Toradora! Springtime (And a bit of housekeeping.)

With spring here (although a winter storm is approaching) and my having just read Toradora! Volume 6 from Seven Seas (I’ll review it later), I really feel in the mood to break out my Toradora! DVD set and rewatch it if I can find the time.  In the meantime, here’s a nifty image from the anime series back when it was going on.

Toradora! Spring Graduation

On the housekeeping side, still no UQ Holder 31 spoilers yet.

I’m hoping that since I’m not watching any new anime this season, I can catch up on some manga volume reviews, revive my “Back to the Vaults” series, and even see about marathoning a few anime titles on the shelf. Obviously, a lot of things depend on my work schedule, which has become rather busy since my trip to NJ/NY.

Being busy has also slowed down the old blog post image correction project.  But, I do what I can.

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye open for UQ Holder spoilers.

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2 Responses to “Toradora! Springtime (And a bit of housekeeping.)”

  1. Aki says:

    Seeing taiga makes me want to watch ookami San to shichinn no nakama tachi

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