UQ Holder Chapter 48 SPOILER Rumors (Update #1 – an image)

Here is a bit of potential SPOILER rumor for the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 48, courtesy of 2CH. No images or greater details anywhere yet. I’ll keep my eyes open for such, and should ANY of you have information you can verify, especially with a spoiler image, I would appreciate sharing it here. ^_^ (My review of UQ Holder chapter 48 should come out Wednesday.)


The UQ Holder chapter 48 goodness begins.^_^

It isn’t translated yet, but here’s what the 2CH poster says.




あの子…自分では覚えていないけど もう…死んでいるんです


ChaosProphet (or someone with Japanese skills) will have to provide a few more details (the writer of this post does so in a more cryptic fashion, which is why it is more difficult to translate).  However, I think the three girls from the morals committee (I think I called them the discipline committee) show up. I could be wrong as I get the sense that we may be getting a Santa flashback as well.

If there’s more information with UQ Holder chapter 48 spoilers, I’ll post it. Feel free to share if you know more.

Update #1: It appears the Japanese are throttling early releases of Weekly Shounen Magazine, but here’s the lone spoiler image from MK, with the girl being the one talking about Santa being dead (if I’m understanding correctly; being sick kinda makes one not at 100%).

UQ Holder Chapter 48 SPOILER

Thanks to ChaosProphet for the alert. ^_^


UQ Holder Chapter 48

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14 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 48 SPOILER Rumors (Update #1 – an image)”

  1. so it seem we having less and less spoiler from future chapters now … aww so strict
    and the raw pages almost slowed down to same day as english pages from crunchyroll too

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      For now. We would go through dry periods in Negima too. Of course, so far, UQ Holder hasn’t proven as popular as Negima, so I don’t know if a new source of the magazine will happen. Of course, if Kodansha Comics is not shipping the magazine until the last moment, then the only chance would be someone inside Kodansha Comics, and I think they’d snuff that out quickly.

  2. shadowofthevoid says:

    It’s a completely useless and lulzy translation, but here what Google Translate renders it as:

    Fun memory

    Is thrust into the towel to mouth SanFutoshi is surrounded by bullying group
    When you wake up in the nightmare , the heel of KatanaFutoshi had been thrust to the mouth

    KatanaFutoshi you hit it off with three thick in Netoge ditch class three people and Kuromaru
    Said it is about to leave the city but KatanaFutoshi is redneck , Kuromaru in zero friends
    SanFutoshi that was to get them out too? Ne ‘m no good ! I can not without the thrust

    It is chased by the public morals committee still three people and are turning around
    The shaken off somehow , but SanFutoshi break up with KatanaFutoshi us to remember the nightmare
    Then female students come talk to Kuromaru from back alley
    I do not remember at that child … their own , but I ‘m already dead …

    Next issue , Zopeji Center & color

  3. Rouge Evans says:

    I dunno if my guess is right or wrong but i think Santa is a ghost, all those skills are from them right? and that little spoiler give a hint to it. Kuromaru seems to have realized this in the last chapter.

  4. chaosprophet says:

    The last line is a female stundent coming up from a back alley to tell kuroumaru: “that child, it isn’t aware of it, but it’s already dead”. From the way the spoilers was written it does seems to be referring to Santa, but not certain.

  5. Aki says:

    Seems both jump and Sunday magazine r being affected by new rules on raw distribution

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