Mobile Suit Gundam-san – 13 (Bindi beam attack!)

Mobile Suit Gundam-san – 13
Kidou Senshi Gundam-san episode 13
機動戦士ガンダムさん review


Char gives a nonsense briefing to Lalah, who seems to comprehend it. He then asks her if as a Newtype, she can send a beam from her bindi in her forehead.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 13

Lalah sees Char laughing because he’s installed a red beacon light on her Elmeth. Char is delighted to have the Elmeth match the pilot, seriously angering Lalah.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 13

Char consults with Dr. Flanagan over Lalah’s bindi and is dismayed to hear that nothing will come out of it. Lalah overhears this and decides to tease Char by threatening to shoot him from her forehead. In a panic, Char pees in his pants, causing Lalah to wonder if Char really is the Red Comet.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 13

Gundam is coming to attack Elmeth, where inside, Char orders Lalah to attack using her beam. She beats him to a bloody pulp, telling him she’ll get angry if he doesn’t stop it with the beam talk.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 13

This episode had me laughing a lot because I’ve just never given much thought to Indian women wearing bindi on their forehead. So Char obsessing over it and imagining that Lalah could attack with it was pretty funny, as was him wetting his pants.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 13

Lalah’s reactions to this was humorous as well.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 13

I’m not sure if this is the end of the series or what, but it has been a fun romp thus far.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 13


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2 Responses to “Mobile Suit Gundam-san – 13 (Bindi beam attack!)”

  1. FigureGunplaFan says:

    Technically, this is not the end yet.

    According to the Japanese Wikipedia article of Gundam-san, there are more episodes (including Convention-only shorts) were unreleased for the broadcast.

    Since the DVD/BD release of the show is announced for release, they would include additional episodes of the anime.

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