xxxHOLiC Rei Manga Chapter 11 Review (The mysteries continue.)

xxxホリック ◆ 戻 chapter 11

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

The arms from the youkai mass reach for Watanuki as he hears a voice asking if he wants to come back. Calling for Yuuko-san, Watanuki flees the mass as it gives chase. The mass asks him to come back, but before it can say why, he has reached Yuuko-san, who attacks the mass. She has a strange look on her face that troubles Watanuki until she smiles and thanks him for completing her request.

Later on the engawa, Watanuki sits outside with Yuuko-san as she enjoys sake and snacks. She knows Watanuki wants an explanation, so she says that Watanuki’s task was to lure it to her since it would not come by her shop on its own. Since she knew it would come by Watanuki’s house, so she used Watanuki as bait, making it aware of him, then making it follow him.

Upon hearing this, Watanuki asks if she was responsible for making him answer the thing. She says nothing, so he asks about the thing saying “Come back” to him as he pours her more sake.


Well, the mysteries continue.

Prior to Watanuki fleeing the youkai mass, I am not sure whom Watanuki is hearing ask if he wants to come back. There’s a butterfly symbol and the speech bubble isn’t the same as the youkai mask. So, the implication is Yuuko-san.  For some reason, I’m not sure about that.

Yuuko-san’s attack made sure that the youkai mass could not finish its sentence, which is suspicious because it seems like the youkai mass was going to explain why it wanted Watanuki. I’ve wondered if the youkai mass is something tied to the real world.

As for Yuuko-san here, her facial expressions at times are so atypical for her. She doesn’t answer certain things and she just has a more sinister air to her at times. It really is freaky to see.

Also, I was struck by Yuuko-san’s fanservicey dress. It was almost as if it were dissolving, adding to the air of mystery to her and this whole new series.

Lots of questions, no answers yet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I did notice in this chapter that Yuuko hasn’t yet left the grounds of the Shop yet in this series and she had to get Watanuki to bring the thing to her. This could mean that this Yuuko is a soulless being just like Maru & Moro.

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