KILL la KILL Episode 23 (Penultimate battle.)

キルラキル ep. 23 SPOILER Review
KILL la KILL episode 23


KILL la KILL Episode 23Ira, Uzu, and Nonon are somewhat displeased that Mako has a Goku uniform and they don’t, but Iori and Houka have their reasons. As Satsuki and Ryuuko approach the main Seimeisen mass, Ragyou produces two Seimeisen blades, which is how Ryuuko’s scissor blade and Ryuuko’s sword were crafted. Ragyou easily holds off the sisters as the Seimeisen mass changes course to attack the Hadaka no Taiyou-maru.  Mako holds the line, but is eventually overcome. However, this allows the Elite Four to don their new Goku uniforms and re-enter the battle with renewed vigor. Ragyou is not impressed, so after kicking Satsuki aside, she slices Ryuuko in half at the waste with her two blades.

KILL la KILL Episode 23Ragyou effortlessly beats Satsuki, but then learns that Satsuki is the decoy as Ryuuko regenerated after falling into the water. Ryuuko then enters the center of the Seimeisen mass unobstructed. The Elite Four jump to Satsuki’s defense. Uzu opens his eyes to go all out against Ragyou as Houka tosses Satsuki the Bakuzan-gako and Bakuzan-kouryuu blades. Mikisugi has the Hadaka no Taiyou-maru transform into blade form, and with Mako and the other club leaders powering the ship, it tears through the Seimeisen mass, giving Ryuuko what she needs to take it down. Nui arrives with Shinra Kouketsu, so Ragyou gives her new arms and dons this new suit before Rei sacrifices herself to feed it.


This episode was pretty much by the numbers — lots of action where the heroines are using their last aces, but then they pull one out of the fire, surprising the main villain, who then in turn has one more weapon waiting to use against the heroines.

KILL la KILL Episode 23

When Ryuuko was sliced in half, I figured that despite all of the red herring setup on why Seimeisen couldn’t regenerate when two blades coming from opposite ends are used (like scissors), she was in fact OK. It was too much of an obvious misdirection for me to take it seriously. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

KILL la KILL Episode 23

I liked the Elite Four getting their new Goku uniforms (with obvious Nudist Beach influences).  It was expected, of course, but I liked seeing them get to go all out.

KILL la KILL Episode 23

Ditto for Uzu opening his eyes again. Yeah, it is a cliche for the character with the shut eyes to go all out when their eyes are opened, but I don’t mind. ^_^

KILL la KILL Episode 23

Mako and family were their usual, humorous selves. I did briefly wonder if Mako might be the character that dies. I know a lot of folks are thinking someone is going to die in this series.

KILL la KILL Episode 23

One last wild (or not so wild) prediction — Soroi dies. Just saying since it seemed like his death flag was tripped.  Either his or Satsuki’s. ^_^;;;

KILL la KILL Episode 23

I had expected to see the other school club members in more of the active fight after they got their Goku uniforms, but they ended up just helping Mako man the hamster wheel (which was an unexpected and hilarious means of propulsion).

KILL la KILL Episode 23

It is weird, but Nui’s arrival with Shinra Kouketsu and her subsequent, and I think honest, humility toward Ragyou made me feel kinda bad for her missing arms. As such, I was actually happy for Nui that Ragyou constructed new arms for her.

KILL la KILL Episode 23

In an odd sort of way, Nui is another daughter of Ragyou. While Ragyou’s biological daughters have rejected her, Nui seeks Ragyou’s motherly (and not so motherly) love and affection. She really is a tragic character, which is why it will be a shame in some ways if she has to die.

KILL la KILL Episode 23

Finally, in all of the talk about the Ira-Mako pairing, I haven’t spoken of the other pairing — Nonon and Uzu. Yeah, let’s make it happen, Trigger. ^_~

KILL la KILL Episode 23

Well, I guess all that’s left now is the final episode. ^_^

KILL la KILL Episode 23

KILL la KILL Episode 23

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12 Responses to “KILL la KILL Episode 23 (Penultimate battle.)”

  1. Aki says:

    Yay review is out, I honestly just laugh at the writer and producer of this anime for the amount of recycled gurren lagaan elements… This ep took elements of the beast men arc at the final battle against lord genome.

    I pretty much anticipate what elements of gurren lagaan is integrated into each ep now… This ep consist of the naked sun flying into the seimeisen and into hounoji gakuen. Which is quite literally the clone of gurren dan launching the blade part of dai gurren (a portable giant mecha battle ship/dock shaped into a blade… Imagine naked sun with legs arm and a head) into lord genome castle during the final battle against lord genome.

    Ragyou doning shinra kotetsu is a reflection of how genome revealed his own lagaan merged mecha to fight against shimon who pilots the gurren lagaan… Ryuko with her decaptipation modes is now hinting towards how shimon and kamina started to make use of spiral energy to constantly use a kitsatsu giga drill break move

    I also liked how they revealed how dual blades is necessary to counter life fibre regens, since trigger seems to be sticking to a 25 ep single arc… I assume the fight will last two ep with a major cliffhanger… Seems like the producer and writer are avoiding killing off characters for this series.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I thought there were only 24 episodes for KILL la KILL. Everything I’ve seen indicated 24 episodes, unless there’s a special coming with the DVD/BD release. ^_^;

      • Gore17 says:

        Yep, there’ll be a special.

      • Aki says:

        Ah 24 eps, I was hoping they drag it out to 25 eps since most modern series go for 25 episodes. I’m looking at up coming anime and blade and soul is coming out and then there sao in July and psycho pass in October.

        Well thanks for letting me know kill la kill one of the ending series next week, on contrary nagi no Asakura is getting good

  2. Setsuyume says:

    Well, let me get this out of the way first:

    1- OMFGooooooooooooooods!!!!! I cant even remember how long it has been since I got so excited watching anime! Can you believe I actually had a DREAM about it?! XDDDDDD I spent the entire dream holding Ragyo tighly from behind, to give everyone else time (ira was there too, as the final shield and all). By the end, she says something along the lines of: “I failed because of you,…!” Then she screams my FULL NAME! HAHAHAHAHA! Man, was that crazy awesome or not?! Last time I dreamed about anime was watching the first Tenchi Muyo!

    2- Ok, I am not going to point out many things today. Basically, the ENTIRE episode was complete win to me. Just 2 little things to mention:

    2.1. Mako. Oh, Mako. These might have been her craziest antics so far! The boost scene was moving, cute and funny! I wonder what she’ll be like next episode?

    2.2. The new Elite 4. Didn’t occur to me the NB influence, well noted.

    P.S. And the anime ends…*sigh* Well, I probably will check Trigger’s other works from now on. At least we have an OVA after. Wonder what it’ll be about? Future or something? Heh!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Last time I dreamed about anime was watching the first Tenchi Muyo!

      I’ve never actually dreamed about Tenchi. The only anime I remember dreaming about was watching some Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS sequel were Fate was the star. Weird. I don’t remember anything beyond that.

      As to Mako, yeah, she was good. ^_^

      The new Elite 4. Didn’t occur to me the NB influence, well noted.

      I didn’t notice it the first time I watched, but during my second viewing for the purposes of writing the article, I did notice it then. ^_^

      At least we have an OVA after. Wonder what it’ll be about? Future or something? Heh!

      Yeah, I wonder as well.

      • Setsuyume says:

        Oh, right, right. There is a time in this episode, during the fight, that Satsuki is about to use a technique but hesitates for a second… trying to create a name on the spot maybe? lol

  3. Aki says:

    Each time I’m hearing ragyou voice… I keep seeing images of toshiro and Edward Elric each time she breaks back into her shonen prodigy voice.

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