Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 06

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 06
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Suzuka walks the path that goes up the hill to their dorm with the exhausted Hatsune, who had spent her energy chasing Nyutabaru during their race, which went out of control. They are met by their senpai Tachiarai, who appears to be about to tease Hatsune over her loss in the race (for a track violation) but when she sees that Hatsune is literally running on fumes, she takes off for the 1KM round trip to go to a convenience store to buy a snack for Hatsune.

Since Hatsune has no strength to make it up the hill, Suzuka helps her to the ground as they wait for Tachiarai to return. Hatsune apologizes to Suzuka for the inconvenience though Suzuka isn’t worried about that considering Hatsune’s love for running. To their surprise, Tachiarai returns from the trip to the store in less than five minutes, though Tachiarai doesn’t think it should take much time to take a trip to the store. Hatsune is thrilled that Tachiarai has purchased anpan and asks if Tachiarai is an anpan and milk lover. Tachiarai didn’t buy any milk and since anpan goes good with milk, she takes off to buy some even though Suzuka and Hatsune tell her she doesn’t need to.

Hatsune opens the bread package and starts eating when four minutes and twenty-three seconds later, Tachiarai returns with the milk. However, seeing that Hatsune has already finished the anpan, Tachiarai races off to buy more anpan despite Suzuka’s protests.  Suzuka then demands Hatsune stop drinking the milk since this is starting an endless loop.

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 06


In some ways, this was a cute chapter but at the same time, I couldn’t help but think that Fujishima-sensei has focused so much time on other stuff (Ah! My Goddess), he didn’t really have anything much to tell here.  Then again, having seven pages to tell a story isn’t a whole lot and thus there’s not much that can be done with it.

The unusual aspect to this story was having Tachiarai running after Hatsune to buy her snacks and milk.  In the hierarchy Japanese society, which is further enforced in schools, a senpai going out of her way to buy Hatsune this stuff seemed quite odd, especially since it seemed that Tachiarai was going to tease Hatsune about losing.  Now, had Tachiarai only purchased the one anpan package, I would have thought nothing of it.  However, she then decides to buy Hatsune milk and then more anpan and well that doesn’t seem to fit.  Obviously, this is supposed to be a joke but it didn’t make me laugh.  I smiled but more so at how Hatsune decided to take advantage of this, which Suzuka spotted immediately.

I wish this manga had more pages OR was published more frequently.  It may be that this is the project that Fujishima-sensei will do if he gets to end Ah! My Goddess.

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