) up 8, Ku-roshi (^Af/H) up 2, Ako (^Lo/H) up 4, and Akira (^Lo/Af) up 7. He’s looking at all of them, and Konoka’s the only one who doesn’t spaz. Heck, she thinks it’s funny.
    * Shiori is now on the chart.
    * The real shocker: So is Fate.

  10. arimareiji says:

    Sorry for the double-post, but this just keeps bugging me: Why the h$%@ is Nodoka with the rescue-Asuna/attack-Fate party?

    It has to be part of Yue’s plan. Otherwise, why send away the girl with the best chance of healing the only person who could duke it out with Fate on anywhere-near-equal terms? It makes less sense than having the party healer use their turn to attack, instead of healing the party tank who just went down.

    In terms of story elements, the only reasons I can think of would be that Akamatsu-sensei wants to 1) re-cloud the issue of who Negi winds up with after pretty much announcing Negi/Nodoka and Kotarou/Natsumi in the last chapter, and/or 2) show Nodoka being strong and independent instead of the stand-by-your-man type. But to me, neither of those is worth the illogic of sending her away when their best chance is Negi.

  11. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks for posting the chart. ^_^ I think someone did it here on one of the earlier blog entries for Negima! but I’d have to look to be sure (and I don’t have the time).

    Why the h$%@ is Nodoka with the rescue-Asuna/attack-Fate party?

    Two reasons. First, she’s a mind reader thanks to her artifact. Second, she’s already used one of the lesser keys effectively and combined with her reader ability, she should be able to use the Great Grand Master Key and bring everything to a halt, possibly stopping even Fate.

  12. arimareiji says:

    Thank you, that makes sense – and probably is part of Yue’s plan. I’d forgotten about her knowing how to use the keys by virtue of her artifact.

    Mind-reading itself didn’t make a lot of sense to me in terms of a physical fight. (“Okay, now I’m about to smack you in the head with this large rock at a speed you can’t possibly react to. Ooooh, that looks like it hurt.”) But applying it to using the Keys is completely different.

  13. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @arimareiji — whatever Nodoka doesn’t currently know could very possibly be pulled from Yue’s info or even possibly Fate’s mind (though how that would ultimately be achieved is beyond me).

  14. Theron says:

    I remember seeing CHamo pull out the chart. I actually yelling “LET ME SEE IIIIIT!” to myself in my room. I want to see it soooooo bad.

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