Spotted Flower Chapter 08 (Manga)

Spotted Flower Chapter 08 (Manga)
Spotted Flower manga chapter 08

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

NOTE: For the purposes of this and future reviews, until the characters are given names, I will call the woman “Oku-san” (a term for a wife) and I’ll refer to the guy as “Dannasan” (a term for a husband).

Oku-san confronts her husband, demanding he show her one of his porn games. He’s surprised by this, but she explains that she just wants to see what they are like. In reality, she’s hoping to use this as an opportunity to have sex.

Danna-san says he’s going for one that’s not so hardcore, but since his wife insists that he play what he usually plays, he goes along with it. She’s surprised that the game is fully voiced. Since he usually plays these games with headphones on, so that Oku-san won’t hear and because it is more exciting, Oku-san tells him to put them on and even turns out the lights, hoping that things go her way.

As Oku-san observes, she doesn’t really understand these kinds of games. When the sex scene starts, she gives it a few minutes before she goes for her husband’s privates. In the process, she accidentally unplugs the headphones, hearing something shocking. She looks to Danna-san for an explanation. He says that this game is about traps, meaning the “girls” in the game are actually guys. She’s stunned by this and though he states that he’s not gay, she leaves crying, vowing she’s not beaten yet.


*lol* Oh, this is so wrong. Kio-sensei is really into traps these days. ^_^;;;  Frankly, I will never understand this thing the Japanese (and others) have with traps. Ugh.

As to the story, I also don’t understand Danna-san not wanting to have sex with his wife just because she’s pregnant. He’s got no problem with the current, fad otaku sexual trap fetish, but apparently not the pregnant woman sex fetish. Makes no sense to me.

As for Oku-san, I don’t see how she stays married to this guy. I also don’t see how she hasn’t really communicated her needs to him.  I guess if she did that, there wouldn’t be a story.

So, despite the “ugh” factor, I couldn’t help but get a laugh out of this chapter.

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  1. Lan says:

    the payoff of this chapter was golden.

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