A Japanese Music Video to Give You Seizures ^_^

HALCALIA Japanese Music Video to Give You Seizures ^_^

I talked about this song a bit in 2007, but since the blog is so much larger these days, I thought I’d share the love again, especially since I’m behind and needed a quick entry. ^_^;;;

The song is Strawberry Chips ~Tanaka Chigai Mix~ by HALCALI, a female duo that merges J-Pop with J-Rap/hip-hop.  I’ve listened to a lot of their music but frankly, this is the only version of any song of theirs that I’ve actually kinda liked the sound of.  The fact that it has a video that will potentially give a person a seizure is just icing on the cake.

After seeing this, its no wonder the Japanese have to put warnings in front of anime shows to prevent seizures. The infamous, banned, Pocket Monsters episode “Dennou Senshi Porigon” that caused so many problems in Japan (and which The Simpsons parodied in the episode “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo“) has nothing on this. Trust me, I’ve seen the Japanese original (which has the oh-so-wonderful HAYASHIBARA Megumi in it).  I should blog that someday.

For those wondering what the original song is like, you can check it out here (at least, until the Internet Police purge the Internet of anything that is deemed harmful).

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