xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 06 Review

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Doumeki pokes and annoys Watanuki a bit as they walk to the shop with groceries. They are greeted at the door by Maru and Moro, who solemnly announce that a previous customer has returned. As expected, it is the strap lady, Customer 1, who’s injured even more. When Yuuko-san points this out and the fact that Customer 2’s phone strap was similarly damaged as Customer 1’s, Customer 1 explains that though she’s friends with Customer 2, something happened that she can’t forgive, involving Customer 2’s former boyfriend.

She says that she can’t do anything directly to Customer 2, so she bought a phone strap from the Internet. Ironically, Customer 1 did the same thing, so they gave each other straps. Customer 1 hasn’t communicated at all with Customer 2, stating that should something bad happen to Customer 2, Customer 1 is innocent. She then remarks that the one who has it worst is not the cursed one, but the one doing the curse. With that, she removes the head of the rabbit on the phone strap representing Customer 2. With that, she wants Yuuko-san and Watanuki to verify that she’d not done anything personally to Customer 2.


Yikes! This had slipped my mind. Thankfully, something reminded me to check in on the current chapters. Now I have many chapters to read and blog. ^_^

This chapter certainly took an unexpected twist. Before, it looked like Customer 2 was the one doing the curse on Customer 1, but this chapter indicates that Customer 1 took the punishment in order to curse Customer 2 and murder her via the phone strap animal. That’s pretty jacked up, if you ask me.

The other, more sinister element, is that Customer 1 wanted an alibi so that when Customer 2 gets killed, there’s nothing to tie Customer 1 to the killing. After all, how could taking the head off of the toy animal figure from a phone strap kill someone?

I want to see how this wraps up, so I’ll end this here and move to the next chapter.

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