Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 407

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 407

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Risa tells Miki and Izumi that they aren’t aiming for Koshien, the high school baseball championships. They remind her that they don’t play baseball which is all the more reason Risa wants them to strive for it, since they do nothing but engage in time sinks. Miki and Izumi still don’t know how they’ll they’ll achieve Koshien without baseball players, but Risa tells them they’ll make the figurative Koshien by making a video.

So, the trio head to Izumi’s house to have her powerful father make a video Koshien. He’s hesitant about doing this, even with the argument of his electronic company contributing to society, but when Izumi pleads with her father, he cannot resist her and places a large amount of company money to make this video Koshien.

The video Koshien competition is set with a ¥10 million prize. Yukiji shows up, declaring herself to be the Video Research Club’s adviser, stating that she’ll guide them to victory, which they all can see is just an attempt to grab the money. They decide to make a shocking video, so Yukiji wears her high school uniform, which the trio agrees is shocking, more so since it suits her.

Risa decides they can’t win with this, so they tell Yukiji she can change. They ask Izumi for an idea, so she suggests the visit her brother-butler’s room. They do and the room is seen to have all walls and ceiling covered in large photos of Hayate. Risa and Miki agree this would make for a shocking video, but they don’t agree with Izumi’s notion that this is a sign of pure love. Miki and Risa decide they need to track down the criminal Kotetsu, a notion which confuses Izumi.

Using their phone, they discover Kotetsu is in Akihabara, so they race there, arriving just in time to witness Hayate in a made costume punching Kotetsu’s lights out. Having captured this on video, Hayate realizes he’s being recorded and begs them to stop. When Miki asks why Hayate is wearing a perverted maid costume, Hayate explains that it is due to him helping Wataru and Saki with their new store. Catching Saki in the viewfinder, Risa suggests that an emotional video might be better. Miki and Izumi agree, but Yukiji, still in her school uniform, says videoing her would be better.


I gotta say that for the most part, this chapter bored me. I couldn’t get into yet another scheme of Risa’s to do something. Part of it is the “been there, done that” aspect, but also because Risa just doesn’t have the same “umph” she used to with her former character design.

Seeing Kotetsu’s room was creepy but not unexpected. That’s taking stalking to the extreme.

Yukiji wearing the sailor seifuku from her school days was unexpected. Since they are in Akihabara, I’m REALLY hoping that should Hata-sensei continue dealing with the video Koshien story, I hope that Kaoru-sensei shows up to witness Yukiji in her uniform.

I did like that this chapter linked up with the previous chapter via Hayate punching Kotetsu.

Beyond that, I just have nothing on this chapter. We’ll see what Hata-sensei does with this, but frankly, at this point, this part of the story did nothing for me.

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