Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft – 02

Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Love (Craft-sensei) Episode 02
這いよる!ニャルアニ リメンバー・マイ・ラブ(クラフト先生)
Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft – 02

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis

Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft - 02The girl in the black kimono introduces herself as Atoko, though her name is really Atlach-Nacha.  Mahiro thinks she may be normal until Nyarlko has her say two words, which translates to English as AV Actress (porn).  Nyarlko says Atoko is a real perv even though Atoko reveals that it was Nyarlko who summoned her.   After very formal introductions are exchanged, Mahiro denies that he has promised to marry Nyarlko after she claims this to Atoko.  Atoko asks to stay at this home (Mahiro’s) and in exchange she’ll wash his back and go to bed with him, complete with aphrodisiac snacks. Nyarlko completely rejects this suggestion, disappointing Atoko.  As Nyarlko rages, Cthuko comes out and Atoko hits on her, suggesting Cthuko take a bath with “oneesan.”

Meanwhile, the Borg cube is apparently 63-days away.


Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft - 02There’s really no change from the first episode as this is again a 2-minute Flash animation crammed full of sexual innuendo.  It has some semblance of a harem anime since Nyarlko apparently has a thing for Mahiro and will get very vocal about it when another woman potentially steps in, in this case Atoko.  Atoko appears willing to “do” anything she finds attractive and Cthuko is into Nyarlko.  Whatever.  *_*

Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft - 02The name Atlach-Nacha is part of the Cthulhu mythos, which isn’t surprising as I’d guess all the characters are except for Mahiro.

So, why is the anime in Flash save for the final moment and the OP/ED combo?

At only 2-minutes (2.5 counting the live-action tease for the next episode), its not like I’m losing a great deal to keep watching this, so I shall.

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3 Responses to “Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft – 02”

  1. Ku_fei lover says:

    This is what they call “trolling” and damn, was this a good troll.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Borg cube. lolz It does look like one.

  3. […] Episode 2 is also a short so I guess that’s how the series is.  Bummer but I’ll watch just because. […]

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