Mobile Suit Gundam-san – 12 (The farting dad and the teenage daughter.)

Mobile Suit Gundam-san – 12
Kidou Senshi Gundam-san episode 12
機動戦士ガンダムさん review


The 14 year old Kycilia sings of Zeon and coming home to the family palace, she finds her underwear drying outside. She’s angry about this and tells off her dad (Degwin), but tells herself that her dad is trying his best. However, when he says she should be moving to a B-cup bra, she punches him.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 12

As Kycilia prepares a meal, Degwin lies in front of the TV and farts. As such, she angrily tells him off for doing this when people are around.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 12

Kycilia recalls bringing a couple of friends home from school, where Degwin greets them, then farts. He promises not to fart any more, but then lets out a big one, causing Kycilia to knee him in the jaw.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 12

This one wasn’t funny to me because of someone having incontinent buttocks. It was the notion that the dictator of Zeon would be dropping farts no matter what the occasion was that made it funny to me.  Add to this the fact that he goes around the house in a t-shirt and boxer shorts, and it was just pretty hysterical to me.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 12

And then there was Kycilia. Having seen her as the tough, female, military leader in the Zeon ruling family during Mobile Suit Gundam, it is amusing to see her as a teenager, who despite living in a palace, still have to hang out their laundry to dry, and who has to deal with the other issues teens deal with. I’m not sure if this series is going to continue, but if it does, I’d like to see more with her in it.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 12

I was disappointed that the ED featured Garma and not Kycilia. Oh well.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 12

Otherwise, a pretty amusing, whacky episode.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 12

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    Char! You deceived me! Char!

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