Kodansha USA sez: Negima! Volumes 1-3 to get NEW TRANSLATION!

Kodansha USA sez: Negima! Volumes 1-3 to get NEW TRANSLATION!

Kodansha USA sez: Negima! Volumes 1-3 to get NEW TRANSLATION!I hadn’t been too happy with Kodansha’s take over of Del Rey manga titles but finally, the company decides to put some information out there.  Amidst the news about new manga titles coming to the U.S. were two bits of Negima! news. First, Kodansha will be releasing Negima! Volume 29 in May 2011 and Negima! Volume 30 in July 2011.  So, we’ve got a LONG wait before getting the new volumes but at least they won’t be delaying volume 30 too terribly badly.  I checked with Alethea and Athena and they have recently completed work on volume 29.

The second bit of Negima! news has me rather excited.

And finally, Negima! gets an omnibus release in June, collecting the first three volumes with a new translation!

As long time readers of the blog will know, I have not been happy with the way the first few volumes were adapted, especially volume 1 and 2.  No word on whether the twins are translating these early volumes or not (they’ve not been given notification but likely they’ll get them), but I sure hope they are.  If they are, you can bet I will be buying this omnibus edition.  I hope that Kodansha Comics includes the original color cover art and whatever extras there may be.

Thanks to everyone who alerted me to this news!  ^_^

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10 Responses to “Kodansha USA sez: Negima! Volumes 1-3 to get NEW TRANSLATION!”

  1. arimareiji says:

    Your next-to-last sentence kinda reminds me of the old comic routine:

    “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if (unlikely event)?”
    *unlikely event immediately happens*
    *person thinks about it*
    “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if I won a million dollars?”

    Not that I can blame ya at all. Getting a good retrans of something that got butchered the first time is rare enough that if it were me, I’d be tempted to try to use my apparent newfound power too. (^_~)

    Actually… while you’re at it, could you ask for a retrans of Love Hina? And it would be amazing beyond words if you can get a remake of the anime versions of Fruits Basket and Kare Kano that covers more than 1/3rd of the manga, but you’d be more likely to get the million dollars.

  2. Okay, that’s pretty cool. Except now I don’t really want to pay for the same thing I already own. But will I do it anyway? You can bet that I will.

  3. Nick says:

    yeah i hate that ima have to re buy the negima vols and prolly get the omnibus i hope its hardcover like my fruitsbasket ones

  4. Sian says:

    interesting thought … what if it ment that Kodansha would send out all of Negima out in Omnibus’s of 3 volumes each … created by Japanese Limited editions (with all that includes)

    Sounds like something i’d buy 😀

  5. Well, about time Kodansha lets us know something. Good to see the first three volumes of Negima getting a re-translation. I’m also glad that the Nibleys are still translating the new volumes. I too hope they’re doing the re-trans of vols. 1-3.

    But what’s the deal with scheduling? Vol. 29 won’t be coming out until May? Yikes. Del Rey was already a year (or four volumes; both Del Rey and Kodansha Japan followed a roughly quarterly release schedule) behind the releases of the Japanese tankoubon (vol. 32 just came out over there a few weeks ago), and if things went like normal vol. 29 would be coming out next month. Now we’re going to be about 15-16 months behind. This Del Rey-Kodansha deal apparently didn’t go too smoothly as far as transitioning of responsiblities if everything gets delayed by an extra 3-4 months.

    Let’s hope Kodansha keeps up the bi-monthly schedule so they can catch back up to at least where Del Rey was, if not narrow the Japanese-English release gap further than before. If they do this for a whole year, they can have up to vol. 35 released by May 2012, putting them only 9 months behind the Japanese releases. Of course, they’d probably have to revert back to a quarterly schedule by this point.

    Now, all I want to know is A) will we be getting extras like bonus artwork (e.g. the Sports Four in bikinis for vol. 32’s cover), and B) when will the next volumes of xxxHolic be released? That’s the only other Del Rey series I’m reading that is still ongoing (Tsubasa just finished up before the Del Rey-Kodansha deal).

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @arimareiji — With Akamatsu-sensei’s project in Japan, I’m not sure how that would affect a relaunch of Love Hina in the U.S.

    @RRS — I’ve no problem double-dipping if the re-release is superior to the original. ^_^

    @Nick — hardback would be nice but I suspect they’ll be like most omnibus versions — paperback.

    @Ultimaniac — *lol*

    @Sian — That might be what they do but I don’t know for sure. Dark Horse has impressed the heck out of me with their omnibus releases of CLAMP titles.

    @Shadow — I’ve got a piece scheduled for today about xxxHOLiC. Not much ’cause Del Rey isn’t saying much to anyone but at least we will be getting new xxxHOLiC titles down the road. Del Rey will be doing some other Kodansha titles too but no word on what those are.

  7. Anonymous says:

    oh crap. just after i brought those vol (1-3) this year, then this news came out? what terrible luck i had

  8. Nick says:

    any idea if they will release
    Initial D or Great Teacher Onizuka?

  9. Anonymous says:

    do you have news about Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei? (also done by del-rey)

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