Mobile Suit Gundam – 27

機動戦士ガンダム /Kido Senshi Gundam episode 27
Mobile Suit Gundam – 27

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:
Mobile Suit Gundam - 27Amuro gives a technical briefing on the new G-parts, which is attended by General Revil. After Amuro lays out some problems that need to be resolved, Revil promises to get teams on that immediately and as soon as White Base‘s engine issue is repaired, they can launch for South America.  Meanwhile, Kai has had enough of the military life and leaves.  Bright orders that he be let go and Amuro gives Kai a tool kit to sell for money.  Once in town where the people are making repairs, he runs into the girl from earlier.  She says her name is Miharu and invites him to stay with her, her little brother and little sister.  Once at their house, it doesn’t take Kai long to realize that she’s a spy trying to provide for her siblings, so Kai gives her the information she wants regarding White Base‘s launch window.  This is relayed to Boone and Char, who launch a Z’gok mobile suit and a Gogg to attack with a mission of delaying White Base and getting Miharu on board.  With the attack underway, Char returns to Mad Angler and a contact is sent to commune with Miharu.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 27Miharu leaves and meets the contact from Zeon who pays her a lot of money and gives her new orders to infiltrate White Base. She’s given papers and a Federation uniform.  Returning home, she discovers Kai has left. She leaves the money with her two siblings, giving them final instructions since she’s going to be gone a while.  Meanwhile, Kai watches the battle as the Z’gok takes on Hayate in Guncannon.  Gundam, atop G-Fighter, locates the Zeon ships and the fight is on there with Gundam destroying a Gogg.  Meanwhile, Kai decides he must return and commandeers a motorcycle.  Arriving at White Base, he’s able to save Hayato from destruction with Guntank as Amuro arrives with Gundam.  As Sayla sinks a Zeon ship, Amuro and the Z-gok head underwater to fight but soon Amuro takes it out.  While this is going on, Miharu sneaks aboard White Base, which leaves after the battle is over, having welcomed Kai back.


Mobile Suit Gundam - 27I have to say that I was surprised to see Amuro giving a military briefing, but I liked it (and it did actually explain the whole “G-Part” stuff).  Initially, I thought it was a briefing for a plan of attack much like what happens on board an aircraft carrier.  Of course, this turned out to be wrong once so many people were shown to be attending, including General Revil.  That said, I wouldn’t mind having Sayla (since she’s involved in the G-Fighter), Amuro, Hayato, Kai, and whomever else have mission briefings to try to plan things, even if only training missions.  It would help solidify the notion that the crew of White Base are in fact proper parts of the military.  ^_^

Mobile Suit Gundam - 27Speaking of Kai, why wasn’t he arrested by Bright as soon as it was known for sure that Kai was deserting White Base?  The choice was (1) join the Federation military or (2) quit and be placed in prison for a year.  Instead, Bright allows Kai to leave, Amuro gives him a gift,   Bright and Mirai agree that Kai is a coward, and Kai walks right into Zeon hands when he accepts an offer of shelter from Miharu.  Kai may not have given any major secrets away, but he was responsible for the attack that could have cost lives and certainly caused more destruction for the Irish town White Base was docked at.  Then, he’s let back in like nothing happened.  Yeah, he was a help in the fight with Guntank, but he is the reason for the battle.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 27Now, White Base has a spy on board — Miharu (#107).  Giving her a Federation uniform and papers is fine, but that doesn’t explain why she’s on board White Base.  Since I saw the previews, I know she’s found by Kai so I guess that will provide an out for her since I guess he won’t rat her out.  Regardless, it was interesting to see that her motivations to work for Zeon weren’t in ideology but rather in getting money so that she could provide for her kid brother and sister.  It is sort of a cliched story element these days, but it still worked for me.  Now that I know she has no political agenda, I can see her possibly turning to the Federation’s side, depending on how long she’s on board White Base.  Of course, she might turn Kai to the Zeons.  It will be interesting to see where that goes.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 27Again, Char doesn’t enter battle so I guess they are saving his eventual rematch with Amuro for later.

While I’m thinking about it, a new G-type was mentioned, this time “G-Sky.”  I’m glad we didn’t get a lot of tedious transforming to different forms this episode.  ^_^

I guess the production team began running out of money because there were a lot of pan-and-scan cheap shots during the battle.

So, an enjoyable episode that sets the table for the next leg of White Base‘s journey.  I’m looking forward to seeing more.  ^_^

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