Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft – 01

Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Love (Craft-sensei) TV episode 01
這いよる!ニャルアニ リメンバー・マイ・ラブ(クラフト先生)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis

Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft - 01A girl with gray hair named Nyarlko has made breakfast for a teen male whom she addresses as “Mahiro-san” and for whom she makes sexually suggestive statements.  A red-haired girl enters (Cthuko?) and states that Nyarlko should have her while the boy has breakfast.  Nyarlko blows that suggestion off, suggesting that Mahiro eat some sausage.  When a small dragon-creature eats it and collapses panting heavily, Mahiro sees that the food has been spiked. When confronted, Nyarlko acts innocent.  The red-haired girl and a girl in a black kimono eat these spiked sausages and express a positive reaction to them.

In space, a Borg cube approaches Earth, which apparently has 70 days left.


OK.  Well, I guess this is all there is and a massive disappointment it is too.

Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft - 01When I selected this anime as one of the two new ones I would watch, I did so because the description made it sound like Mahiro was being chased by aliens, saved by Nyarlko, a girl who is actually Cthulhu as Nyarlko can take any form she chooses.  To me, that sounded interesting.  Instead, what we got was a 2-minute comedy centering around sexual innuendo and overt sexual references with some characters unnamed and an ending suggesting aliens are coming in a spacecraft looking like a Borg cube from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Meh!  I had hoped that the first episode would actually be the ONA put on TV but I guess not.

Episode 2 is also a short so I guess that’s how the series is.  Bummer but I’ll watch just because.

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