I’ve Also Decided to Blog Accel World

Hiya gang. Well, I don’t always have time to watch everything recommended to me, which is a shame, but I do make note of everything recommended.

This brings me to my next add, Accel World. The first person who recommended this to me did so upon learning that I was interested in Jormungand, and stated that Accel World was better.  Well, “better” is all a mater of taste, but as I always do, I checked into it, added it to the list, and have now decided to episode-blog the series.

Accel World

Well, the overweight boy certainly is not what I’d expect, but that did really pique my curiosity. I mean, does the fat boy get one of the anime babes?

Regardless, I’ll get to judge for myself on how good this anime really is, according to my tastes. ^_^

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21 Responses to “I’ve Also Decided to Blog Accel World”

  1. burnpsy says:

    In the light novels, the fat kid actually gets a full-blown harem, actually.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Which probably means he will in the anime as well.

    • burnpsy says:

      The anime probably won’t get far enough for that.

    • DeltaResilience says:

      First off, yay! AnB Accel World reviews!

      Considering that its a light novel adaptation, I gotta agree. But this can be fixed with a season 2, and I wouldn’t be surprised if AW gets one.

      I know you’d be watching the anime, but would you ever consider reading the Light Novel, since you also seemed to have checked out the To Aru series.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’ve actually read very few light novel series. The few I’ve either owned or glanced at fan translations of haven’t fired me up much, despite my desires to see the original stories. I probably should anyway, but the main problem with fan translations is that I’m rather restricted on when and where I can read them, unlike books (including manga) I own, where I can read in bed and then fall asleep (which is my normal modus operandi).

    • Hong Lee says:

      The fat boy seems to be very funny. I mean he is so cute. Can anybody tell me what kind of the anime role did he play in the “Aceel World”? I can not wait to know the answer. To be honest, the anime “Accel World” is really interesting to me. Besides, the “Neural Linker” seems to be very magical, right? I like it very much. So, I usually see the ” Accel World” cosplay show about it and I like their cosplay costumes which I hear from the website-skycostume.com. Those costumes are really charming and I like them very much.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Sadly, I can’t answer that. In fact, I still need to watch the series. ^_^;;;; (So much for my plan back when I posted this article.)

  2. evgenidb says:

    Do you plan to review Sword Art Online as well? I believe they are in the same universe/setting (at least according to anidb).

  3. I’m actually three episodes into Accel World. It has an interesting premise, and I like the dynamic between the male and female leads (the former of whom manages to differ from a lot of male leads in shonen and harem series). It’s managed to keep my interest so far, but hopefully I can motivate myself to put down whatever other projects I’m working on to sit down, crank up Hulu on my TV, and watch the damn thing…

  4. bakakubi says:

    Another great choice to blog about. As others have already mentioned, sword art online would be another great series to watch if you enjoy this one as well. The light novel’s pretty popular to say the least, and it’s also by the same author of Accel World.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I see that Sword Art Online is just now starting. I gather, but I think I’ll hold off blogging it for now, as I want to get the things I’ve announced going, as well as clear my manga purchase backlog. ^_^;

  5. cxt217 says:

    Accel World has been one of the more interesting and different (The good type of different.) series of the year. I like it, for what it is.

    Also second the recommendation about Sword Art Online, though that just started airing. I also have to say that in terms of light novel series, SAO is probably the better of the two. The volumes are definitely engaging reads. Also, SAO seems to have a fairly devoted following in the English speaking world, since the light novel translations are almost current with releases – which is generally amazing.


    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, I do appreciate everyone making me aware of SAO. As I mentioned elsewhere, I’ll delay watching/blogging it so I can do the stuff announced and catch up on my manga purchase backlog.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting for you to watch these. 😉

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    *sigh* Yet another series I never got around to watching.

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