Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W – 07

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W episode 07 review
這いよれ!ニャル子さん W

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Outside the school grounds, a happy Nyarlko is wanting to do something adventurous with Mahiro, but Cthuko also wants to do something similar with Nyarlko, who’s not so keen about that. Nyarlko is recalling her time with Mahiro the night before and her perception of Mahiro confirming his love when Yoriko shows up, having won tickets to a local water park. Nyarlko is excited to show off a swimsuit to Mahiro, and Nyarlko is excited at the prospect of seeing it while Hastur is excited to being going to a pool with Mahiro.

At the water park, Hastur, Nyarlko, Cthuko, and Yoriko show off their swimsuits for Mahiro, as does Shanta-kun. At the artificial beach, Nyarlko attempts to get Mahiro to put sunblock on her so that he can use this as a pretense to grope her. Mahiro turns that over to Cthuko, who is very much into doing just that, much to Nyarlko’s disgust. Nyarlko convinces Mahiro to ride with her on a small rubber raft, which makes her happy. However, her attempts to be romantic with him in the tiny raft cause it to capsize. Mahiro wakes up on a beach, which Nyarlko claims is deserted, but she’s happy to be with Mahiro to become Adam & Eve. However, they are still at the water park, and Cthuko shows up, wanting to play Adam & Even with Nyarlko.

Hastur shows up hungry, so Yoriko goes to buy the group lunch. Hastur picks a takoyaki stand, which happens to be owned by Luhy and which has Tamao working working part-time at. Mahiro still doesn’t trust the food to not be alien in origin. Tamao gives him a couple of containers of takoyaki for Nyarlko and Cthuko, who’d been left at the artificial beach. As he goes off to find them, Hastur suggests taking a swim with Luhy. She tells Hastur that she is here to work, not play. However, after a chat with Tamao, Luhy changes into her swimsuit to have fun with Hastur while Tamao mans the takoyaki stand alone.

Meanwhile, Mahiro finds Cthuko on the shore and “revives” her with one of the takoyaki containers. Cthuko says he doesn’t have to pretend to be her boyfriend now that Cthune is not around, but he’s just being nice. Cthuko starts to show affection for Mahiro, causing a jealous Nyarlko to kick her aside. She’s starts scolding Mahiro, but that changes when he reveals he has brought her takoyaki as well. However, they discover Cthuko has stolen the other package and consumed it, leading to a standoff between Nyarlko and Cthuko that causes the water to boil. Yoriko puts an end to their conflict with a bolt of lightning and a ton of forks, causing great mental distress for Nyarlko and Cthuko even after the group leaves the park. Mahiro tells his mom not to enter any more lotteries, but she’s already won another trip prize.


I only caught a couple of references this time. First was one from Mobile Suit Gundam, where Nyarlko takes the role of Sayla sunbathing.

The other one was from the movie Cast Away, with the ball Wilson on the beach there.

Cthuko’s clichéd sexual attacks on Nyarlko made my eyes roll.  On the other hand, I did like how her recent warmer attitude toward Mahiro continued.  I really could believe that Cthuko would not mind being with Mahiro, more so if Mahiro is with Cthuko.

I was glad that Mahiro wasn’t cold toward Cthuko, who’d gained such a boost of confidence and happiness because Mahiro had tossed her a bone the night before and had been kind to her. He’s still not comfortable with her clingy ways, but he let her enjoy some romantic moments.  There’s no doubting the depth of Nyarlko’s love and affection for Mahiro.

I still can’t help but feel sorry for Tamao, who’s putting on a brave face and smiling, but considering her own feelings for Mahiro, it still has to suck for her to see Mahiro with his “harem” and then to see that Mahiro doesn’t even give Nyarlko the love Nyarlko craves.

Speaking of relationships, it now appears we have yet another unrequited love in the mix.  Tamao must have noticed Luhy being interested in Hastur, thus her suggestion she take a break and play with him. Luhy certainly acted like a girl interested in a guy when she showed up in her swimsuit. Man, just when I think things couldn’t get weirder, I’m reminded that we still haven’t quite reached CLAMP levels yet.

Most of the humor for me came from Yoriko summoning lightning and launching forks at Cthuko and Nyarlko to stop their fight, which had evaporated all of the water from that beach end of the park. Plus, their reactions afterward were rather amusing. That’s one way to control powerful jashin I suppose. ^_~

Ah, but there was one other humor moment that made me laugh — Shanta-kun in a swimsuit.

In the end, I liked this episode and I liked the romantic nods between Nyarlko and Mahiro (and even the nods between Cthuko and Mahiro) as well as the Yoriko humor at the end of the episode. However, the episode did seem to lack something and seemed to just be going through the motions.

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