Sailor Moon Crystal – 11 (Almost NTR)

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SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sailor Moon Crystal - 11The possessed Chiba has the real Endo leave as he convinces the arcade owner that Chiba is Endo. The Sailor Warriors convene at Ami’s apartment as Usagi sleeps, then slips away to the arcade where Chiba-Endo begins attempting to seduce Usagi into giving up her secrets regarding the Sailor base of operations. He fails, but manages to snag Mako into giving up the secrets. Meanwhile, the rest of the team learn “Endo” is not what he claims to be, then discover their base has been invaded, lead by Queen Beryl. Usagi refuses to help hurt her “Mamo-chan” even after he gets the Legendary Silver Crystal, but when he hurts Luna, she gets into action. However, she’s horrified to hear that the man she’s fighting is her beloved Mamo-chan.


I suppose it can be NTR (or some form of netorare) if one’s boyfriend gets possessed, becomes evil, claims not to be one’s boyfriend (and being so stupid, one believes it even though he looks 100% like one’s boyfriend, save for the evil red eyes), then begins seducing one and making one feel hot and bothered to be around him. Considering that Usagi didn’t go all the way, I say it is almost NTR. 😉

Sailor Moon Crystal - 11

This episode was kind of hard to watch because everyone has to be completely stupid not to realize red-eyed Chiba is Chiba. Yes, I know he was captured, but considering they live in a world of supernatural abilities and creatures where they’ve seen people possessed and more, this shouldn’t be hard with supposed geniuses like Ami in the group.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 11

Of course, it is “awesome” to see that yet again, the Sailor Babes are all looks and no substance.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 11

In the end, I think that even Queen Beryl felt sorry for these wannabe magic girls, even though she’d never admit it. 😉

Sailor Moon Crystal - 11

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2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal – 11 (Almost NTR)”

  1. jeffers says:

    that was always my biggest gripes with sailor moon. How do they not realize who the sailor senshi and co are cos they look identicle

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