MINE Fujiko and Conan-kun "Love" (Another Lupin III/Detective Conan Crossover)

Hiya gang, ANB here with another image-love special.  As many of you know, my cruising the Internet often causes me to discover very interesting ports of call, especially on Japanese image boards or the like.  Whenever I find something I like, I have to share.

This time around, I found a very funny (and somewhat ecchi) crossover image featuring Conan-kun from Detective Conan and MINE Fujiko of Lupin III fame.  The two powerhouse franchises had an official anime crossover back in 2009 (which I subsequently watched and reviewed), but I guess some fan wanted even more.  In light of the current Lupin III: A Woman Named MINE Fujiko series, where Fujiko is naked quite often, and will bang anything that moves if required, it caused this image of Fujiko and Conan to make me laugh quite a bit.

Open spoiler to see image



There’s something so very wrong, yet funny, about Fujiko attempting to strip Conan with a single purpose in mind as he desperately attempts to get away. *lol* The way Lupin looks is also amusing to me. ^_^

Anyway, I see I have another episode about Fujiko to watch when I get up tomorrow.  Here’s hoping I can get it blogged in time, while getting my next project underway. ^_^

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8 Responses to “MINE Fujiko and Conan-kun "Love" (Another Lupin III/Detective Conan Crossover)”

  1. Aniplogs says:

    Lupin is jealous hahahahahahaha!

  2. Troy Troodon says:

    Hahahaha…oh dear, Fujiko’s a pedophile. *Shivers*

  3. […] including having sex with underaged girls, to get what she wants. I put up the humorous image of Fujiko trying to sex Detective Conan, but what makes it funny is that after watching this anime series, you know it is true. Fujiko is […]

  4. lupinthethirdlover1 says:

    I think that for the first time in forever, Lupin is annoyed at Fujiko.

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