xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 03 Review

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 03
xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 03

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Watanuki observes the second female customer’s phone strap, complete with the tiny, cute animal figures, the cat one being dirty. Watanuki starts to make mention of this, and Yuuko-san informs this customer that their previous female customer had stopped by with the same phone strap. Customer 2 asks how Customer 1 looked, citing how she has seemed under the weather at work. Yuuko-san remarks that the two must be good friends, but she gets interupted by Customer 2 who proclaims very assuredly that Customer 1 is a good friend of hers, much in the same way that Customer 1 had done for Customer 2.

After Customer 2 leaves, Watanuki notes how she didn’t touch her beverage either. Yuuko-san makes mention that Watanuki had looked doubtful when he saw the straps, both customers having identical straps and both having one figure that was dirty.

Watanuki discusses this with Doumeki and Himawari-chan at school. Himawari asks what Yuuko-san said about it, but Watanuki says she didn’t say anything other than the customer would be back because of hitsuyou.

At the shop at dinner, Watanuki is irritated because Doumeki is over. Yuuko-san is amused, since their comedy act is better than TV. When Yuuko-san sends Watanuki to get more booze, Yuuko-san asks Doumeki if this is about the customer. He confirms it, saying it is someone he’s connected with. Yuuko-san says it is still OK as this customer isn’t involved.

The following day (or so), Customer 1 returns to the shop, this time being bandaged up on her left leg and right hand.


Well, CLAMP is getting down to the mysterious and somewhat confusing again. *_*

It is so blasted difficult to know with CLAMP, but it appears that Watanuki had a reality shift, where one moment he’s in one place and the next he’s in another location. Assuming this is a dream, that would explain it.  However, I’m not thrilled by this shifting business because I didn’t like it in the original xxxHOLiC.

Anyway, regarding the case itself, I still don’t have enough information to base much of an opinion. It would seem obvious that the dirty, cat strap represents Customer 1 since she returned with injuries. What the supernatural angle is, combined with why the two women won’t drink the beverages placed before them when they come to visit, is still a mystery.

Yuuko-san’s and Doumeki’s brief conversation near the end of the chapter is certainly confusing since they seem to know something that Watanuki doesn’t. I can’t help but wonder if this is the whole egg thing that ended up not being used in the original manga. For all we know, Doumeki’s descendant used it to allow Yuuko-san to return after a fashion, and put Watanuki in a place where he had the most fun in his life.

Well, nothing to do but wait for the next chapter and see what CLAMP feeds us.

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