UQ Holder Chapter 52 SPOILER Rumors

Here is a bit of potential SPOILER rumor for the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 52, courtesy of ChaosProphet via 2CH. No images or greater details anywhere yet. I’ll keep my eyes open for such, and should ANY of you have information you can verify, especially with a spoiler image, I would appreciate sharing it here. ^_^ (My review of UQ Holder chapter 52 should come out Wednesday.)


The UQ Holder chapter 52 goodness begins.^_^

From 2CH:


バイオハザード発生 場

And what ChaosProphet can discern.

襲われた街 (Assaulted/attacked city, title?)

バイオハザード発生 (Biohazard outbreak)

If the spoilers are true, I’m guessing we will have a zombie outbreak, probably caused by Sayoko. I’m wondering if we will have it and then go back or if it will be Kirie’s flashback like that time with Fate annihilating the numbers. Eva did mention on chapter 43 that some cities were wiped of the map in the past.

Really cryptic info there. We’ll see what pans out, but ChaosProphet’s theory would explain why Kirie is on scene — show what might have been vs. what ultimately happens.

I’ll keep my eyes open for any UQ Holder chapter 52 images or additional information. Thanks as always to ChaosProphet. ^_^

UQ Holder Chapter 52

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8 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 52 SPOILER Rumors”

  1. NT says:

    Obviously as a necromancer/wraith this girl is fully capable of killing some people, then she would be fully capable of creating zombies. If Kirie has a save point then something really bad is about to happen, so obviously she’s going to find the others, then have them grab her while she kills herself again and everyone (including santa) should be able to stop the crazy girl from causing a zombie breakout.

    Also… Sayoko sounds ver familiar to me.. wait, is Sayoko the same as the ghost story about some dead girl or other?

    • Seimei says:

      “Also… Sayoko sounds ver familiar to me.. wait, is Sayoko the same as the ghost story about some dead girl or other?”

      Lol it’s now that you remarks? It is obviously a assumed reference to Sadako the famous Japanese ghost that inspired the film series “Rings”. ^^

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think Kirie’s save point is going to be used so that no one dies, other than Sayoko.

      As to Sayoko herself, I’m sure Akamatsu-sensei is basing her on other legends.

  2. SL from MH says:

    Chapter is out.
    Seems like Sayoko also has the ability to utilize the negative emotions inside a person, since it seemed like she used the negative feeling from Santa to create that mass Zombie-outbreak (in ‘Resident Evil’ style).

  3. Aki says:

    Wow that chapter was straight out a horror film

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