Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 404

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 404

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Kayura informs Hayate by phone that Nagi has gone and that Isumi had replaced her. She plans to look for Nagi with Isumi, except that Isumi is now gone. Ruka asks if Hayate has to go help find Nagi, but Hayate has faith in Nagi. Plus, he says that Nagi is very lucky.

The woman in the Lamborghini is speeding along until they reach Lake Biwa, where the woman pulls over to take a break. Nagi is relieved to be alive, but angry with the woman for putting her life in danger. The woman says she was in no danger, but even if Nagi were injured, the woman would heal her since she is a traveling doctor named Kurosu, who saves patients she takes a liking to. Kurosu-sensei hands Nagi a canned beverage. Kurosu-sensei says a prayer while facing the Shirahige torii (shrine gate) in Lake Biwa before heading out with Nagi to Kyoto.

That night at Yukari-chan House, Ruka notices Hayate is still up and figures he’s worried about Nagi. She tells him that he should leave and go save Nagi. Hayate says he can’t, since doing so would anger Nagi. Ruka asks if Hayate plans to be Nagi’s butler forever. He says that he doesn’t think it will be forever, despite his promise to protect her in the past and in the future. Once he pays back his debt and Nagi is able to live happily on her own, Hayate will stop being her butler. He doesn’t think that day is far off.


Har! Hata-sensei actually addressed Isumi showing up and then revealing that she had already disappeared, as I expected.

I like how Hayate held back from going to Nagi’s side even though he’s clearly worried about her. I’m slowly rereading the Viz manga volumes as part of my bedtime reading, so I’m reminded of how often he does come to her side whenever she calls. No doubt, Hayate wants to go out an help her, but he’s smart enough to know that these events will be good for her.

I find it interesting that that Hata-sensei is implying that Hayate’s term as a butler for Nagi will be one year in length. After all, he came into Nagi’s service on December 24 and this chapter made a point of zooming in on the manga’s current year’s December 24th date.  It is summer now, so that also implies the manga is half over.

I’m not sure where Hata-sensei is heading with this new doctor character, Kurosu-sensei. He made a point of showing the doctor praying as the sun rose over the Shirahige torii in Lake Biwa and also made a point of Nagi noticing this. Not sure what that means either since I’m not aware of the significance of the Shirahige torii, other than it being in the lake.

Hopefully, next chapter will continue with Nagi’s story, regardless of whether Maria and Ah-tan show up or not.

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