xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 07 Review

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 07

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

After Customer 1’s visit is done, Yuuko-san, Watanuki, and Doumeki discuss the situation. Watanuki can’t believe the two women called each other “close friends”. Yuuko-san points out that the two women were very similar, so they probably were friends, but when the other wasn’t around, the former would talk bad about the other, thinking themselves superior. Because they were so alike, they even evoked the same curse. Yuuko-san then remarks that if one thinks there are only stupid or worthless people around them, then that person might be just as stupid or worthless.

With a smirk, she asks Watanuki what he thinks of the people around him. He looks at her, then at Doumeki before trying to race away, saying one of them is a pain. She laughingly points out he’s being a pain in his own way.

With Watanuki gone, Doumeki asks if it is time yet. She says it isn’t time yet, but the time will come. She speaks of changing bonds, going from place to place, and returning to the starting point. She points out that the egg Doumeki holds has been led by him due to the bond between him and Watanuki. Thus, anything that happens is according to people’s wishes along with the effects that result.

Watanuki returns with food and feels Doumeki may have been trashing him. Watanuki refuses to serve Doumeki, so Doumeki takes some snacks just the same. Watanuki goes off, much to Yuuko-san’s amusement. However, she has something she wants them to do.  She sends them to Watanuki’s rundown apartment complex, which creeps him out. The room Yuuko-san sends them to the apartment which is next to Watanuki’s. Since their instructions are to go in and wait, Doumeki is ready to go in, but Watanuki notices something wrong.


Ah, CLAMP. This chapter took another unexpected twist.

But first, the wrap up to the story of the two female customers who’d cursed each other didn’t exactly do much.  I was amused at Yuuko-san’s remarks regarding how one views others around them being a reflection of themselves. I can understand that — if one feels oneself superior to everyone around them, then you are likely as inferior as the fools you see around you.

That said, my own belief is that if one respects those for whom respect is deserved, then acknowledging the fools around you doesn’t put you into the fool’s category. You simply know your place.

But I digress…^_~

The fun part of this chapter was the egg.  When we left xxxHOLiC Rou, it was Doumeki’s grandson who had the egg. The then fairly powerful Watanuki was basically given a release from his self-imposed exile at the shop, but nothing else was really said about that. Further, there was no Yuuko-san.

So, what do we have here? Is this the Doumeki of Watanuki’s high school days, brought back to life after a fashion in some sort of dream world of Watanuki’s?  That would mean that Yuuko-san would be the same since both seem to understand where they are and why.

What about Himawari-chan? Thus far, we haven’t seen enough of her to indicate whether or not she also has an awareness of being brought back to the beginning, meaning Watanuki is reliving his high school days where he worked for Yuuko-san.

I didn’t expect for this manga to visit Watanuki’s apartment complex. During the xxxHOLiC/xxxHOLiC Rou time, we never saw where Watanuki lived.  It was stated that he lived alone, but he was always at Yuuko-san’s place (shop) when he wasn’t shown at school or on a mission for Yuuko-san. His building looks pretty rundown. I’m interested to see where things will go.

I’m hoping that this time, CLAMP has a real plan with the story. Since there’s no drag from Tsubasa, this time, there’s no excuse for not having one.

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2 Responses to “xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 07 Review”

  1. Lan says:

    I think the story is going that he is trapped in a dream world of his own doing/magical powers. I do believe however that Yuko and Doumeki are real, as in its their soul/spirit. Im not too sure about everyone else, including Himawari-chan. They be be NPC’s.

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